Would a :-) or :-( convince you to save energy?

Smiley face on box

Even when the weather’s hotting up, you can’t keep energy costs out of the news. The latest development is a study of 540 homes which found a smiley face can help people save energy. Confused? Let me fill you in.


The hot hatch makes a comeback

An orange Ford Focus car

Hot hatches were everywhere in the 1980s, but the rumble of Golf GTIs has faded slightly over the years. Now the speedy cars seem to be making a more environmentally friendly comeback.


Why bother buying bottled water?

Rows of bottled water

I have a confession: I like bottled water. I’m partial to a bottle of the fizzy stuff, but I’m also keen on a chilled bottle of still. But am I the only one who still occasionally buys my water in a bottle?