Budget 2016: what do you think?

budget 2016

The Budget delivered some wins for our campaigns – a pensions dashboard commitment, action on nuisance calls, and plans to unlock mobile phones. So what do you think of George Osborne’s announcements?

The headlines might come in the form of a bid to tackle sugary drinks with a new sugar tax on soft drinks or the new ‘Lifetime Isa’ to help savers under 40.

However, there were a number of other key announcements. So we’ve pulled together some of our highlights for you.

Win! A pensions dashboard

In a win for our Better Pensions campaign, the Treasury has announced plans to deliver on our call for a pensions dashboard. Our research recently found that over a third of people approaching retirement age find it difficult to keep track of their pension pots. With the introduction of auto-enrolment for workplace pensions, more and more of us are going to be juggling multiple pension pots.

We called for a pensions dashboard system to be introduced to house all the information necessary to help savers make informed decisions about their retirement choices. The Government has committed to the launch of the dashboard by 2019.

Win! Nuisance calls

Another win came in for our nuisance calls campaign, in the form of a commitment announced by the Chancellor to clamp down on rogue claims management companies (CMCs) that bombard people with nuisance calls. Also, in support of our call to make management of CMCs personally accountable for malpractice, George Osborne announced plans to introduce mechanisms that will ensure that CMC managers can be held to account for the actions of their business.

Win! Mobile unlocking

The Chancellor confirmed in the Budget that the Government will consult on ending the practice of locking phones after your contract has ended. And it has committed to consulting on this by the end of this year. He added that the Government welcomes voluntary commitments from mobile phone providers, but added that it is ready to introduce legislation if necessary.

Financial advice

George Osborne made a number of announcements on financial advice. The Government will consult on a clear definition of financial advice which will aim to remove regulatory uncertainty and ensure that financial advisory firms can offer you the help you need. Also there will be an increase to Income Tax and National Insurance relief for employer arranged pension advice from £150 to £500.

The Chancellor also announced that the Government will consult on introducing a Pensions Advice Allowance. This will allow people before the age of 55 to withdraw up to £500 tax free from their defined contribution pension to redeem against the cost of financial advice. The exact age at which people can do this will be determined through consultation. This means that a basic rate taxpayer could save £100 on the cost of financial advice.

Help to save

Plans for a ‘Help to Save’ scheme were announced. This scheme will be open to employees on in-work benefits, such as tax credits, who put aside £50 a month and would then receive a bonus of 50% after two years, worth up to £600.

What are thoughts?

Another year, another Budget. Are any of today’s announcements welcome news for you?

D Hales says:
16 March 2016

Additives like aspartame, nutrysweet, sugerfree, low cal etc should be banned from all food and drinks. Look at the long term research see mercola.com and credence.org etc

Bridget says:
16 March 2016

It doesn’t matter what they write or say because they can go back on any deals they make about pensions. They halved the pensions because they said we’d all go on pension at the same age (male & Female) at 65. Now they’re putting peoples stay at work until their 70’s or over. Please don’t laugh because it’s quite sad now more than ever people are retiring on halve pensions & will have to survive longer, which this government say we will never be able to do (so why the cruelty of having the pensions in the first place?) Maybe they don’t just care about the British people having to battle. It’s the same old story which keeps on going around & around. My Aunty was told to pay half stamp when she was working, & guess how much she got each week…………….. I bet you couldn’t guess, it was 10 quid………. tell me who can survive on that?

Lin says:
16 March 2016

its all a joke
there should be a one off payment for everyone
when you look back at all the things thats gone up
alright for the rich

Roberta says:
16 March 2016

And the government want a 10% rise what a joke this is.

Howard says:
16 March 2016

The 10% pay rise last year for 650 MPs added up to a total of £4,550,000 and then that doesn’t include (expenses). And then they have to take £30 per week off the disaled.

Mary Davies says:
16 March 2016

Couldn’t agree more with you Howard. MPs greed is obscene.

ESMAIL says:
16 March 2016

MP,s who have misled and claimed expenses although when caught they pay it back must never be allowed into politic,s for the rest of their live,s

Jan says:
17 March 2016

Agree I’m one of the 500 thousand woman whose pension was pushed back born in the 50’s. Not only was it pushed back it was then pushed back a further twice. I should now ‘supposedly’ get my pension next year but I won’t hold my breath they lie on a regualar basis. I’ve always voted Tory but not in the last election and I will never vote Tory again, they are truly awfulto their own people and don’t care a fig about them.

