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Complain for change: don’t put up with dodgy deliveries

Delivery being put in bin

Parcels left on doorsteps in the rain, dumped in recycle bins and even thrown over fences are among the delivery problems that people have told us about. Are you clued up on your delivery rights?

We asked more than 2,000 people about their experiences of online deliveries in the last year. More than 60% experienced problems.

Apart from parcels that were found soggy, smelling of rubbish and lying battered in front of fences, 40% of people just didn’t have their item delivered when specified. This is even more problematic when it comes to Christmas. Nearly one in ten said their gifts failed to arrive in time for the big day. This was despite nine in ten placing their orders on or before the Christmas delivery cut-off date. Our video shares more delivery woes:

Your rights for dodgy deliveries

So who’s responsible for bad delivery practices? The buck stops with the retailer. This may sound a little harsh, after all it’s the delivery courier who delivers the parcel. But when you buy something online, your contract is with the retailer, not the courier.

It’s the retailer who chooses the courier company – you don’t get a choice. Therefore, if the courier messes up, the retailer is the one who needs to sort it out.

And yet our survey found that people’s knowledge of their delivery rights is patchy. Seven in ten knew sellers must replace damaged goods even if they’ve been delivered and signed for. But only four in ten knew that if a parcel is left without your permission with a neighbour and the neighbour doesn’t have it, you can ask the retailer to resend it at no extra cost to you. So it’s definitely worth being clued up on your delivery rights.

Have you had any delivery nightmares? What unusual places have you found your parcel? And what kind of response have you had from a retailer when you’ve encountered a problem?

Rebecca says:
8 August 2015

Was told my package had been disposed of by the courier company as it was damaged, and could not be claimed for. Saying it was glass and electrical which they did not cover. It was a metal/plastic sewing machine! I had arranged, booked and paid for with “Myhermes” courier company to collect and deliver this. It was well packaged and well padded, also within its own hard plastic machine case. It managed to go through the delivery process in tact, finally reaching my local courier/driver. Where it stopped. There is only an online message system to contact with complaints which is probably in India, and all they say is sorry for the inconvenience blah blah. Surely this is illegal practice?

Sounds more like it has been stolen.

Contact local police?

John W says:
9 August 2015

Yodel claimed that a parcel had been delivered.

A week later they did deliver it – and the delivery men drove away before I could speak to them, even though I answered the door in seconds.

Have recently had excellent deliveries from DPD and FedEx

John H says:
18 August 2015

YODEL problems – but it may or may not be a despatch issue somewhere along the line. Ordered three items from catalogue company. these were in three parcels.Parcels one and three were delivered. Parcel two was NOT delivered. This story is made worse because my account indicates parcel two was delivered, AND a signature was obtained, when it absolutely was NOT. The catalogue company are not singing off the same sheet, as only last week one advisor confirmed there was indeed no signature for the item in question. This week a few advisor’s from same company are saying there IS a signature. I have requested they send proof of this but they’ve declined. Don’t worry people, for I will take these guys to the cleaners if I must. The item not delivered was one of two items ordered to see for choice, and the other would be returned. I’ve informed the company I’m returning the one I have for I clearly can’t choose between one, and nothing, plus the fact you have a finite period in which to return unwanted items. The culprit – I don’t know for sure, but what I DO KNOW, is that Yodel did not, and could not, have obtained a signature from me. This is not the first time I’ve had problems with Yodel. A long while ago, an expensive large item was left on our front doorstep in plain view. We have no fencing so it would have been an easy steal. Appropriate complaints were made. On the present issue, I now have a battle with the catalogue company.

John H says:
18 August 2015

Does a catalogue company in the UK have to accept responsibility for an item that has not been delivered, but Yodel say it has? I have no proof other than two boxes out of three were delivered without problem, and signed for? The item not delivered has no signature from this household, yet Yodel state there is, so naturally the catalogue company will believe their carrier!!

The retailer is contracted to get the goods you have bought delivered to your address. They cannot abdicate that responsibility. They must take responsibility if the carrier they have employed turns out to be unreliable. If they are claiming delivery has taken place it is their duty to prove it, not yours to prove it hasn’t.

