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How difficult is it to find a care home?

Care home resident

In recent weeks, we’ve heard from guest authors Fred and PamS who’ve arranged care and hundreds of people who’ve shared their care home experiences. This insight combined with our latest research has revealed a sorry picture of the care system with the majority struggling to find good care.

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Would you challenge poor care?

Care home

You finally find what appears to be a good care home for your loved one, but as the years go by you become concerned about the quality of that care. PamS joins us as a guest to share her struggles of challenging the quality of care at her mother’s care home…

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Why is good care so difficult to find?


Moving someone into a care home can be a difficult decision. That difficulty is only compounded when faced with the struggle of finding good care that suits that person’s needs. Fred Horley joins us to share his difficulties with finding good care for his wife, Joan.

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