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Tesco – I can call, I can write, so why can’t I email you?

Does anyone else hate it when a company insists you contact them by letter or phone, rather than email? If you do, then my search for an email address to contact Tesco Credit Cards may cause extreme distress.

So I had a small problem with my Tesco credit card, and I needed to get in touch with them to sort it out.

Working for Which?, I know it’s usually easier to get things in writing in case you need to refer to your discussions at a later date. So, I went to the contact page of their website to find an email address.

I was surprised to find there wasn’t one – not even a contact form – just a postal address and a phone number. This struck me as odd – I applied for the card online and I manage my account online, so why can’t I contact Tesco online? A bit of digging found their Twitter account, so I tweeted asking for an email address.

Their answer? They couldn’t give me an email address for ‘data protection reasons’.

Am I getting too personal?

I was completely nonplussed. For a start, I see no reason why sending them an email would be a breach of data protection. Is their email address extremely personal to them? Should it not be in the public domain?

Furthermore, I was horrified that even though I could apply for a credit card, pay the balance and change my direct debit details online, I couldn’t drop them a quick email to ask them to fix a simple problem.

I got in touch with Tesco, and here’s what their spokesperson had to say:

‘At present, credit card customers can’t contact us by email. We ask customers to contact us by phone or in writing as this allows us to confirm their identity by asking them to provide their unique security credentials or signature.’

I’m afraid that, to me, that’s just not good enough. I spoke to someone at the Office of Fair Trading who pointed me to the European e-commerce regulations which state that a company selling goods and services online must provide an email address. This, apparently, includes companies who sell financial products, such as credit cards.

No, I don’t want your phone number

I also spoke to our in-house lawyer, Chris Warner, and here’s what he had to say:

‘If a website provides or enables you to purchase a service, the e-commerce regulations mean an email address must be provided. As you can apply for a Tesco Credit Card online, and you’ll be told straight away if your application has been successful, I think Tesco needs to include a contact email on its site.’

We’ve been in touch with Tesco on this matter, and I’m hoping that very soon we’ll see a handy email address displayed prominently on their contact page. Customers should be able to get in touch with them quickly and efficiently – without having to rack up a phone bill or faff around at the post office.

But, in the meantime, I’d like to know whether you’ve also struggled to track down a company’s email address.

When I raged about this in the office, Which? Convo editor Hannah Jolliffe pointed out that she’d spent a long time trying to find an email address for McAfee – they did have one, but it was buried deep in their website in a way that suggests they’d rather not receive any emails. Have you had similar frustrations?

Brian Scott says:
9 July 2012

I also have an enquiry about my credit card and like yourself could NOT find an email address which i wanted to use because i do call them for advice but now it seems whatever time of day you call they are always busy but the recorded message states we want to talk to you the pick the phone up and you can!!!!!!!!!!

I just got so fed up waiting paying to speak to someone that could not pick my call up i though i would email….Tesco useless how do i get a response without email what a dinosaur!
Letter really lost in post never got my letter cant get anyone on the phone so how would i know!!!!! HELP FOR PITYS SAKE ANYONE

R N says:
22 July 2012

Still no TESCO email address. They’ve just updated their security for on line access to managing your credit card. I got stuck when trying to enter a username. I tried to use my existing username, which worked with the old site, but it wouldn’t accept it, although it conformed to the published format.
I spent ages trying to get through on the phone…I guess others were having problems with the upgrade too. It turned out that my username contained a prohibited word (not a rude one) which wasn’t allowed. Why they couldn’t spell this out in the details of what is allowed beats me. I wanted to suggest they did this by email to save any others having this hassle…but no email address for comments etc available.

I just want to contact Tesco by email to ask why they have sent me a letter about my credit card changes. I have not got a credit card with them. If I had one its that long ago I cant remember but seeing as I get no other post from them about my card I am panicking thinking someone else has opened one in my name with my bank details now. Thought I would drop them a note but looks like I will have to ring a premium number costing me for something I dont have !

John C Sweet says:
4 September 2012

No email address via Tesco banking.
In this day and age they should have one – that’s the first thing.

Next is this incessant ludicrousness that surrounds so called “data protection”
If in doubt quote data protection seems to be the mantra of these companies.
The vast majority of these claims under this heading are untrue, inaccurate and unfounded in law.