Brent says:
19 August 2015

APC Overnight….These guys have stolen one of my customers parcel for the second time now. The parcel reached the hub and then went missing so it’s definitely an inside job. The last one was a mobile phone sent to me for my customers grand daughters Christmas present. They only found the phone a month later crushed into bits very suspicious! and she never did get her Christmas present. This time they have lost/ stolen parcel with over £1000 worth of Apple, Samsung and Google products. These items belong to my customers other individual customers, so you can imagine how I feel now with the prospect of losing a big client due to the negligence of APC!!!!!. Their staff have written bad reviews about working there and state how they work like slaves. It’s probably the reason why they steal parcels. Beware I have to fork out £1000 of my own money to keep my customer. APC are having a laugh. At least they think so because I have sent the CEO an board of director a nice letter!.

This is theft so go to the police. If you know where the hub is, find a police station near there as they will be in a better position to investigate.

Yes, please report this to the police. There are far too many of these stories of parcels going missing and the supplier merely consigns a replacement or stonewalls the customer. I think there has been a reluctance to report these cases to the police because people do not have much confidence in their ability to deal with it but it’s about time some of these delivery hubs came under forensic investigation. If the CID went in one day and turned over all their data for the days in question and checked their drivers’ records against customer ínformation and signatures it might send a shock wave through the organisation. At present it is too easy to say that a parcel was delivered to a neighbour and hope the customer will get tired of trying to wrangle with the supplier and the carrier both of which deny any responsibility.

It intrigues me that the parcels that do not get delivered contain high value or electronic items – it’s never a saucepan or a book. Room for deception on both sides in those cases.

Can’t remember which delivery company it was now, but they also ran auctions for undeliverable goods. Can’t see there would too much incentive to trace parcels by that particular company.

peri says:
29 August 2015

hi im having a lot of trouble with simply be atm ive had quite a few deliveries ok but ive had quite a few that have gone bad one parcel was left in my electric box as i wasnt in and i got home to find the electric box damaged and no parcel 3 or 4 of my parcels are saying they have been delivered to my letterbox but they havent one parcel im trying to dispute atm i reported a parcel missing some linen trousers as they did not turn up and then i ordered a costume the linen trousers turned up in the costumes packaging with the details for the costume there was quite a price difference so i sent everything back the linen trousers in the costume packet and wrote on the form missing items and the product was not as described they wrote back to me and told me i had sent the linen trousers back and kept the costume and as the package had been signed for i was been charged for the costume im angry i told them about the form i sent back and there reply was they are destroyed and now they want my signature to proove it was me that signed for the parcel but it was me the parcel just wasnt what it said it was what can i do?

Simply Be certainly seem to be messing up your deliveries at the moment. Putting garments in the wrong packaging [or with the paperwork for a different order] seems to be at the root of the problem, plus the failures of the delivery company. It looks like the costume parcel was lost somewhere in transit.

Your contract is with Simply Be and they have clearly not fulfilled it. I would suggest that you forward your comments as posted here to their customer services e-mail address giving all the order number details, customer reference number, delivery address etc making it clear that –

1. You received the trousers but returned them.
2. The costume was not delivered.

Keep copies of all delivery notes, correspondence etc.

Good luck.

Roshan Thapa says:
2 September 2015

I order a phone worth £350 through Amazon uk, from a third party seller. The estimate delivery date passed but the phone never arrived, so I contacted amazon and the seller as well. Amazon simply sided with the seller stating they have provided the DHL tracking number which states the parcel was delivered and signed by illegible signature.

Now I am £350 short of money. I feel so exposed and robbed. What Amazon replied was,” the seller provided us with DHL tracking that shows a delivery with signature acceptance”.So my A to Z amazon claim was dismissed.

I am so clueless and I don’t know what to do at all. How do I even prove that I haven’t received the parcel at all. I have nothing other the tracking number of DHL, no even the phone serial number, nothing. Guys can anyone please advise me?

Thank you

Yodel left my parcel in the bin which was then emptied before anyone was home, the driver left a card for me to say it’s in the black bin but is telling the company a ‘young lad’ signed for it meaning my signature has also been forged. Yodel customer service is being VERY unhelpful in the matter and I am still waiting to hear from the seller.

Debbie says:
6 September 2015

I recently had a package go missing but apparently it has been signed for but not buy me. The eBay seller won’t take responsibility which is fair enough I can’t claim with eBay for it. Royal Mail are trying to tell me it has been delivered as they have a signature but it’s not mine and my postman says he didn’t deliver to my house that day! I’m stuck without my package or my money and I really think this is unfair as its obviously someone else’s mistake not mine. Seems to me that Royal Mail signed for only works for the seller and not the buyer

Gareth says:
9 September 2015

pacelforce attemted delivery when they blatantly had not, No card was left because they had not been to my home not a human being to speak too and no option for lying delivery drivers the postal service as banks only work because of trust of service that trust has been broken as is the parcelforce customer sevice.

