Budget 2016: what do you think?

budget 2016

The Budget delivered some wins for our campaigns – a pensions dashboard commitment, action on nuisance calls, and plans to unlock mobile phones. So what do you think of George Osborne’s announcements?

The headlines might come in the form of a bid to tackle sugary drinks with a new sugar tax on soft drinks or the new ‘Lifetime Isa’ to help savers under 40.

However, there were a number of other key announcements. So we’ve pulled together some of our highlights for you.

Win! A pensions dashboard

In a win for our Better Pensions campaign, the Treasury has announced plans to deliver on our call for a pensions dashboard. Our research recently found that over a third of people approaching retirement age find it difficult to keep track of their pension pots. With the introduction of auto-enrolment for workplace pensions, more and more of us are going to be juggling multiple pension pots.

We called for a pensions dashboard system to be introduced to house all the information necessary to help savers make informed decisions about their retirement choices. The Government has committed to the launch of the dashboard by 2019.

Win! Nuisance calls

Another win came in for our nuisance calls campaign, in the form of a commitment announced by the Chancellor to clamp down on rogue claims management companies (CMCs) that bombard people with nuisance calls. Also, in support of our call to make management of CMCs personally accountable for malpractice, George Osborne announced plans to introduce mechanisms that will ensure that CMC managers can be held to account for the actions of their business.

Win! Mobile unlocking

The Chancellor confirmed in the Budget that the Government will consult on ending the practice of locking phones after your contract has ended. And it has committed to consulting on this by the end of this year. He added that the Government welcomes voluntary commitments from mobile phone providers, but added that it is ready to introduce legislation if necessary.

Financial advice

George Osborne made a number of announcements on financial advice. The Government will consult on a clear definition of financial advice which will aim to remove regulatory uncertainty and ensure that financial advisory firms can offer you the help you need. Also there will be an increase to Income Tax and National Insurance relief for employer arranged pension advice from £150 to £500.

The Chancellor also announced that the Government will consult on introducing a Pensions Advice Allowance. This will allow people before the age of 55 to withdraw up to £500 tax free from their defined contribution pension to redeem against the cost of financial advice. The exact age at which people can do this will be determined through consultation. This means that a basic rate taxpayer could save £100 on the cost of financial advice.

Help to save

Plans for a ‘Help to Save’ scheme were announced. This scheme will be open to employees on in-work benefits, such as tax credits, who put aside £50 a month and would then receive a bonus of 50% after two years, worth up to £600.

What are thoughts?

Another year, another Budget. Are any of today’s announcements welcome news for you?

mike levitt says:
16 March 2016

typical tory rich mans budget.they are a disgrace.

Gerald says:
16 March 2016

Well done Which and all who took part, may I suggest we help these young doctors as I believe they are a great asset to all. I would not want too be operated on by a doctor who has worked an extended period and may be suffering fatigue. Cuts may be necessary but at what cost ? your wife, husband or child, Most MPs are covered by the private medical system, so is it a case of ” I’m alright Jack hoist the ladder”

barry says:
16 March 2016

I am 73 and a pensioner after all the years gone by I think our age group has heard it all before. rob peter to pay paul is all that any budget douse and we the general public are all ways left holding the bag as for the MPs they cannot stop being economical with the truth I have never found one that could “tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God “

Carol says:
16 March 2016

A typical budget when compared to previous ones, the usual reduction in public spending and the disabled and the public sector will pay for tax reductions for the well off. A sugar tax on the soft drinks industry won’t make any difference to rising obesity levels as processed foods contain, on average, more fat and sugar than cans of pop which in most cases are sugar-free anyway. Make swimming free again for children and gym membership cheaper and encourage people to take more exercise and get out more to public spaces and this will make a real difference. Helping small businesses is good but reducing VAT would be even better and everyone would benefit.

Good post Carol .

And to cap it all the World Health Organisation says we haven’t got an NHS any more



So the NHS has actually been replaced with CCGs that are legally required to provide ONLY emergency care, although at the moment they all provide more. As more and more CCGs are heading into the red they will have no choice but to stop providing non-emergency stuff like GP surgeries. So to get that care we will all have to take out health insurance and go private. Privatisation through the back door.

John Milner says:
16 March 2016

Have lost all faith in what George Osborne says these days. I recently received from the Pension Service notification of my new state pension commencing 11th April 2016. Due to changes he made in his last budget statement my new pension increase is capped at1.41%. What I find hard to accept that is the Chancellor has renegade on the promised 10.4% increase per year to the basic state pension to every one who was willing to delay taking their pension for one year from the due pension date. Any one considering taking up the Pension Services current offer of Jam tomorrow should think carefully before they commit.

Super sayian says:
16 March 2016

All government parties are after two things looking after them selfs and the fat cats. Public of Britain wake up and stop voting for these parts everyone knows they are all corrupt and we still we keep on voting for these fat cats. Oh please vote out of Europe but oh no it’s rigged so it don’t matter if vote yes or no to Europe.

A very big vote of no confidence in the tory conmen so called government. Please never ever vote these thieves back in again

Phil Walker says:
16 March 2016

Are you by any chance a labour supporter / communist?

Doesn’t show!

Nemo says:
17 March 2016

There is no need to shout!

Lynne says:
16 March 2016

Lets all get involved with 38 Degrees online and stop this governments unfair policies by signing petitions in the thousands. It works. I subscribe to them and have seen successes, the information on what this govt is doing secretly is amazing. We must fight back and stop them.

