Do ads influence what you buy?


Are you ad-proof, or do you occasionally find yourself taken in by a claim or aspirational image in adverts? Some of you are already wise to the tricks of the trade.


The joy of ironing – your tips


How do you feel about ironing? Is it a source of joy or pain? The Which? Conversation community have shared their tips to get the best ironing results and avoid mishaps.


Ian’s DIY disasters


We enjoyed Ian’s self-deprecation about DIY so much that we thought his comment deserved some time in the spotlight. So without further ado, we’ll hand over to Ian.


Your view: finding an NHS dentist

False teeth gripping onto a twenty pound note

Strangely, I used to loved going to our NHS dentist as a child. Maybe it was the free lolly they gave you (not something you can imagine dentists encouraging these days). Still, at least I was able to visit an NHS dentist.


Your view: music in restaurants

Food and record

Music in shops is a pet hate for many Which? Convo readers – judging by the vast majority of the 1,500 comments we’ve had on the subject. But what about music in restaurants?