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Do you get nuisance calls to your mobile phone?

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When we’ve previously talked about nuisance calls we’ve generally focussed on calls to your landline. But do you get nuisance calls to your mobile? Our survey says it’s highly likely…

We’ve previously found that six in ten people have been discouraged from picking up their landline phone due to nuisance calls. Some of you have even told us that you’ve unplugged your phone in exhaustion. But even that isn’t the end of the problem – we’re also getting calls to our mobile phones.

Our latest survey of mobile users found seven in ten had had at least one nuisance call to their mobile. That’s compared to just over half in 2013. One in ten even said they’d received more than 20 unwanted calls in just one month.

Register your mobile with the TPS

Something that can help stem the flow is signing up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Yet, of the 78.9m active mobile phone subscriptions in the UK, just 3% are registered with the TPS.

It turns out most of us don’t realise we can actually add our mobile numbers to the TPS. To put some numbers on that statement – almost all (96%) in our survey knew they could put their landline number on the official ‘do not call’ list. But only a third said they think the TPS can be used to block unsolicited calls to mobiles.

So if you want to help curb nuisance calls on your mobile, log your number with the TPS. To ease this process, we’ve worked with the TPS to launch a new free text service to let people register their mobile numbers. Just text OPTOUT to 80057.

Action to stop nuisance calls

Of course, we know that the TPS isn’t necessarily the end of the problem. So today we’re also reiterating our call on the Government, regulators and businesses to continue working together to tackle nuisance calls, with further action needed to cut them off at source.

Oh and if you’re at home and watching TV tonight, tune into Channel 4 Dispatches at 8pm. I’ll be on talking about nuisance calls and the action needed to stop them.

Do you get nuisance calls to your mobile phone? Did you know you could register your mobile number with the TPS?

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You can visit the TPS website to register your phone number too

Rick Anderson says:
1 December 2015

I am registered with TPS, have call blocking and still these calls get through. TPS is a toothless tiger and the people calling are either using new numbers each time or are calling from abroad. Despite blocking international calls these people are still getting through and TPS say “oh, we can’t stop calls from abroad, well they should damn well try.

Lynn says:
1 December 2015

In 2015 I simply don’t buy this story that if these calls come from overseas they can’t be traced. I want to know who are all the parties making money out of this and for government to come up with penalties that are a lot more severe than a £500,000 fine from a toothless regulator such as the Information Commissioner.

june says:
1 December 2015

I get energy efficiency calls although I live in a Housing Association flat which has been totally refurbished , I also get foreigners calling regarding my PC, one regarding Bank Charges at 11:22 am this morning I get the ones who call and are silent then hang up or one today who after a few seconds automated “goodbye” I hate them so much !!

William Hill says:
1 December 2015

I don’t believe they cannot block calls from overseas, the companies doing these calls regularly are well known,
Once they have enough complaints about any company, kill their access, completely, and male it difficult and VERY expensive to start again.

Helen says:
1 December 2015

There must be a way of blocking these calls? I’ve even had people from UK asking me to pay for a service to block them – to which I pointed out as un unsolicited sales call they should not be calling me. I’ve had scams too. Most of them can’t understand English. I’ve told them I’m dead, murdered, in prison, and am a thief breaking into the home only to answer the ‘phone – nothing works. I’ve even burst into tears before and told them it was a really bad time to call, only for the person to get really cross with me and tell me I was sick! Please, this is driving me crazy.

Frequently recent unsolicited calls have started by saying there is a government scheme to replace boilers or increase insulation, install solar panels etc etc. If the government really want to help us they should make it a condition of these companies participating in the schemes (if indeed they are real) NOT using cold call techniques – especially the automated message type that you can’t even ask to be removed from their database.

Ian Buchanan says:
1 December 2015

These cold calls, mostly of recordings, have become more than a simple nuisance. I generally receive several a day. It’s time these were made illegal, especially recorded messages where the company can’t even afford us the respect of a real call. There is simply no justification for this intrusion into our homes.

john h says:
1 December 2015

I even get these calls on Sundays which I thought was against advertising laws. One told me it was against the law but because they were backed by the government, then it was ok.