Stumbled across this thread while trying to find where I can complain about Hermes I.e trading Standards .
Where do I begin , sent a collectable item via Hermes to my EBay customer , paid for it to be signed for and insured it .
Delivery was attempted once and then the courier signed for it and said he had handed it over to a little girl standing outside the recipients property .
He then said this little girl had put the package into a Wendy house in the persons garden as they were not in .
Buyer contacted me to see where item was so I let them know , they were surprised as no note left and they did not have a Wendy House and their neighbours on either side had no kids , so who was this little girl .
After lots of annoying calls to the Bradford depot and customer service ect I was still no clearer as to what had happened .
Finally buyer was left a hand written note on a dirty scrap of paper from courier saying he had left it nowhere near where she lived with someone else and that he was sorry , his handwriting matched signature .
I called back and asked for an investigation to be carried out on him and they said that this was not the first time this had happened with him as he was a covering courier , he was asked to retrieve item but conviently could not remember where he left it , when my buyer went to the adress he had written on note the people pat adress had never been left anything and they did not seem like the sort of people to lie .
I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I am and how disappointed my buyer is , I filed for compensation but they are offering me £20 + postage even though it appears their courier has taken the item and they have not followed their own procedures , I’m appealing this and have been advised to contact Carol Woodhead CEO of Hermes , which I have done .
Not holding my breath as I’ve read online that she rarely responds , which brings me to really take this further and report them but I’m having trouble finding anyone to deal with the matter .
Contacted Leeds council as that’s where the buisness is based , if anyone has been successful in reporting them please let me know as they shouldn’t be aloud to keep doing this .

kelly says:
8 October 2015

Absolutely furious…
Ordered my new phone about 3 weeks ago, only been deliverd this Wednesday, unfortunatly missed the delivery so postman handed it to next door neighbor leaving a ‘Sorry you were out card’. So go to pick it up from my neighbor this morning and she ‘claims’ she gave my parcel to some random blonde woman who said she come to collect it the same morning……WTF?!??! Did she show you any ID? No sorry I just woke up and just gave it to her and i didnt even know who it was for….. WHO DOES THAT??! Either which way you look at it, ITS BS! ‪#‎LIVID‬
They’ve have had the delivery guy go over an question her as she signed for it and the investigation team are on it.
But it really is the principle and the fact i may have to wait a further 3 weeks for another phone because of some careless woman / thieif.

amazon buyer says:
14 October 2015

hi i`ve ordered somethin g from amazon, i should get my parcel next day. on tracking id teher was the parcel was delivered to my address and signed some name i dont know that name. the problem is me and my housemates were at work at this time. ive made a claim and woman from customer service told me to wait 24 hours probably driver scanned parcel like deivery i wait to next day and nothing change, i`ve contact customer service once again and another woman asked me to make replacement or send my mooney back to my account. i chose replacement. next day i get replacement the guy who gave me a parcel just gave me and he go out i did not sign anything. on tracking parcel on amazon website was parcel delivered to resident and signed my name without one letter. strenght, on my orders on amazon theres return label to print and they want to send back my item what has not come . what can i do in this siutation ask them why i have item return? will i pay double or what

I bought computer parts on eBay from an US seller. It is sent with USPS signed for but handed over first to wnDirect then Hermes and then 13ten. The tracking information says it was delivered but it wasn’t. 13ten says Hermes miss scanned the package thats why it says it was delivered but the truth is they couldn’t find the address so they sent back the package to the seller but they can not track it anymore. 3 weeks passed and yet the seller hasn’t received the package and still the tracking information says it was delivered to me so I can not get a refund either via eBay. I am shocked how the couriers are not regulated and they can rob anyone anywhere as they wish.

Exact same thing has happened to me twice. Both times the Hermes driver has apparently received a signature yet the package hasn’t arrived. Completely useless they are. In future I will only buy from retailers who DON’T use Hermes. I don’t even know where our parcels are – I think the hermes driver is probably keeping them!