Finally, at least for this rant anyway, access everything online from your shopping habits to your inside leg measurements. Open an account, check details, move money across the world and spend 10mins just logging in with more layers of security questions than the earths crust and all this without one of the most basic forms of communication via the net – email.

Come on Tesco you know your wrong and you know it is just time and effort required to deal with the influx you would get if email were available.

As a side note…funny how i can communicate with several online bank and card accounts via mail without any issues or flannel about data protection.

Janine Lloyd says:
11 September 2012


I am trying to make a complaint to Tesco but have also had difficulties traking down any complaint process that they have on the website. Again i was unable to find a email address on Tesco websit to address this complaint too, not even a customer service email address.

My concern is relating to one of their artic lorries pulling into the inside lane last evening (10/09/2012) and pushing me into the Hard Shoulder. I beeped my horn to get the attention of the driver but there was no acknowledgment and even after i eventually go back into the lane behind the lorry there was no sign that the driver knew i was there. This is very concerning as there could have been no hard shoulder or debrie on the hard shoulder stopping me driving on it.

I dont know what to do as i cannot get hold of an email address only a postal address which i think is very old fashioned. Please can you let me know the email address so i can raise my issue with Tesco but i do think it is unfair to customers how hard they make this process of complaining.

Drive faster than a lorry, then they won’t need to overtake you.

y walford says:
15 October 2012

Yes i would also like a e-mail address for tesco bank,I have spent time and lots of money on the phone trying to get through to them.

I tonight have tried to contact my local store (Tesco) due to excessive noise from people using very loud music from cars in their car park. The only number is 0845 6779160 which is NEVER answered.

I had the head office number and I got thorough to the Security Guard who passed on to an internal chain but they finally just put the phone down on me and the security guard is no longer answering the calls.

In desperation (and after e-mailing the CEO – Clarke – I doubt I will get a direct response from him) I called the Tesco bank number and was helped by a helpful operator ‘Jean’ who although couldn’t help me directly agreed to escalating my call through their chain.

Personally when an international company such as Tesco cannot publish a phone number for their near neighbours to ring I think is absolute and utter rubbish customer service. All stores MUST have a direct line 0800 number for contact whether they like it or not IMHO, it should be enshrined in LAW!

I am certain the Police have a number for them!!!

0800 505555, 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. See the link I provided on the previous page.

As with many organisations there is one number covering the country but hopefully Tesco can transfer you to the relevant branch.

Geographical numbers corresponding to the 0845 numbers can be found on the ‘Say no to 0870’ website but that does not mean that calls will be answered.

Hi wavechange,

Yes I have that number, no good if the issue needs immediate attention after 18:00, which in my case it did. I would have driven round but the bottle of Merlot …

The countrywide number no one answers, they obviously know they will have an irritant on the other end.

I have it in mind to go round in the morning and complain very loudly! I am we’ll known at my local store 🙂

Best of luck. I would not complain loudly or you might be escorted off the premises.

I’ve been escorted out of my local Tesco and all I was doing was taking photos to their disgusting, filthy salad chillers to send to Environmental Health.

S Foreman says:
28 October 2012

I do not use Tesco banking, but received phishing emails as if I did, related to credit cards. So I thought I would forward them to Tesco. On their security pages they ask that phishing emails be forwarded to them – but do not provide an email address to forward them to! No email contact at all.

Love it!

Print them out, take them to Tesco local shop,and ask for a receipt.

Once you have that present them with a reasonable invoice for expenses, to be paid within 30 days.

If they don’t pay take them to the small claims court and ask for the costs etc to be awarded to yourself.

Tesco do provide an email address to send emails about phishing:


David, can’t do it unless claim in excess
of £5000 in small claims track.

Helen says:
7 November 2012

Having same problem! Trying to email Tesco as have quick enquiry with my credit card! No email address????? Sort it out Tesco!

Helen says:
7 November 2012

Also tried calling customer service number on Tesco website which of course is a dead line!

simon says:
9 November 2012

this is merely a money making scam! These companies dont give out their email addresses because they want you to phone them on their ( always) premium rate phone numbers!
High time the government put a stop to this!

KathTaylor says:
10 November 2012

Almost 12 months on an still no email on Tesco’s site.

Tony Firshman says:
19 November 2012

Just saw the above phishing email (which was the one I needed!) *after* success to customer.service@tesco.co.uk :
Thank you for contacting Tesco Customer Service.

