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Good customer service from your broadband provider?

BT phone and broadband hub

I spent some time sorting out an issue with BT after being overcharged on my last three bills. But, there’s a positive end to this story – I got my money back and was kept informed throughout the call.

We all have those weekends when we have to do a bit of life housework. Perhaps you’re having one of those days today? Well for me, last weekend was one of them.

I tend to opt for online billing to save getting paper bills I’m unlikely to ever open. After going through our monthly outgoings I was rather alarmed to see my distinctly average speed broadband and call package was costing double what I was paying for BT infinity in my previous property. After a bit of digging, I realised I was being charged twice for our broadband package over the course of three months.

Please hold the line

When calling BT I was a little shocked to hear there would be a 15 minute wait to speak to a customer adviser. So I opted for a call back. Upon receiving the call back the service advisor was quick to verify my situation and keep me updated at every stage in the call.

While a lengthy phone call, it was a relief to at least have the company pay for the inconvenience it had caused me – on their phone bill not mine!

Unfortunately the advisor needed approval from a more senior colleague to approve a refund for the three months of overcharging – an unnecessary delay from my perspective – but kept me informed throughout the call and followed through with the promise.

Customer satisfaction scores

Now our customer satisfaction surveys show BT are far from the exemplary for customer service. And sadly our customer service teams are all too experience at receiving complaints from our members over the service BT provide.

But on this occasion I took the advisor’s name and dropped a little line to BT to thank him for his good service in the hope that others would learn from his example. While I’m very willing and ready to send a letter of complaint, I feel it’s just as important to give a little nod and thank you to those who make the best of a difficult situation.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by a company’s customer service? Do you take the time to share your compliments as well as your complaints?


I have been using an email address provided by a local broadband service provider for years. I was looking at the possibility of moving house, but I cannot have email forwarded and the area that I want to moved to is not covered by my current service provider. Many people and organisations have my email address, so I am progressively informing them of an alternative email address.

If I move home I can easily have my post redirected for a fee. Why can’t I have the same done with my email?

If you want to see how bad BT customer service can get, read all 84 pages of this


Interesting to see an area where companies could introduce systems to solve problems like double billing. Surely a double debiting to any single bank account could be triggered as abnormal and require a manual confirmation that this is correct from a BT employee.

The idea that BT can charge double payments on the basis that a customer will bring any errors to light eventually seems unfair. Sending someone overdrawn may be the first intimation of a problem for a customer.

Essentially the onus should be on the debiting company to check that what they are doing is correct. Charlotte has been very restrained and possibly , it is not explicit, she or her partner may have been at fault. However if it is BT’s fault then some restitution for time involved should be paid. to Charlotte – and sought for?

Whilst there is no real hurt to BT in sitting on excess money, and no financially penalty then the economic case that they should install more robust anomaly checking on taking duplicated charges will remain unproven.

Walter Shekyls says:
11 November 2013

I have been with The PhoneCoop ( now co-Operative Phone & Broadband) since about 2006 & have only needed to contact 2 or 3 times. Each time they have always been helpful. You can also invest from £1 and over to become a member, for which can vote at the AGM, receive a percentage on your investment plus a share of the profits.
So I would recomend them as their prices are competetive.

All my neighbours have their broadband etc from Virgin. Just moving into the road would like it too. The initial visit from the ground works crew did not see a problem and were going to come back and do it. Following up no action the senior man said it was not going to be done. Our drive which he indicated might be the problem is no longer than anyone elses. I would like Virgin speed for my work but it looks as if i will have to fall back on BT. So even choosing your broadband provider does not seem possible.
Is there some regulatory body that could possibly help with this? Thank you.

It does sound odd Mischa and though I cannot see any reason why they should be forced to cable up any property.

However it may actually be a blessing as if if all your neighbours have Virgin then I would be very curious if they can all get decent speeds at the same time. Have a browse on the Web for reasons why even cable does not necessarily mean good speeds.

I also wonder if the package you have opted for is not sufficiently lucrative … perhaps speaking to a Manager would be interesting.

mr samuel southern says:
5 August 2015

why does bt renew your contract with out your consent or even let you know I have landline plus
broad band at a cost of £ 58 63 to much for a pensioner can you help

Alan Rogers says:
15 August 2015

I have been having a lot of problems with BT recently.In fact they are my worst service provider..
First they signed my up for their “Netprotect plus” scheme without telling me.
Next quater they subscribed me into “BT Sport” again without my say so.
And finally I have noticed that they have enrolled me in a “Priority Line rental scheme” again without my consent. that costs £2 extra a quater.
I’m furious with them now I am again having to phone their over zelous sales team to get this rubbish taken off.

I recently tried to report a fault on a friend’s line. I heard one ring and then the line cut off, she heard nothing.
I rang 0800800151 to report it and was told that her number was a business account and without an account number there was nothing the customer service agent, (no service there). I pointed out that my friend was recently bereaved, and she agent suggested I contact one of the lady’s neighbour’s or friends. AS if I had their phone numbers. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was simply told again and again, without and account number we cannot help.
This is what Government call the benefits of competition.