Hi, has anyone ever used the UK luggage shipping company Send My Bag? I booked a delivery with them and took out insurance which they offer and I quite “for piece of mind”. My suitcase got delivered with the wheel completely gone (I now have to chuck the suitcase) and items missing. They claim that because I did not put my suitcase in a protective case (???!!!) they cannot let me claim the insurance I additionally paid for! They also commented that after speaking with their delivery partners, i.e. DHL, they can confirm that nobody tampered with my suitcase. My suitcase was of very good quality and you can tell that someone purposely tampered with it. Speaking with Citizen Advice Bureau regarding next steps. I have also decided to report them. They are so dodgy

I don’t know how the delivery company can be certain that nobody tampered with your suitcase. Projecting castors on suitcases seem especially prone to damage – I have seen examples at airports where people have to struggle onward with a heavy case that has lost a wheel in the baggage transfer.

The Hermes courier refuses to deliver to my house, the reason being that I don’t have a tarred drive ! she doesn’t inform me that she had a parcel in my name she simply returns it back to the sender

My Hermes delivery driver signs for our parcels then we never receive them! Absolute jerks they are. Christ knows where my parcels have ended up, but it means every time I have to try to get my money back off retailers who are saying “well you signed for it!” when I haven’t! Hermes are useless.

Suzanna commander says:
27 November 2015

I had an Amazon package delivered, I was in all day so they must not have knocked very loud, got my mail today and found a slip saying they had left it in the grey bin. This is they main bin so it’s full of disgusting rubbish. There’s two other bins empty next to it. They bin men had already been that morning so I lost the package. I never asked them to leave it in the bin. I would rather have collected it from the depot. So that’s a expensive gift for a family member in the rubbish pile. I wish they would stop doing this as I didn’t ask them too. The bin is also a russbish bin for a reason and not somewhere I want my expensive items left. I will be contacting them shortly but I think I’ll be on for a battle.

I’ve had a Hermes delivery driver signing for my parcels – AND KEEPING THEM! About £100 worth of stuff so far. We’ve rang the courier and the retailers, but it means every time we have to prove that we actually haven’t had the parcels despite a signature having been provided.
Absolute scumbags some people are. Don’t use Hermes.

Olly says:
1 December 2015

A Yodel driver decided to give my delivery to another flat with the same door number as mine down the road. However when the parcel was delivered he texted me his mobile number. So I phoned him up and told him he had delivered it to completely the wrong address as the postcodes are different. He put the phone down on me. So I rang up the retailer, Amazon. Within an hour he retrieved the parcel from where he delivered it and gave it to me. He said he didn’t understand why the other place had just accepted it when it had the wrong name and address on it.

Now I’m waiting from a parcel from Amazon Logistics which I think has been stolen. I have been waiting in all day and the parcel hasn’t been delivered though one of my neighbours already has had an Amazon delivery today. This is not the first time an expensive parcel I have ordered from Amazon has completely gone missing when sent by courier. Last time they had to re-send the parcel by Royal Mail Special delivery, but this time it’s too heavy. Within the next half an hour I will be connecting Amazon to tell them to send out the order when they have it back in stock. It is someone’s Christmas present but they can wait until the New Year to get it.

Jools says:
9 December 2015

The worst parcel company surely has to be IPostParcels.Com. Their delivery driver threw my Amazon parcel over a 6 ft high gate. Where it landed on wet concrete, split open and dented my goods. I was actually at home that day for the delivery. He didn’t even wait for me to get down the stairs to answer the door. I heard a big thump from something being thrown in my back garden. Went outside and found my business stationery lying on the wet path. Every one of my hard-backed envelopes was crushed. The card he shoved through my letterbox was ticked “Delivered safely to porch”. But it was left out in the rain. If I hadn’t been home there would have been a soggy mess. If this had been a computer I hate to think what state it would be in. There’s no contact number on the card they leave. So I messaged their website to complain. No response to my complaint after over a week. Then I messaged them on facebook. All I’ve had is a standard copied and pasted reply which fails to admit any liability on their part. They left me with no business envelopes on Black Friday weekend and I have an online business. What have they done about it, sweet F.A. If any company needs investigating it’s these. If you think this is bad, take a look at their facebook page and you’ll see all the complaints they get every day.

I bought tv from curry’s delivery date was 03/12/15 as no one ato home delivery man call on my phone as notice that no one at property but he say hes taking Back to depot when I tried to contact them for next day delivery they say it has delivered and got my signed which I have conversation as wel as evidence shame on those thief do not trust delivery company.