Time for change in the energy market

energy market

Just over two years ago the Competition and Markets Authority began investigating the energy market following concerns raised by Which? and others about ever increasing prices, lack of competition and a market that isn’t working. Today, it’s published its final decision.


Do you think the Big Six are out of touch?

energy prices

Our latest analysis of energy prices demonstrates the Big Six energy providers are out of touch with the market with the price gap between their standard tariffs and the cheapest deals on the market almost doubling.


Are the CMA’s energy market changes enough?

Question mark light bulb

The time has come. After two years investigating, the Competition and Markets Authority has given its final verdict on the energy market. The million dollar question is; will the CMA’s proposals deliver fairer energy prices?


Have you thought about fixing your finances?

Piggy bank easter

As tradition goes Lent is a time to give something up until Easter. The popular choice for those participating in Lent is to ditch chocolate in the anticipation of an Easter binge. But, if you are giving something up, what about something a bit more practical?


What do you think about your energy supplier?

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We’ve published the results of our annual energy satisfaction survey – once again finding that the Big Six energy suppliers aren’t up to scratch. So, is your energy supplier one of the best or one of the worst?


Are you on a standard energy tariff?

Money and gas flame

Are you on a pricey standard gas or electricity tariff? Millions of people are paying more than they need to for their energy – and they’re often the most vulnerable.


For and against smart thermostats

Cat on radiator

Smart thermostats are the latest trend in home heating. But do they really help to heat our homes more efficiently? Two Which? staffers put them to the test…