April Fools’ Quiz: can you spot the truths from the lies?

April Fool

We love a good April Fools’ joke on Which? Convo, so we thought we’d put together a quiz to see if you can spot the truths amongst the lies.

It’s 1 April, which means only one thing – you need to stay on your guard with every single announcement made today. Is it true, is it not? I say ‘not’.

We’ve had our own fair share of fun over the years with our April Fools’ jokes, but now we thought we’d quiz you on how savvy you are at spotting them.

Take our quiz to see if you can spot the truth amongst the lies:

How did you score? Oh and if you’ve seen any good April Fools’ today, then please share them with us too!


Too much of a challenge for me, Patrick. I got only two right. 🙁

“…you need to stay on your guard with every single announcement made today.” I thought that April Fools’ jokes expired at 12 noon.

Don’t worry wavechange, I embarrassingly scored 2/7 too! It was a great quiz though, right?

Hi Andrew – I’m always grateful for a bit of humour. I learn a few things after reading Which? Convo. As of today, I know that there is a large stone sculpture of a jar of Marmite, where it is, how big it is and where to find it.

A little late in the day, but I’ve been badly delayed by the introduction of speed humps on the motorway. Correction, that should read potholes. I was wondering whether to write this, in case the government thought that motorway humps were a good idea. Five out of seven for the quiz but I am still puzzled by the pigeons and their broadband capability. Mine crashed the other day and it would have been quicker to sent my e. mails by p. mail.

That was good fun but only got 4/7