Do you support our super-complaint on scams?

Bank transfer scams image

Imagine this: You’ve had some building work done on your house and you’re arranging to pay the builder. Then you receive an email from your builder informing you that their bank account details have changed…


Is it worth paying for your bank account?

Bank account package

A recent survey of 8,815 Which? members found that 30% of them pay a fee for their current/packaged bank account, with the majority believing they get a good deal. But is it really worth paying a fee for these accounts?


Bank notes that are built to last

New fiver

The introduction of new £5 plastic bank notes across the UK is just a few months away. They’re supposed to be difficult to damage and tricky to fake. How do you feel about the new notes?


Was your packaged bank account mis-sold?

Pound coins

A packaged bank account can save you time and money, providing you make use of it. But our investigation has found that complaints about the way these products are sold are on the rise.