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Cash4phones goes bust – what happens to your phone?

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The mobile phone recycling company Cash4phones has filed for insolvency. There’s previously been controversy with the company due to changing offers, but now there’s a risk you could be left out of pocket.

We’ve heard from many of you who have had a bad experience with Cash4phones.

You were quoted a good price for your old mobile, happily sent it off, only to be given a lower offer on your phone’s arrival. To cap it all, there was a charge to get your phone returned if you were unhappy.

It’s something Which? Convo commenter Rob experienced:

‘Cash4phones offered me £159 for my iPhone 4S. I sent it off in their pack and have not heard anything since. Tried calling and emailing but no answer by any medium. Angry and disappointed.’

Cash4phones files for insolvency

Now the story has developed. Cash4phones has filed for insolvency, with the Cash4phones.co.uk website now offline and its phone number out of order. There could be thousands of customers who have sent in their phones, but have yet to receive payment. And they might not get their money back.

Capital Books has been appointed to liquidate the company, with a spokesperson telling the Guardian that affected customers should lodge a claim as a creditor, but ‘the chances of getting the cash value promised was slim’.

If Cash4phones owes you money or your phone you can contact the liquidator on 01622 754 927 or by email at mail@capital-books.co.uk. Which of these options you ask for could depend on where you were up to in the process and whether the price to be paid for the phone had been finalised. A meeting of creditors will be held on Monday 13 January.

Unhappy Cash4phones customers

Naveed is another customer who suffered a bad experience with Cash4phones:

‘I originally went to Cash4phones because they offered me the best price for my HTC Sensation XE. But once they received it they said there was excessive wear and tear. This was not true but I didn’t want to pay for the £9 cost of getting my phone back so I accepted the offer of £57.92, that was on 27 September 2013 and I have yet to receive my money.

‘And whenever I try to phone them I get put on hold. I have spent several lunch hours trying to get through to someone but to no effect.’

Are you a Cash4phones customer? What was your experience like with the mobile recycling company? Are you still waiting to receive money from them?


I’m happy to have my handset back!!

Georgina Gough says:
4 February 2014

I have been waiting for payment since 30th September. They owe me £205.75, never mind the money on unanswered phone calls! I doubt I will ever see the money or my TWO mobiles again! I have emailed the liquidators so hopefully they will be able to get something for me. I have also contacted Action Fraud!

Rachael Smalley says:
6 February 2014

I sent my iPhone 4S off on the 6th September after being quoted £182 once they had recieved the phone and tested it I then was givin a revised offer of £148 I decided to take this as I didn’t want to pay the postage to get it back after numerous emails and unanswered phone calls I got N email on the 13th October sayin payment would be made within 2 working days…… Iam as of yet still waiting for that payment for such a big company to be able to keep people’s phones without making payment is scandalous and just by claiming bankruptcy they can get away with it I’m absolutely disgusted and will fight to try and get my money just out of principle

Joanne says:
17 February 2014

I agree with genuine business people/directors having limited liability- this is one of the protections of registering as a company, however should this apply to complete crooks which C4P obviously are? when did criminal’s rights become more important than the victims? I have reported mine as stolen by C4P and blocked the IMEI, however this block doesn’t work if the phone is sent for use abroad. I have emailed the liquidator though seems pointless.

Sarah smith says:
19 February 2014

Hi has anyone managed to get either their money or phones back from cash4phones. I sold mine to them on 6 September 2013 for £120.50 and as yet I have not received a penny nor my phone back. I reported the company in December to action fraud in a last ditch attempt to get a resolution. I’m a single mother so not like I can afford to let it go, so I have been trying numerous things to get what I am owed and keep hitting a brick wall, and now I find out the company is going into liquidation. How can they get away with ripping so many Poole off. It’s fraud and theft

Sarah Smith same for me I’m owed £120 I’ve been in touch with the administrator and it doesn’t look like we will get any money back,apparently there were still 750 phones still with cash4phones but the administrator said they were still try to get them,I’m just hoping one of them is mine,just a bunch of con artists

