Is Christmas-themed loo roll a step too far?

christmas dog

While I love Christmas – the bright lights, the music, the general merriment – I’m slightly confused, if not a little disturbed, by the sheer volume of what I can only describe as Christmas-themed tat that I’ve encountered of late.


How do you prefer to do your Christmas gift shopping?

Christmas shopping

As we prepare to enter some of the busiest shopping weeks of the year, we thought we’d share some of your views on how you prefer to shop. So will you be bracing the crowds in the run-up to Christmas, or will you be surfing the web to stock up?


Are you persuaded by packaging?

toiletries packaging_cropped

When we asked whether you get taken in by advertising, some of you told us you avoid ads all together. But there’s another type of marketing that’s more difficult to swerve – the sort you find on the products themselves: persuasive packaging.