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Jem: Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console for you


Which current generation video game console should win your hard-earned cash? Here’s Jem Alexlander, freelance video game writer, to argue that Sony’s PS4 is the console of choice.

Putting the Wii U to one side, we’re pitting the Xbox One and PS4 against one another as two well-respected gamers go head-to-head.

This is the turn of Jem Alexander, a freelance gaming writer who has worked for Joystick, Gamespot, Sony, Square Enix and more.

Read the other side of the argument as Liam argues for the Xbox One.

Jem: The best games are on PS4

Jem AlexanderThe most important thing a games console can offer is the ability to experience the widest range of games at the best possible quality. This is exactly what the PlayStation 4 does.

Sony owns some of the best development studios in the world and they’re all hard at work creating games you won’t be able to play on anything other than the PlayStation 4. Games like Uncharted 4 by Naughty Dog, Driveclub by Evolution Studios and inFamous Second Son by Sucker Punch Productions.

Even multiplatform titles will, more often than not, run better on the PS4. Thanks to the console’s high specifications, games often look better on the PS4 than on the Xbox One. Plus, Sony’s been busy making deals with major publishers to include exclusive content in upcoming big hitters like Batman: Arkham Knight and Destiny.

Don’t worry if you decided against buying a PS3. Between Sony’s remasters of certain last-gen classics like The Last of Us and its upcoming cloud-based streaming service, PlayStation Now, you’ll have access to all of the PS3’s big hitters on your PS4.

Jem: PS4 is for the social

So, games? Check. But the PlayStation 4 has more to offer. It’s a ‘socially connected console’, which is a silly marketing term for ‘you can share screenshots and videos at the push of a button’. The new Share button on the controller lets you instantly broadcast your play session via Twitch.tv, or upload a screenshot or video clip to Twitter and Facebook. Sony has also promised that uploading straight to YouTube is coming later this year.

The PlayStation Network has been supercharged with the release of the PS4. Parties and voice chat are a button-press away, and the PlayStation Plus service ensures you’ll have something new to play every month with its excellent Instant Game Collection feature.

Plus, yeah, the Netflix and iPlayer apps work great. If you’re into that.

I think I’ve made a pretty compelling case for the PlayStation 4 and that’s without even having to mention Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset, Morpheus…

Do you agree with Jem that the PS4 is the video game console of choice? Or do you agree with Liam that the Xbox One is the console to buy?

Which video game console will you buy or have bought already?

None of the above (37%, 272 Votes)

PlayStation 4 – I agree with Jem (30%, 221 Votes)

Xbox One – I agree with Liam (26%, 190 Votes)

Why not both the Xbox One and PS4? (4%, 30 Votes)

Wii U – I agree with Nintendo (4%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 739

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