Charleston says:
21 February 2014

OCTOBER 3013 I originally sent my iPhone 4S and they offered £180 however when they received the brand new, untouched phone they said it had excessive scratching on the screen which is a lie I declined the offer and paid the £8.95 to have it sent back to me. A week later I received a phonecall from them saying they have miscalculated my offer and were willing to offer £150, after 10 minutes we agreed they would pay me £170. I received confirmation emails of the amount they were paying me and the transfer was pending then completed.. After 2 weeks I contacted them and was delayed and told I couldn’t have my phone back as it was already recycled.. As time went by I contacted them and excuse after excuse.. 5 months later I have received nothing and I’m £170 down without a phone.. I’m appalled. This is stealing! You can’t go into a shop and say I’ll pay you later cause I would get done for stealing and that’s what they have done!

Gemma says:
6 March 2014

Pretty much exactly the same story, went my phone September last year, 2 weeks later I got an email offering me a lower price due to wear and tear, I refused the price and asked for my phone back as I knew they wasn’t no damage on it… They then sent an email back saying I’d get my full £203 in 3-5 working days I waited… Nothing anyways numerous emails and they always used the same excuse of technical difficulties. Anyway I sent a letter recorded delivery just before Christmas and only yesterday I got it back from the Royal Mail saying they are no longer at this address… I’ve now emailed the liquidation company but by the sounds of it I won’t hear anything back :/ I’m absolutely stunned how they are getting away with robbery!

Gary says:
6 March 2014

Good luck with the Adminastrators their just has bad as Cash4Phones,they don’t eke you updated,Cash4Phones apparently still have 750 phones in their possession but the Adminastrators Capital Books ignore all you emails when you request any information

Gemma says:
6 March 2014

Yeah so I’ve heard I just can’t believe how they have got away with it it’s scandalous

Gary says:
6 March 2014

Yeah it seems that it’s ok for a company to take your phone not pay you for it and then sell it on,I cannot understand how that is not classed as theft,and the administrators who are suppose to be trying to help the creditors get something back that they are owed cannot even be bothered to contact you,even though out of those 750 phones one could be yours. It appears that when a company goes into liquidation they choose who they want as administrators ,so I’m not surprised the company capital books are just as bad as cash4phones

Kayleigh Warnes says:
6 March 2014

I’ve just sent them a email saying if they don’t give me a update by 5pm tomorrow I’ll be sending them to civil court for the amount cash4phonea owe me! There scum!

Gary says:
6 March 2014

Kayleigh I’ve just done the same thing, they appear to be just as much a scam company as cash4phones were, they probably want to sell off the 750 phones that are left so it can go towards their fee,this whole sorry issue has been just one big con,I for one wish I had never heard of cash4phones

Kayleigh Warnes says:
6 March 2014

Hi Gary I just got this reply from
Mansoor himself


I note the contents of your email. Please be advised that I have started my investigation in to the matter. I have a minimum of 6 months to collate evidence and finalise my investigation and report it to the Secretary of State.

If you wish to submit evidence directly to the Secretary of State you may do so and information is available about this on their website http://www.bis.gov.uk/insolvency/Companies/investigations-hotline.


Mansoor Mubarik
Liquidator of Yemonia Limited”

Hopefully they can finally start listening, I can understand where your coming from I’m out of pocket by £364 plus court cost!! W*****s

Gary says:
6 March 2014

Hi Kayleigh yeah I’ve just this moment received the same reply,so I guess it’s a bit of a waiting game ,but if I’m honest I don’t think we will end up getting a penny and no doubt the cash4phones mob will start up somewhere else under another name. Thanks for letting me know,if you hear anymore perhaps you could let me know and I will do the same if I here or find out anything

Carole says:
14 March 2014

I sent my phone to cash4phones back in October and never recieved the £21 agreed for my phone. Today I have recieved a letter from Vodafone, who I have never had a contract with.The letter is in my name,address & phone number saying I owe money for an unpaid phone bill. When I phoned Vodafone & told them I dont have an account with them,it was proved by other details that did NOT apply to me including date of birth. I’m concluding that Cash4phones not only owe money but they have used customers details and phone numbers as part of their scam!. I hope theyre brought to justice!