One of our team will be in touch with a personal response to your query shortly,
however if you have told us that you do not need a response, we will ensure that
we take appropriate action on your request.

Kind regards

Tesco Customer Service Team

Tesco Logo

Sarah Brooks says:
4 December 2012

Also looking for an email address for Tesco credit card services. Very annoyed that their instructions for online payment are wrong. ‘Log in to online payment’ it says and then ‘click on make a payment’. Except their is no ‘make a payment’…And even more annoyed that they then expect me to waste my time writing to them to tell them their online payment instructions are incorrect. Sort it out Tesco.

John Smith says:
6 December 2012

I’m surprised to find that an organisation like Which? And your legal contacts are unable to find out why Tesco Bank (as well as all the major players in the Retail Banking market) do not provide email addresses for Customer Service.
It took me about 60 seconds on Google to find that products and services sold by financial services providers are exempt from the European E-Commerce Regs, as they have a separate regulatory body – i.e. the FSA.
These regulations can be found in The Electronic Commerce Directive (Financial Services and Markets) Regulations 2002, where no reference is made to an email address being a requirement under financial services law.
Additionally, I cannot fathom why anyone would wish to give their personal and/or financial information (as would be required when dealing with a bank) over email. I certainly wouldn’t do it!

simon says:
6 December 2012

you would never give any personal details by email? How do you do internet banking then?
besides, I think the reason for this discussion is why we cannot even find a “general inquiries” email address, This could be to ask a question which need not include personal data.
I assume you think a phone call would provide greater security? Id reckon it would be far easier to tap a phone call than hack into an encrypted email!

Keelymac83 says:
12 April 2013

some of us are deaf and cannot use a telephone. I would rather have a secure banking system then use a royal mail . Other bank provide secure email service, so why can’t tesco

Michelle G says:
6 December 2012

You can’t always get through on the phone without paying a fortune so sometimes it’s more desirable to email. I also currently bank with Cahoot who do have a Contacts page and I’ve always had an email response from them (or a phone call) within 12 hours. I think its just that Tesco want to make money from the phone calls.

By the way I never actually got a response from the email I sent to customer services in December last year.

Kemal says:
29 December 2012

I have the exact same problem! No email address to complain and I already spent 15 mins to reach tesco car insurance (tesco bank) representative which I want to complain about. Just waste of my time. I can’t tell how much annoyed I am now. Can’t they think about putting a simple form on their web site to allow people complain? They don’t even need to put their email address there.

As a result I’ve just cancelled my policy and I was a customer for around 6 years.

Keelymac83 says:
2 January 2013

I am deaf. I cannot use a normal phone. I have to go through 3rd party. tesco won’t talk to me unless they actucally speak directly to me, which they can’t because I am deaf. they refuse to acknowlegde this. have minicom. its broke, need knew one, cost over £200, so I cannot contact tesco credit card, other then by letter which they won’t reply to me. meanwhile the charge me late payment fee. as soon as this is paid up, I will never use them again.

Really sorry to hear that, have you had any luck with this email address? customer.service@tesco.co.uk

kalireads says:
8 January 2013

I am in a similar position to keelymac83. I am trying to contact Tesco car insurance on behalf of my mother whose car insurance has been cancelled following the death of my father who was the policy holder. We have 7 days to resolve the issue and we are both hearing impaired. We are unable to complete their forms without asking questions and unable to phone as we cannot hear. We do not have a text relay phone – they cost £200+. I will try the customer services email which you have given us above (for which thankyou!), but with all the commenters’ reports of a lack of response I don’t hold out much hope.

Pink_Teddy says:
10 January 2013

Same problem with Virgin Media… I spent a long time trying to find an email address to contact Virgin Media customer services for a small problem. I eventually found a contact for buried deep within their website. I hear nothing back so phoned a couple of times and was still unable to sort the problem out due to poor communication skills of the people on the phone. I tried to find the contact form again but it is burried so deep I can’t find it. I asked for an email address when I phoned and they said they don’t have one. I then wrote to them, sent the letter by recorded delivery which was signed for on 5th November 2012. When I phoned, they claim to have not received it until I said it had been signed for, then they ‘magically’ found it. They claim to have replied and when I told them I’ve had nothing back, they sia they would send it again but were unable to tell me what the reply said! I’ve phoned 9 times and still had no reply more than 2 months after the letter was signed for. Does anyone have an email address for Virgin Media?