Swervo says:
17 March 2016

I worked for 50 years paid all my taxes as instructed never claimed any benefits ,retired at 65 in 1999 and 16 years later I am still waiting to receive a decent pension based on what is being paid in France and Germany. One Day our government wil get the message. NOT

Paul Gardner says:
17 March 2016

Sorry Jan but the political party for which you vote should not have any bearing on the value of a pension and treatment thereof. “truly awful to their own people……” I do agree with the second part though that they “don’t care a fig about them”. However, this is not exclusive to the Tories, it’s the whole dammed lot of them.

J R Goldsmith says:
16 March 2016

Privatisation of schools is only about eliminating national pay scales, union power and making teachers work longer for less. There is no evidence to show that academies are better in any way other than making money for those running the trusts. Health ,education, energy,road and rail transport, utilies all should be in public ownership. This push to force all schools to become academies is wrong on many levels.

Liz Nicholson says:
16 March 2016

I so agree with you. Most of the public don’t realise how much time teachers spend in preparation, correction and compulsory meetings. I can’t imagine any other profession that would put up with the take home pay (when you divide it by the 12-16 hour days that many put in) and lack of respect from the general public. What a joke it is. You can put in a headteacher who is totally uncaring but so long as s/he tows the party line .. .. .. I’d like to know how we can have a well-educated, able workforce when so many academies are putting unqualified people into teaching roles, eg in English language and sciences!!

Mary Davies says:
16 March 2016

I totally agree with you and how is he going to fund and resource schools staying open even longer than they do already?

Sonia Sutcliffe says:
16 March 2016

It’s a going out of business sale. Everything has to go at knock down prices. Even the BBC and education now. The last one out please turn out the lights. ( If they haven’t already taken stripped out the fixtures and sold them)

Patrick Newman says:
16 March 2016

A master class in how to continually conceal failure. Projects are never shovel ready – always stuck in repeating feasibility studies!

Ian Carruthers says:
16 March 2016

I am 67 and disabled with one full leg and hip amputated and I am unable to fit a prosthetic leg . I am currently receiving top DLA and have a mobility car. However, at some unknown point between now and September 2017 I will be moved onto PIP. 14,000 disabled people have had their mobility cars taken away from them and down to this budget my disabled benefit could be reduced by £117 per month! I do not know when/if that will happen and so I can not plan ahead. If these cuts do happen to me my life will be absolutely miserable. Shame I’m not rich and own a big business isn’t it? I’d be so much better off!

Phil Walker says:
16 March 2016

If you’d worked, saved into a ( company ) pension properly then you would have a good pension to live off not rely on the state pension supposedly funded by your national insurance contributions.

I am also worried about disabled people driving cars and causing accidents, killing people as they are not fully able to do so.

Larry Pender says:
16 March 2016

If you are 67 then pip doesn’t affect you. You will still get DLA but the rate may different.

Karen says:
16 March 2016

My cousin has cystic fibrosis and has a disabled car, what you obviously do not realise is that the majority of people entitled to a disability car do not drive the cars themselves they have an assigned driver as many are unable to drive or walk well. This is the case with my cousin she is a teenager who cannot drive but cannot walk for too long due to her terminal illness she attends multiple trips to the hospital on a regular basis which is about 12 miles from where she lives and her sister drives her disability car to get her to and from the hospital. The real people who deserve these cars need this help and often rely on their families to assist them

Phil -I just have to shake my head at your –inhumanity , I hope you are never in a situation where your whole social life is destroyed by a major illness or accident . Where you are stuck in one room unable to move for the rest of your life and the only thoughts in your head is—-suicide . Can you not understand the depression someone in that situation feels ?? A chance to get out and meet people .talk with them is social interaction which is built into any normal human being.

Jean Crosbie says:
17 March 2016

Phil, I have worked since I was 15 I am now 61 and still have to work for £7.22 p hr. All the jobs I’ve had did not offer private pensions , I can’t stop working till I’m 66,
Half my wages goes on council tax,and on top of my work I look after two disabled siblings for free. I struggle to by food, and also am in severe pain all the time with fybromyalgia , there are more like me I’m sure, we have been let down, after paying into the system for more than 40 years. You don’t have a clue…

Boy, , They do make them dont they
What an absolute selfish person who must not understand how some people live
Who does he think makes his coffee in the airport or does any one of 1000s of tasks to his advantage ad on wages that never allowed for paying into a pension

And to say “supposedly funded by your NIC” Of course, , MAny years ago we were led to believe we were paying into a pot part of which was for our pensions

I have read some arrogant posts but Phi you are without doubt right up there with the Mr Ozzy’s of this world

Gordon Abbey-Tibbitts says:
16 March 2016

The Tory con on pensions continues and always will . They appear to think people should work to the grave!!!

