Are you persuaded by packaging?

toiletries packaging_cropped

When we asked whether you get taken in by advertising, some of you told us you avoid ads all together. But there’s another type of marketing that’s more difficult to swerve – the sort you find on the products themselves.


Clamp down on Campylobacter

Raw chicken legs

National Food Safety Week is a chance to highlight the dangers present in the food we buy. Which? is calling on supermarkets to be more transparent about their testing and food safety controls.


Why do we have to wait so long to get a refund?

Getting your money back

When I buy goods online I have to give the shop my payment details before they’ll send out the goods. Nothing wrong with that. But if the product turns out to be not what I expected, why doesn’t the supplier return my money with the same urgency?


Sp-oiled for choice

Bottles of olive oil

Supermarket shelves are lined with dozens of different oils, making decision-making tricky. If you’re after extra virgin olive oil, we’ve got some bargain-hunting tips to make choosing easier.


Your views on a good shopping experience

Woman window shopping

A little while ago, we asked you to tell us what makes a great shopping experience. Ex Which? Convo team member Katie Benson joins us once again to sum up your views on what separates a good shopping trip from an awful one.