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Have you ever haggled for a better broadband deal?

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If you do one thing today, pick up the phone and call your broadband provider. Our latest investigation has shown it’s definitely worth getting in touch if you want a better deal.

One BT customer saved over £200 a year on her package after just one phone call. And they asked her to call back as soon as possible if she still wasn’t happy. This call was just one of 30 our mystery callers made to some of the UK’s biggest broadband providers.

So what made BT offer a better deal? Well, we made noises about cancelling and waited to see what we’d be offered.

I have to say I was blown away by the success our mystery callers had, with 22 calls resulting in savings or better deals on the spot. They were offered deals including £12 off line rental every month for the next nine months (Sky), a half-price deal if we signed up for another 12-month contract (O2), and a free engineer visit to install the latest router (TalkTalk).

Keeping you tied in

It seems that the big providers in particular are reluctant to let customers go. Now that’s not much of a surprise, but why not use this to our advantage? Especially as the price on many deals can creep up over time if you don’t keep an eye on things, as introductory offers come to an end and line rental charges increase.

If you do want to accept a new deal, be aware that you may be tying yourself in to a new contract again – check before you agree to anything.

In my household I’ve worked out we are paying over £750 a year for our broadband, phone and TV package without doing an awful lot to check we’re on a good deal. It’s not like we’ve got money to burn, even if the bill  gets split five ways. And every now and then someone will make a noise about calling them to get the price down, but I’m ashamed to say it’s been at least two years now and we have not got round to it. I think it’s time…

Have you tried to negotiate a better deal with your broadband provider? What’s the best deal you’ve been offered?

SuffolkSilver says:
22 March 2013

Yes, I was paying £47.40 a month to Virgin. This included anytime phone calls but have to pay for mobile, 0844 and 1471 charges. The broadband was 60Mb and I got free TV. It was going to go up again so I asked them to reduce the free call facility and put me on 30Mb broadband – or I would leave. Eventually they did. They gave me a one year special loyalty deal (a monthly credit of £12) I kept the paper billing. The total, including £14.99 line rental, is now down to £22.89 All I have to do is get my wife to stay off the daytime calls ! But it is still a considerable saving.

wev says:
23 March 2013

Tried to get a better deal with my ISP, they refused. I’ve been with them for years.

Kenneth Fitzpatrick says:
24 March 2013

I would immediately change to another provider!

Ken Fitzpatrick says:
24 March 2013

They need you more than you need them!

Paul says:
28 March 2013

When I recently spoke to Virgin about moving to BT they offered me £10 per month off straight away. However, I have not moved becasue they told me I would no longer be able to use my Virgin e-mail address. Given that I have used this for many years I don’t really want to go through the pain that this would entail.

Is this right? It does not seem to have been rasied as an issue in what I have read about switching suppliers.

Keith Paterson says:
28 March 2013

In my case they offered a 12 month loyalty discount with no strings, so I am surprised about their suggesting that you couldn’t keep you e-mail address. I don’t see the point of that threat at all and wonder if it is just bluff. For most purposes I don’t in any case use my old ntlworld e-mail add but it still works. I also reduced mt BB speed to 30 and checked yesterday and I was 31mb!

Pete says:
3 July 2013

Sounds like rubbish to me. You can still have all your emails from that account forwarded to a new email account (eg. Gmail) Simple scare tactics 🙂

Steve says:
29 March 2013

I have just tried Virgin Media and they wouldn’t budge.
I did quote them some other providers (this is a good idea as they will ask you for comparisons) and the prices I already have compares to what the other providers are offering.
Also remember that when swapping to another provider there will be an installation charge.
Virgin did say I could downgrade from 60Mb/s to 30Mb/s, but as this new package comes with their new Tivo box I would be charged £49 for the installation, which I don’t want.
So all-in-all a complete waste of a phone call.