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Are you haunted by your exes’ Facebook photos?

Dog depressed on laptop

Splitting up with your ex has previously resulted in a secondary affliction – your Facebook feed would still update with their photos. The site has now softened the pain by culling these pics from your online life.

We’ve previously talked about what makes you unfriend a Facebook mate – mindless updates came out on top.

But what happens when your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend dumps you? Do you throw them onto the ‘unfriended’ pile too? If not, their constant photos could become a daily slap in the face(book).

Well the social network has taken action with one of its newest features – the ‘Photo Memories’ box. This often appears in the top-right corner and scrolls through long forgotten photos of your friends.

However, the algorithm that’s used to pick these pics selects the friends you’ve interacted with most. Understandably these are often your significant others, whether they be exes or not.

Facebook tries its best not to depress

Some users were so distressed by the frequency of their exes’ photos that they set up a group demanding the removal of Photo Memories. It quickly grew to 500 members and Facebook was forced into taking action – Photo Memories will no longer show photos of friends who you were previously in a relationship with.

So was this all a fuss about nothing, or is being haunted by your previous romantic endeavours a legitimate complaint? If it is, why can’t we simply remove the Photo Memories box altogether?

Sophie Gilbert says:
22 October 2010

It is partly the lack of control that made me quit Facebook altogether. Opening a Facebook account is like opening Pandora’s box, except closing Facebook again is possible. Just google “delete my Facebook account” and take it from there.

Beth Foster says:
22 October 2010

Can I please add to this Patrick that it also brings up photos in photo memories of a guy u are dating with their exes. (Sick and wrong) Last week I nearly had a melt down at a full on snog. X

Oh, it can so work to your advantage however…!
I saw an image of an ex recently and thought “Goodness, she’s pregnant!” I was initially delighted because I knew she had desperately wanted children but when I looked more closely I realised she was just wearing bad clothes and had put on weight.
Somewhat out-of-character, I did find myself having a chuckle.

*bad, bad naughty person* 😉

Richard says:
27 October 2010

A word of warning!
I am a magistrate and over the last couple of years I have noticed the rapid increase in domestic violence cases that started from a Facebook entry. These used to be alcohol related in the main, but the indiscriminate use of Facebook and the like is open to the world and some are not taking kindly to some of the comments.
We’ve even signed a search warrant recently for a gun, again started because of a Facebook entry.