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Complain for change: don’t put up with dodgy deliveries

Delivery being put in bin

Parcels left on doorsteps in the rain, dumped in recycle bins and even thrown over fences are among the delivery problems that people have told us about. Are you clued up on your delivery rights?

We asked more than 2,000 people about their experiences of online deliveries in the last year. More than 60% experienced problems.

Apart from parcels that were found soggy, smelling of rubbish and lying battered in front of fences, 40% of people just didn’t have their item delivered when specified. This is even more problematic when it comes to Christmas. Nearly one in ten said their gifts failed to arrive in time for the big day. This was despite nine in ten placing their orders on or before the Christmas delivery cut-off date. Our video shares more delivery woes:

Your rights for dodgy deliveries

So who’s responsible for bad delivery practices? The buck stops with the retailer. This may sound a little harsh, after all it’s the delivery courier who delivers the parcel. But when you buy something online, your contract is with the retailer, not the courier.

It’s the retailer who chooses the courier company – you don’t get a choice. Therefore, if the courier messes up, the retailer is the one who needs to sort it out.

And yet our survey found that people’s knowledge of their delivery rights is patchy. Seven in ten knew sellers must replace damaged goods even if they’ve been delivered and signed for. But only four in ten knew that if a parcel is left without your permission with a neighbour and the neighbour doesn’t have it, you can ask the retailer to resend it at no extra cost to you. So it’s definitely worth being clued up on your delivery rights.

Have you had any delivery nightmares? What unusual places have you found your parcel? And what kind of response have you had from a retailer when you’ve encountered a problem?

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I ordered iPhone had email saying it had been delivered and signed for wrong signature I’m in the process of trying to sort it out but because they have a signature it’s proving so hard have rang police that was a waste of time it’s my grandsons present

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I ordered and iPhone 6s from carphone warehouse, on an upgrade with Vodafone, paid £90.00 towards the phone, to be delivered the next day by DPD. Had an hour delivery slot, that came and went, so I went online to their online parcel tracking tool, and it said it had been delivered at 2.. And signed for by N, the DPD driver was called Lee,by the way. I phoned DPD straight away, they rang Lee and he said he had realised his mistake, and would pick up the parcel and redeliver within the hour. Nothing. Rang again, I was told it would be with me by 6.00, still nothing. Emailed DPD,at 7.45 got a reply, saying it had definitely been picked up and would be delivered that evening or the next day. I rang DPD at 9.30 in the morning, and they said it had gone back to the depot, to be put back on the system and would be with me by lunchtime. Nothing, rang again, and was told that as of yesterday the driver Lee no longer worked for DPD (make of that what you will) so I still haven’t got my phone, I’m paying for the contract already, I can’t cancel my contract because I have no phone to be sent back. Carphone warehouse don’t want to know, Vodafone don’t want to know. I just don’t know what else to do.

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Hey Amanda

This is poor form from all involved. Under the Consumer Rights Act the retailer is responsible for the safe delivery of your purchase – which in this case is Carphone Warehouse.

There is also a default delivery period of 30 days during which the retailer needs to deliver unless a longer period has been agreed – after which time you’re entitled to end your contract with them for a full refund.

You should point out to Carphone Warehouse their legal responsibility.

There’s is a wealth of information and several template letters you can use on the Which? Consumer Rights website http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/know-your-delivery-rights-

Sid says:
24 March 2016

I’ve had the same issue with virgin

Paying for a Samsung s6 for 2 years with no phone at all

teresa says:
9 April 2017

Why is the retailer responsible when the delivery company is at fault? No wonder they don’t care. I suppose this extends to any sender, retailer or not; you have no rights?

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Your contract is with the retailer and, unless you arrange the delivery quite separately, they are responsible for ensuring you receive the goods you have purchased. It is their job to ensure you receive the original item or a replacement, and their job to deal with the delivery company they chose to deliver the goods.

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Teresa , its because the delivery company has a legal contract with the supplier not the customer . This was brought home to me with a dispute with “over the back gate ” Hermes who not only left damaged goods but also delivered them to a neighbour far down the road who took their time contacting me. I have all the paperwork to prove it. If you are dealing direct with a delivery company-ie-paying them to deliver your goods, then they are contracted to deal with you otherwise its the paying contractor they deal with , this is stated in English Contract Law.

