Would you use an online doctor?

online doctor

With waiting times in doctor’s surgeries on the rise and people increasingly moving around the country, it seems likely that online doctors could become ‘a thing’. But would you ever use a digital doctor?


Where would you go for information on care?

carer, elderly care, advice

Around 3.8m unpaid carers look after someone aged 65 and over, and that’s just in England. Maybe you’re one of them, or care might be completely alien to you. But if you did need information and support on care, where would you go for it?


Is hospital food packaging a problem?

yoghurt pot

Have you ever been in hospital and not been able to open a sandwich packet, pack of biscuits or drink carton? Or maybe you’ve seen an elderly patient, friend or relative give up and go hungry?


How do you choose your toothpaste?


Choosing toothpaste should be one of life’s simpler decisions. But with more than a hundred varieties on sale promising everything from cavity prevention to teeth whitening, how do you decide which is best?


Can you trust online allergy tests?

Allergy test

Have you ever had an allergic reaction? Did you take a test to confirm whether you actually have an allergy? Here’s Victoria from Sense About Science on why you need to think twice before buying online allergy tests.