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Tablet shopper or high street trawler?

Shopping on a tablet

More of us are turning to our smartphones and tablets to make purchases. But do you prepare for Christmas with your beloved tech or is there nothing quite like the Christmas lights of your local high street?

We’ve entered November now, a time when those who like to be prepared for Christmas start getting serious about the preparation that needs to be done. And for those who tried to ignore the Christmas merchandise creep in as the summer snuck away, there’s little chance of ignoring the full flow of Christmas preparations underway.

Our first ‘mobile Christmas’

Now last month John Lewis boss Sir Charlie Mayfield suggested Britain is heading for its first ‘mobile Christmas’. Reports suggest a quarter of online sales were made on mobiles and tablets last December, peaking at 33.6% on Christmas Day. And the record is expected to be smashed this year.

Sir Charlie said the proportion of shoppers using a mobile device had already surged from 26% to more than 40% this year and could break through the 50% barrier in the approaching festive season.

Local shops and independents

While I enjoy shopping for some big name brands online, I do my best to support our local business and smaller traders. And I do worry that mobile shopping will hasten the demise of smaller traders. Smaller shops have been on the decline for some time, first as big chains expanded and then as out-of-town shopping centres and then the internet arrived. But how will they keep up with the mobile phenomenon – or do you believe they’ll even need to?

Convenience can also make it easier to spend. Whereas before I would have make an effort to go to the shops, I can now purchase whatever I want at the touch of a button.

Is your iPad integral to your present shopping for Cousin Ingrid, or your Android phone the way you’ll buy for Aunt Abel? Or will you be trying to support local businesses as the festive season gets underway?


Most of us probably know people who have lost money as a result of using computers for online transactions and accessing their accounts. We are urged to keep our anti-malware software up-to-date to minimise the risk.

Are tablets and phones inherently more secure than computers, or should we be taking measures to avoid problems.

Until I know that using my tablet for purchases is safe, I will stick to using a laptop or desktop computer.