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Your view: bent phone? You only have yourself to blame

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We asked you who was to blame for the ‘bendy’ iPhone 6. The emerging debate caught my interest when it curved in a direction I wasn’t expecting – don’t blame it on Apple.

As the iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’ story went viral, many of you were quick to come to Apple’s defence. Paul led the way by arguing that people are too trigger happy to criticise:

‘People are far too quick to judge, place blame and jump on the bandwagon these days. There is no real proof that the iPhone 6 Plus is “flawed”. After every major manufacturer releasing a new phone, stories are always quick to circulate – “my phone burst into flames” or “my charger exploded”. These “stories” then turn out to be owner error rather than a fault of the manufacturer. Let’s gather the facts before we judge!’

Thanks Paul, we’re awarding you our Comment of the Week! While Wavechange broadly agreed with Paul, he still felt products could launch with faults:

‘I agree that some people are just waiting to criticise new products, especially with popular items such as phones. Nevertheless there are a few problems. I had a cheap Nokia phone that contained a battery that was recalled for safety reasons. I received a replacement battery very promptly.’

It’s down to you if your phone goes bananas

The debate then turned to how people treat their phones. Paulyb made his thoughts clear:

‘Cars dent went lent on, but you wouldn’t take it back and get a panel replaced if you knocked it, would you? If “yes”, please tell me which car and I’ll go out and buy it!’

On a similar note, Simon added some additional advice from our Google+ page:

‘Simple, stop putting an expensive phone in your back pocket. And not just because if you sit on it it will bend, but also because it’s so easy to pick pocket them!’

Still a rotten Apple

Not everyone was lining up to defend Apple, like ‘Make a positive out of a negative’:

‘Rename it the iPhone Flex 6+. Got to hand it to Apple, they are marketeers supreme. They have done a fine job of convincing folk to queue up in their millions for the privilege of purchasing a flawed phone that by any sane measure is way overpriced.’

Have you had any experiences with the bendy iPhone 6 Plus? Do you think we treat our products with too little respect?

Sophie Gilbert says:
5 October 2014

I have just seen a photo in the National Geographic of Kayapo warriors moving through the [Amazonian] forest with shotguns and axes in search of fresh game. The warrior at the rear is carrying something in the back pocket of his shorts. I doubt the thing will be nicked, but lost? We’re all human.

this phone is not “fit for purpose”,because if you are male,and dont have a handbag,it will have to be carried in a pocket,so it should be able to do that without bending! every other phone ever released has been able to be put in a pocket without bending,except this one,so it is faulty. and to justify it by comparing it to a car,is ridiculous,because if a car deformed whilst doing what is designed for,ie being driven,or sat in,you would not keep it or defend it.it is typical of apple fanboys to defend anything that apple do

Do you / have you actually owned, seen or touched a iPhone 6Plus ? or are you just commenting on something that you have read online ?

Not fit for purpose ha next one !!

By your logic if i buy a Hummer its not fit for purpose because it does not fit in my garage ?

oh and the iPhone does everything it is designed to do. It is not designed to be sat on!!

oh and take a read of this http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/29/iphone-6-plus-bending-overblown-consumer-reports and see that every phone bends, its simple physics.

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I enjoyed this (expletive-laden) article on the subject from the Daily Mash: