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Liam: Microsoft’s Xbox One is the console to buy

Xbox One

Which current generation video game console should win your hard-earned cash? Here’s Liam of Xbox Mad on why you should go for Microsoft’s Xbox One over Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Putting the Wii U to one side, we’re pitting the Xbox One and PS4 against one another as two well-respected gamers go head-to-head.

This is the turn of Liam, editor in chief and founder of Xbox Mad, a gaming website written by and for Xbox fans.

Read the other side of the argument as Jem argues for the PlayStation 4.

Liam: Choose the Xbox One

LiamI believe Xbox One is the best choice for reasons beyond gaming.

Microsoft is using its financial weight and software pedigree to augment your console experience with incredible and seamless voice-controlled cable TV integration, allowing you to watch TV and use other HDMI devices without missing your friends logging on. It also utilizes the Windows kernel, which means a faster app development cycle for companies already with Windows apps and services.

The stakes are higher for Microsoft, who is leveraging Xbox as an argument for their ecosystem in the war with Apple and Google. This is a war Sony simply cannot compete in.

Xbox Live is still the benchmark for online services in terms of reliability and – cough – security. Xbox created the social arena in which gamers enjoy today through various apps, voice chat and parties.

Liam: Xbox One wins on games

And hey, I’ve hardly mentioned games yet. Save the good stuff for last right? Microsoft already proved its commitment to high-quality and diverse AAA games, with the incredible Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising, Sunset Overdrive, and various other teased titles. It has also invested over $1bn in the development of next-gen games and studios, which is unprecedented, when compared to other companies.

Phil Spencer recently took the reins in the Xbox division; this is a guy with his finger on the pulse of the gaming community. He frequently engages users on Twitter, and absorbs feedback like a sponge.

Regardless of the monthly feature updates he’s committed Xbox to; we saw an avalanche of games at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Xbox announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a full HD Next Generation remake of the entire Halo story. Plus titles like Forza Horizon 2, Fable: Legends, Killer Instinct season 2 and Minecraft, reveals a pretty bright future for the Xbox One. Innovation is a word they keep using, Gears of War will innovate, Halo 5 will innovate. And considering the Xbox One is their main weapon in the living room battle with Apple and Google, Sony stand to be left behind.

The choice is simple. Choose the Xbox One.

Do you agree with Liam that the Xbox One is the video game console of choice? Or do you agree with Jem that the PS4 is the console to buy?

Which video game console will you buy or have bought already?

None of the above (37%, 272 Votes)

PlayStation 4 – I agree with Jem (30%, 221 Votes)

Xbox One – I agree with Liam (26%, 190 Votes)

Why not both the Xbox One and PS4? (4%, 30 Votes)

Wii U – I agree with Nintendo (4%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 739

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I have no interest in games consoles but have been wondering if anyone would mention reliability, simply because I’m interested in the reliability of consumer electronics. From what I can remember, both companies have had reliability problems with consoles in the past.

If your games console breaks just after the warranty expires then trying to get the retailer to do help you could be a fun game. If you pay by credit card then the card company will afford additional protection if you are let down by the retailer.


Hi Wavechange, yes I had a couple of PS3’s that died and the Xbox 360 reportedly had as high as a 30% failure rate for the first few years. It seems like they have both learnt their lesson on reliability – the Xbox One is big and covered in vents/fans which shows that Microsoft is being super safe. How Sony managed to fit everything in such a smaller package is quite amazing. How it performs for reliability – only time will tell.


The overheating problem prompted my question. It is good that this sorted out, yet disappointing for owners of affected consoles that Sony was not more helpful at the time when there appeared to be an obvious design fault.

The Xbox One has a one year warranty and a miserable 90 days for accessories. I have heard of 90 days cover for repaired and secondhand products but Microsoft seems to win the game for being mean to its customers. Having said that, I could not find anything about the PS4 warranty when I had a quick look.

Hopefully both machines will prove reliable. It’s little console-ation to have good games and unreliable hardware. 🙂


Will the PS4 be able to play games from the 3 or 2 ? I know the 3 doesn’t play games from the 2 and I think that was a huge mark against it.


Hi William, the PS3 did originally play PS2 games. Over time they removed the functionality to save money on the build. The PS4 doesn’t play PS3 games. This is because Sony went for an easier to develop for build this time, based on PC architecture. The PS3 had very specialist hardware. For the PS4 to play these games would require PS3 chips to be in the PS4, which could increase the cost by a good £50.

Instead, Sony is planning to offer a streaming service for PS3 games called Gaikai – I think it’s scheduled for release next year.


Apologies, the game streaming service has been rebranded as PlayStation Now: http://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/psnow/?cid=playstation-now-spotlight-27jun14

You can even stream PS3 games to PlayStation TV (a small device that’s much cheaper than a PS4) or even Bravia TVs.