Edgar W says:
16 March 2016

Can you share the secret stuff this lot are doing, so we can follow your lead?

Lynne says:
16 March 2016

Everything is on 38 Degrees website. Cheers

Lynne says:
16 March 2016

Fracking in Lancashire was refused by the council twice after thousands of objections, Partly based on trespass laws so Cameron had them rewritten and has overridden the council and has given permission for fracking. There’s so many things rushed through and done secretly, too many to list here but good sites to subscribe to for information about it are 38 Degrees, SumofUs or Hacked off.

Scotzbabe says:
16 March 2016

I am a member of the 38 degrees and believe they r out to do the right thing and let others c what’s right in front of them but can’t c it. All u have to do is read the petition and if u agree with it sign it and pass on to others. Simples x

Lynne says:
16 March 2016

They are trying to make it harder for us to find out what they are doing.

“Plans to make politics more secretive are taking shape. The government’s thinking of watering down the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) – which means we could lose our right to know how big government decisions are made. We might even have to pay to find out what our politicians have been up to. [1]”

Source 38 Dehrees 3 Feb 2016

Keep it coming Lynne I am with you in spirit ! Your right about fracking just look what its has done to many US water supplies made them poisonous and caused minor earthquakes .

Janet says:
16 March 2016

Time for a change this is not democracy it’s a dictatorship. The sooner people wake up to what the Tories are up too the better for everyone.. most of the Tory votes are in England, time to stand up and be counted!!!!

Jan says:
17 March 2016

Seems to be the ones without internet access who are sucked into voting Tory time and again, as they are not getting the information the rest of us are.

My increased tax allowance is taken back with increased insurance tax, leaving a whole pile of gifts to the middle earners and wealthy. Yet another raid on the poor by the Kleptocrats!

Ben says:
16 March 2016

Had hoped he’d fix the crazy maths that means when once parent earns 40k (think that’s the figure?) child benefit isn’t payable but two parents can each earn a penny less than 40k!

Ben says:
16 March 2016

………and still be eligible for child benefit.

alex robertson says:
16 March 2016

Turning all schools into academies is nothing more than an attempt at social engineering as the Tories know that the usual Colonel Blimps and blue-rinsed busybodies will dominate their boards and churn out compliant little brainwashed right wing future voters.

c morris says:
17 March 2016

You all should have voted Labour now we are paying for the conservative false promises nothing changes.

Raymond cook says:
17 March 2016

Asusual he as not done enough for the pensioners the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Peter Richardson says:
17 March 2016

what a con.
do they think we have no intelligence.

John says:
17 March 2016

All the money available for new roads announced in the budget like its some fantastic bunny pulled out of a hat. How about finding money for maintaining the roads we have? At this rate we will be able to zip along quicker from one pot hole ridden ‘A’ road to the next provided our vehicles suspension and steering joints haven’t given up the ghost.

Very good point John –you said — new roads etc -fantastic bunny pulled out of a hat — your right to be critical and question where the money is coming from . The “fantastic bunny ” is —North Sea Oil — its paid for all the London innovations ,presently the new London sewage system (needed for the biggest lot of sewage coming out of Westminster ) for underground tunnels between cities and a whole lot of other southern billion ££££ constructions , but as cameron says we have to pay the IMF/world banksters –a paradox ???? not in camerons eyes the money to pay the world banksters wont all come from NSO but straight out the pockets of the poor. Remember the Tamla Motown rebooted hit by Jagger+ Bowie –Dancing in the Streets ? well the UK version circa 2016 has been re-worded – its called DYING in the streets !

Tarbet Balfour says:
17 March 2016

All governments are a joke.. Always look after themselves, big big pay rises all the time.. Dont go after the tax avoiders ( rich ones ). They are going to cur Old age pensioners plus many other cuts to the vulnerable and disabled.. No cuts for them.. and when they are caught fiddling as many have , nothing done.. Virtually no prison sentances apart from Geoffrey Archer, ( not Joffrey out of Game of Thrones LOL LOL where there a few similarities), He did hard time LOL LOL LOL LOL,, Holiday camp he was in,,, I wonder why. If it were you and me we would end up with free food and board in every case in prison a real prison. They re untouchable. I have worked all my life paid all my taxes never unemployed as is the same with my wife. My son who is on the dole applies for everything going ,,, hates the dole as we do.. Cannot get work, will Take anything with good hours. i went round with him yesterday all day looking everywhere. Yes there are jobs out there example twice saw 1 shift by 4 hours per week (in two places). Went to the dole with him his assesor worked it out after paying his rent in a house which he shares with his girlfriend, Who is a classroom assistant on short hours and not paid during the times the schools are off. The Dole Assessor worked out he lived in £2.70. Doesnt smoke or drink. Could the MPs live on that, price of a coffee out..
Next savings as we have, dwindling fast to help out our sons and daughter in laws. Not worth a toss in isa or savings accounts virtually zero interest. Loosing value all the time. Go to borrow and WOOOPPPEE the lenders are making a Killing with savers money.
I could go on about many things as all others have in this debate. Ordinary low paid and pensioners and genuine people on the dole are SICK of years of this.
How can the majority of the young afford to put money in isa accounts never mind provide for a pension..
MPs live in Disney Land, with the odd trip to Universal Studios and Bush Gardens, all expenses paid

Interesting contradictions in the budget. It’s the same VED cost for a Porsche as a Prius (so guess which one many are now buying?) and although GO made several comments about ‘the future generation’ he clearly doesn’t intend them to live that long, since his policies will encourage carbon emissions.