I receive countless calls each day and night, and have also received calls at 9.00 am on a Sunday. I now no longer answer my home telephone during weekday evenings as it’s ALWAYS a nuisance caller, or pre-recorded message. I’m sick of the intrusion into my personal time, particularly when I spend over 9 hours a day at work.

I have purchased at a cost of nearly £70 a phone with blocking technology. I now have to input my friends and family numbers of the people I will accept calls from . This is a long job as doctor , Hospital Inland Revenue,
Council and such like are also necessary. I would like to see firms from the UK that cold call as well as been fined restricted to the use of one phone line for periods of time . i.e. a sentence. Also I have found some UK firms route the calls through overseas centres.

Robert T says:
1 December 2015

The government are encouraging these scammer companies by allowing access to the electoral register, there are 2 types of register, 1 which you can refuse consent for your details to be divulged, 2nd one you cannot refuse your details to be accessed, this is the one which companies and scammers buy copies of from local authorities, which is totally wrong, the government should not be selling people’s information. I complained to my MP but his response was that there was nothing he could do as it was government policy. This policy has to change GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE SELLING PEOPLE’S INFORMATION, ( Which) should conduct a survey to ascertain if people are concerned and alarmed that their personal information is so freely available to scammers , whilst this scum government are so desperate to force a snoopers charter on everyone under the guise of safety and security. Just imagine for a minute the amount of information they will then be able to sell to the highest bidder, but obviously not theirs

It is not clear that The Scottish Government has powers over telecoms. Is this not a reserved issue? Please clarify your understanding on this Which.

This comment was removed at the request of the user

they usually are untracable no number when dialing 1471 and when they speak in india dialects and mumble the so called company very fast then slow down to tell you your computer is faulty etc i just say wait amoment while i get my bank details for you and go make a cup of tea . but it is so annoying having to act in this way
thats on a good day on a bad day ill swear at them and hang up. but it leaves you feeling very vulnerable and stressed . theproblem is if i get a geniune call from the bank i dont respond to it as i cant tell whats what anymore .

Bill Taylor says:
1 December 2015

Although I resented having to do it, the purchase of a call blocking phone has removed nuisance calls to my landline completely – a very worthwhile investment of £60! As for my mobile…I only get a few and I block them without answering. Since government seems unwilling/unable to do anything about nuisance calls, it’s the best solution to a frustrating issue.

Patrick says:
1 December 2015

Robert T
you appear to be allowing blind political prejudice to cloud your judgement. It is simple to opt out of the open register. I’ll keep my guess on what party you support to myself.

The bit I really resent is that Ofcom will not accept a report unless you can give them the telephone number you were called by and the name of the company making the call as well as the time and date of the call. this can be very difficult as, in the majority of the calls I receive the number is withheld and obtaining the company name without agreeing to do business with them is next to impossible. If you look on the web you can obtain some information about these people so why can’t Ofcom do something about them? Surely they must have a range of options.

It puts the onus entirely on us, the consumer, to do something about these people.

I agree with others here. I have been registered with TPS a few years. I tried to re-register thinking that would help, but as soon as the online form got to ‘are you registered with TPS? I couldn’t go any further. I daresay it stops SOME calls, but still far too many get through.

Wilson Bruce says:
1 December 2015

It is said to register with TELEPHONE PREFERENCE SERVICE to eliminate nuisance calls. THIS DOES NOT WORK. I say this from personal experience. B.T. offer a fool proof service which I think is called B.T. 500. I had this installed in March 2015 and have not received one nuisance call since.

Ian Leslie says:
1 December 2015

TPS is a waste of time the BT engineer did mine makes no difference I still. Get nuisance calls every day

AOL recently upgraded my Broadband and gave me free call blocking but the same callers come back on a different number or a withheld number. Number is exdirectory and nobody knows my mobile number but they still get through. An older person could be alarmed and I am getting older everyday.

I have been with the Telephone Preference Service for years and I was getting about 12 calls a day so they are no good…..I got a new phone and I just bar all the numbers so all is good for time being.