Chloe says:
25 March 2014


Has anyone progressed on their owed money. I sent my phone in back in November (never got the £113 or the phone back). I also contacted the intelligence.live@insolvency.gsi.gov.uk in the new year; never heard back. I completed an online investigation form on the insolvency; never heard back. I have just emailed Capita Books but am concerned I probably wont hear back.

Does anyone know what route to take to actually get some help in the matter?

Many thanks

Gary says:
1 April 2014

Hi Chloe either email the Liquidator who are Capital Books their email is mail@capital-books.co.uk or call them on 01622 754 927 and registrar as one of the creditors owed money from cash4phones, as it stands at the moment the liquidator is investigating their assists it’s believed that there are still 750 phones still with cash4phones, the liquidator has 6 months to investigate and get back to the creditors so at the moment it’s a waiting game, I don’t think it’s likely we will get any money owed but who knows, but you must register as a creditor so do that ASAP hope this helps

Lorraine says:
29 April 2014

Same situation as all you other victims, posted daughters iphone 4s back in nov promised £155 fir it after numerous letters they said payment pending phone passed check. You guessed it never received a penny. Husband went to the premises to retrieve phone only to be told they had moved & gave him a random address which when he arrived turned out to be a newsagent. I feel so guilty because it was my daughters phone so i now feel obliged to pay her the money. Contacted the police who took all details & investigating but heard nothing. Have contacted capital books who said they would email me claim form guess what still not received it contacted them via email & further phone call still no response. They as bad as cash 4 phones. How can people be so spiteful by stealing from innocent people. They have no shame.

Jenny says:
11 May 2014

I sent my phone off in November and received an email to report payment pending. I have never received my payment, and they have kept my mobile phone!

Melanie says:
15 May 2014

I used cash4phones in November 2013 to recycle my immaculate IPhone 4 I was quoted £117.00 for my phone so I sent it off by recorded delivery it arrived two days after to the company but never received the money for my phone I sent constant emails to the company I even wrote to them but never heard anything back I’m registered disabled unable to work & that money was to pay some bills which I still had to find the money for. The company emailed me to tell me they had received my phone but that due to the run up to Christmas they were very busy and we’re running behind I never heard anything since. I am now out of pocket by double the amount because I still had to find the money for the bills and I lost my phone what do I do now I cannot afford to be out of money by well over £200 this is not right or fair. Advice please

Gary says:
15 May 2014

I’m really sorry Melanie to hear that you to have been scammed, myself and hundreds of others are in the same boat. I’m afraid the company has gone into liquidation and are now in the hands of a company called Capital Books Uk who are the administrators their Tel No is 020 3475 2211 you can ring them and registrar as a creditor but I’m afraid we have all been informed there is virtually no chance of getting any money or the phone returned, they owe in debts £200,000 and their assets £2,000 I agree it’s heartbreaking to be conned like this

Melanie says:
17 May 2014

Thank you Gary for the information. I will register as a creditor with the company you mentioned I seriously doubt I will ever get my money back. My phone was in immaculate condition I sent it away in good faith now I have no phone and I’m out of pocket double the amount they were giving me for the phone. People like that knew full well what they were doing they are theives as far as I am concerned.

Gary says:
17 May 2014

Hi Melanie yeah your right it was a scam they sold the phones abroad before they paid for so yes in theory it’s theft I put in a crime report but again I don’t think the police are interested, like you I sent them an iPhone 4 in perfect condition last November and heard nothing from them just a bunch of thieves

Hocine says:
2 August 2014

I think the government should do more to protect people like us.
They let these people steal from people and the police does nothing to stop them even when you report them.

Hocine says:
2 August 2014

I sent them a phone in November 2013 and I even filed a claim trough the small claim court and contacted the police before even they file for insolvency but still no money.

Has anyone got anything back?