Jan says:
17 March 2016

Indeed, I can’t understand why they won’t encourage the young to work and get off benefits, at my local supermarket an elderly man in his 60’s was told he had to do 35 hours a week when he wanted 16, but as he said the young won’t work over 16 hours it affects their benefits.

Young teachers are already leaving the profession in droves. A huge proportion of the profession is approaching retirement age. These reforms can only make the looming teacher shortage worse. So many youngsters want to teach but within 3 years they leave feeling burnt out and totally unappreciated. Asking teachers to work even longer hours in school on top of all the marking and preparation they do at home is a recipe for disaster. When are they supposed to have a private life? Does the government not understand the concept of work/life balance?

Mary Taylor says:
16 March 2016

What better could you expect from a party whose members send their children to private schools?
My own school education was a state one from start to finish. At college alongside students mostly privately educated ,I was amazed to be awarded the top award. Would this happen today?

H Sharkey says:
16 March 2016

I agree totally. This government has no concept of work/life balance, professional ‘burnout’ or being remotely fair to workers. Longer hours for teachers are to placate people who complain about the cost of childcare. teachers will increasingly become unpaid babyminders while Tory voters continue to earn top dollar and complain about the inadequacies of public service employees.

NHS to get 1% pay rise. . . .Gov to get 10% I think it is
Does that not tell it all
Ozzy is a sows ear and he’s trying to make out he’s a silk purse
This democracy thing is not going so well is it
Big Business seems to have it all sown up. . . The directors can invest heavily in a 1m pension pot,, tax free and their companies, , they just send their money into hiding while we live on artificial monopoly money

Maybe we’ll end up with “The British Revolution”. . The French had one when they got good and fed up

Once upon a time over here we had the Flight of the Earl’s. . . Maybe we could have the Flight of Westminster. . The repair bill is too big anyhow. . . Throw out the house and contents both in the skip and start again, , Yes , , No

Mr Anthony says:
17 March 2016

Oh yes! that’s what we need, get shot of the privaliged few and start again.

I too am disgusted that the disabled allowance is being cut, and we certainly will not be able to afford a disabled vehicle. I can’t get on a bus, how are we supposed to get shopping. My main shopping mall is 6 miles away where we buy clothes and we have a small Tesco about 2 miles away. I’m certainly not on line shopping. What is wrong with this government where they always pick on the vulnerable or poor.

Roberta says:
16 March 2016

Yeah June they get there big fancy expensive meals and a 10% rise

tony h says:
16 March 2016

osborne is saving a war chest for 2020 so he can say he has balanced the books in time for the next election hoping to win it for the torys. he could balance them sooner but we are all having to pay for his spending so his war chest will be full for 2020.

John says:
16 March 2016

Scrap HS2 and Trident, get proper control of all the big tax dodgers, individual and corporate, re-nationalise the railway and stop all further PFI deals, the creeping privatisation of the NHS and new road building and there’d probably be money for most of the things we all need.

Edgar W says:
16 March 2016

You mean more money for benefits?

Diane says:
16 March 2016

Doom and gloom scare tactics to make people vote ‘in’ in the referendom? It was only a couple of weeks ago he said we were doing so well on his reforms and we would have to pay the EU for doing well? He’s a liar and now I would not believe a word this government says!

All Schools are being taken out of Local Council hands and turned into private Academies so the money from the sugar tax will never reach the schools for sport! The government will have nothing to do with the running of the academies! He would have been better giving it to the NHS to help combat obesity?

As for Disability, why do I get the feeling this is a form of GENOCIDE for the elderly and disabled? Motorbility screws the life out of the disabled who need wheelchairs etc. They charge you £50 per WEEK to BORROW a standard wheelchair that costs about £65 to BUY outright? Something must be done to protect these people who have worked and payed their taxes and because they have been unlucky to get old they are being hounded to death!

Edgar W says:
16 March 2016

They charge you £50 per WEEK to BORROW a standard wheelchair that costs about £65 to BUY outright?

Then just buy your wheelchair? You would save a fortune.

