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Cash4phones goes bust – what happens to your phone?

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The mobile phone recycling company Cash4phones has filed for insolvency. There’s previously been controversy with the company due to changing offers, but now there’s a risk you could be left out of pocket.

We’ve heard from many of you who have had a bad experience with Cash4phones.

You were quoted a good price for your old mobile, happily sent it off, only to be given a lower offer on your phone’s arrival. To cap it all, there was a charge to get your phone returned if you were unhappy.

It’s something Which? Convo commenter Rob experienced:

‘Cash4phones offered me £159 for my iPhone 4S. I sent it off in their pack and have not heard anything since. Tried calling and emailing but no answer by any medium. Angry and disappointed.’

Cash4phones files for insolvency

Now the story has developed. Cash4phones has filed for insolvency, with the Cash4phones.co.uk website now offline and its phone number out of order. There could be thousands of customers who have sent in their phones, but have yet to receive payment. And they might not get their money back.

Capital Books has been appointed to liquidate the company, with a spokesperson telling the Guardian that affected customers should lodge a claim as a creditor, but ‘the chances of getting the cash value promised was slim’.

If Cash4phones owes you money or your phone you can contact the liquidator on 01622 754 927 or by email at mail@capital-books.co.uk. Which of these options you ask for could depend on where you were up to in the process and whether the price to be paid for the phone had been finalised. A meeting of creditors will be held on Monday 13 January.

Unhappy Cash4phones customers

Naveed is another customer who suffered a bad experience with Cash4phones:

‘I originally went to Cash4phones because they offered me the best price for my HTC Sensation XE. But once they received it they said there was excessive wear and tear. This was not true but I didn’t want to pay for the £9 cost of getting my phone back so I accepted the offer of £57.92, that was on 27 September 2013 and I have yet to receive my money.

‘And whenever I try to phone them I get put on hold. I have spent several lunch hours trying to get through to someone but to no effect.’

Are you a Cash4phones customer? What was your experience like with the mobile recycling company? Are you still waiting to receive money from them?

kathryn johnston says:
13 August 2014

I am also one of the customers who has sent there phone off in october exactly the same has happened to me. Unable to get hold of anyone at cash4phones and apparently the police are looking into it. But that doesnlt help all the customers out of pocket and will prevent anyone from sending phones off to any company in the future as lack of trust.