Is Christmas-themed loo roll a step too far?

christmas dog

While I love Christmas – the bright lights, the music, the general merriment – I’m slightly confused, if not a little disturbed, by the sheer volume of what I can only describe as Christmas-themed tat that I’ve encountered of late.


Whirlpool: Which? will push for this issue to be resolved

burnt tumble dryer

As Which? approaches its 60th anniversary I wouldn’t have expected to be writing about the issue I write about today. This last year, I’ve been left shocked and angry at the behaviour of one particular manufacturer regarding its appalling response to potentially dangerous products – that manufacturer is Whirlpool.


Why I ditched my Nespresso machine

coffee machine

Have you been left unimpressed by your Nespresso machine? Well you wouldn’t be the only one. Ben Preston, Editor of Radio Times, is here to tell why he’s ditched his Nespresso in favour of a bean-to-cup coffee machine…


Carbon monoxide: the cause for alarm

carbon monoxide alarm

Following the death of her daughter Katie from carbon monoxide poisoning, Avril Samuel co-founded the Katie Haines Memorial Trust. It helps raise awareness about the dangers of the deadly gas and to prevent unnecessary loss of life especially through carbon monoxide alarms.


Amazon Echo – fad or the future?

Amazon Echo Home

It’s a sci-fi fan’s dream, isn’t it? Having a computer than can talk and do things seemingly beyond the power of its small microchip within – like a flatmate without the extra mess.