Michael Harford says:
16 March 2016

The Lord & Serf Syndrome is still very Strong in the Tory Party and Parliament. This is what this party is after, no rest for the Population. Another Con of a Budget for the Rich and Powerful. Cameron, Osborne & Co Liars & Scaremongers on the UE Referendum Campaign. And They are getting away with it !!! More Council Tax hikes in the pipeline, we are now paying more than the amount the Poll Tax would have been. We Need some more massive protests and riots from the population to stop their 10% rise and Subsidised Meals and drinks. All working people pay for their own lunches ect, this should be no different for MP’s & Peers. Expenses are still being fiddled at an alarming rate but hidden by the powers to keep MP’s safe from Prosecution. I personally think we should hang a few to give them a warning they will not forget. Start with The Remain Campaign Liars & Scaremongers.

David McDonald says:
16 March 2016

As per usual the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer .

Patricia Rafferty says:
16 March 2016

The British people will never learn. The Tories have only ever been interested in ensuring that they are the only ones on the raft and keeping the rest of us off it. I despair for the ordinary people of this country whilst they are in government.

tricia says:
16 March 2016

Let every MP that thinks this budget is ” fair” try to live on to an average wage for a month with no other income. Then, just to make it “fair”, put them in a wheelchair with no drivers, maids or 80K salaries & see how they get.

Nobody would choose to be disabled just to get DLA/PIP.
Why can IDS and George Osbourne not understand this?
Did their mothers not teach them not too pick on other who are unable to fight back….try not to be a ‘ Bulli’ boy

Rob says:
16 March 2016

How considerate of the Tories to change the PIP criteria for ‘daily living’. If you have a ‘device’ to help you, you only need to buy it once so keeping the payment the same every week is wasting taxpayers money. I was just wondering about irons that some people can’t lift, never mind use. Or washing machines that they can’t load or unload. Not to mention the lawn mower they can’t use or the vacuum cleaner they can’t push around, or the house that won’t maintain or decorate itself. Someone has to be paid to do it all for them. If this person is classed a ‘device’ imagine their reaction when you tell them you can only pay them ‘once’. Why not change the criteria to ‘are you breathing?’, this will save billions as hardly anyone will qualify. This will never affect the Tories who can rely on their inheritances that pay for private health insurance. How brave of this bunch of toffs to pick on the weak. Their should be criteria to determine whether someone is fit to be an MP. I can tell you now that ALL of them would fail.

I agree with the above comments but I have a massive problem —you all voted cameron and his neo-cons in ,what do you expect ??? he is being loyal to those in his social circle -banksters- stockbrokers -Lords+Ladies -Home -County types – the CITY ( a country with its own secret laws ) .I cant fault him for that ,when did he ever say he was a humanitarian ? or a lover of the poor-sick-old ? .He is a product of his social set which is Millionaire row (his Cabinet ) . You have only one choice and that is VOTE the B out of office ,that includes his Tory government and DONT vote in NEW Labour who are just as bad -did they stop off-shore tax havens -uh ! no ! did they put a stop to the banksters actions Uh ! No ! . What scared you into voting Tory well cameron brought up ,if you remember , dont let Labour in they will let the Scots run us and a multitude of more scare stories and you all believed them and voted Tory . The Scots got the same scare stories which have turned out be be proven lies ,even a head civil servant admitted he lied -quote- to “save ” the nation ” ,dont you get it ? I dont like cameron ,but at least he is loyal to his own and until the 99 % of this country think more of the less fortunate instead of share prices and house prices -all the shouting in the world will never change anything. You got the vote and you blew it !

Lin says:
16 March 2016

My conscience is clear I voted Ukip…Shame the rest didn’t

harry says:
17 March 2016

the above comment is 100% correct,,,,but english voters can,t see any further than their pockets and noses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Marc says:
17 March 2016

Yep exactly right. You only have to look at some of the comments about overseas aid that have been posted. English society is up the creek without a paddle, so much self interest. Who cares about someone in Africa living in a mud hut who hasn’t eaten for several days ?

Phil says:
16 March 2016

i just can not believe Genius George when he claims that there will be a Budget surplus before the next General Election. How is he going to achieve this? Oh by making more benefit cuts I am sure! It’s so unbelievable! The Tories true to form boost the fortunes of the rich and the poor and disabled are scapegoated.. Absolute outrageous!

Derek says:
17 March 2016

Absolute outrageous. Never mind the poor and disabled lets look after our rich friends first. We’ll never be poor

Alan Jones says:
16 March 2016

How can that be called a win? nearly 4yrs to maybe come up with a pensions dashboard!! How about a campaign for stopping the pension companies charging for withdrawing some of your own money! How about forcing them to tell us where the best place is to invest our own pension pot, they know but just say you choose!
If they spent some time weeding out the fiddlers on DLA then there would be money to look after the genuine needy disabled people!