Where do you shop for your festive food?

Christmas dinner

Some of you may loathe the thought of Christmas prep in November, but the big day does require some organising. So have you thought about what you’ll be eating and drinking yet, and, more importantly, where you’ll be getting it from?


Halloween: is your pumpkin going to waste?

Pumpkins Which?

It’s hard to escape Halloween. You’ll struggle to walk into any shop or supermarket without crossing a spooky display – a luring skeleton looking back at you, stacks of sweets on offer and piles and piles of pumpkins.


Which retro treats do you miss?

Quality Street

The news that Nestlé is scrapping the old-favourite Toffee Deluxe from its Quality Street selection and replacing it with a new sweet – the Honeycomb Crunch – was met with widespread outrage last week.


Can I have a doggy bag, please?


New laws in Italy will make it easier for businesses to donate expired food to charities and for farmers to give away unsold produce. But is promoting the use of doggy bags a step too far?