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purchased a laptop battery through ebay it never arrived, seller says they have a signature, not mine, not even a calling card, ebay rejected my appeal, am so angry

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I’ve ordered a watch from Amazon but never received it. I contacted Amazon to complain and investigate. Amazon told me the UPS delivery claiming that they delivered my watch and it’s been signed. The fact is i haven’t been home and never sign for it . Also nobody else has signed it on behalf of me. The signature that UPS has aas a proof of delivery is not belong to me . I told them so many times this is not my signature, but they refused to return my money
I’m so angry I lost my money and never received my watch . Amazon treated me so poorly and closed my case and they don’t want to help me at all
Please help me what to do ?

Jackie jones says:
5 January 2017

I have had a delivery which I didnt receive for a swegway from.ups and they are useless I have rang numerous times and they keep saying they will ring back in an hour but no calls and I can’t make a complaint online without opening an account and I don’t want an account

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It’s about time the system introduced a couriers responsibility to the end user. Large companies such as Amazon dont give a toss about complaints against their couriers as it doesnt affect their business, how many of us can or do stop dealing with a company because of delivery issues?

Copied below is transcript of my on-line chat with Yodel, it becomes quite obvious very quickly where they consider the recipients come in the order of importance.

info: Welcome to the Yodel live chat Service. An advisor will be with you shortly.
info: You are now connected with Alexandra
Alexandra: Welcome to Yodel Online. How can I help you today?
Steve Moxon: Hi, we were expecting a parcel which should have been delivered yesterday and it didnt arrive, we expected it would be priorotised for delivery today but it hasnt been delivered again despite showing as being out for delivery both days
Alexandra: I’m sorry to hear that. Let me check this out for you. I won’t be a moment.
Steve Moxon: the ref number is JJD*****
Alexandra: Thank you.
Alexandra: Please could you confirm the full name and address that should be on your parcel?
Steve Moxon: 19 t****** c****, w**** East Yorkshire
Steve Moxon: your tracking service says it is out for delivery but has said that for the last two days. I need someone to contact the Selby hub to find out where the driver and parcel are.
Alexandra: This is out for delivery today, up until 7pm 🙂
Steve Moxon: That is what we were told yesterday, but it didnt arrive. We have had to wait in for two days for the parcel as the sender will not allow you to leave parcels with a neighbour. I need confirmation that the driver is still delivering in the area or not.
Alexandra: e cannot scan drivers i am afraid,
Alexandra: I can only advise to come back to us after 7pm, should this not be received.
Steve Moxon: No but they have mobile phones and the hub can contact them to find out where they are which would mean that we would know whether we have to stay in for the parcel to arrive tomday or cancel appointments for tommorrow in the hope that you manage to turn up then. I would have thought that basic customer consideration would mean that you would to be able to advise precisely what is happening and when we can expect the delivery.
Steve Moxon: when you have already let the customer down so badly
Steve Moxon: And what exactly will you do then?
Alexandra: I am afriad we cannot track drivers, I understand that ths is very frustrating.
Alexandra: I am afraid I can only advise to await todays delivery, at this time.
Steve Moxon: It is more than frustrating, this is losing me money and business, why is it that DPD can give and meet an hour delivery slot and yet Yodel cannot manage to next day deliver the parcels within two working days!!! I am appalled that you cannot generate sufficient customer consideration to a) priorotse already failed deliveries and b) not be sufficient concerned about the customer to contact the Selby hub to ask whether the driver is still delivering in this area.
Alexandra: Unfortunately this is an all day, non timed service, you would need to discuss amore time specific service with your supplier I am afraid.
Steve Moxon: Yes but you seem to forget that the delivery time was all day, non timed YESTERDAY not today or tomorrow. It is annoying that your answer to the solution is for me to give up my time just waiting to see if the driver turns up because you cannot be bothered to contact the depot to ascertain whether the driver is still delivering in the area or whether we will be let down for another day. At what point does customer consideration kick in?
info: A copy of this chat transcript will be sent to secure@lpl.co.uk at the end of this chat.
Alexandra: Please come back to us after 7pm today
Alexandra: I physically cannot advise any further details as this is out for delivery until 7pm.
Steve Moxon: will someone still be available on online chat after 7pm?
Alexandra: Yes, until 10pm.
Steve Moxon: I have no doubt I will be back in touch then.
Alexandra: Okay Steve.
Alexandra: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Steve Moxon: I have just contacted your complaints number and the service tells me that you have attempted to deliver the parcel but unable to gain access, this is a complete fabrication and we have 8 cctv cameras which will prove your driver has not been on these premises in the last 48 hours
Steve Moxon: the tracking status gives the same information. so where do we go from here?
Alexandra: I will transfer you to my colleague now.
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to Tiffany.
info: You are now connected with Tiffany
Tiffany: Good evening Steve my name is Tiffany I am the supervisor online at the moment. I am terribly sorry to hear about what has happened with your item – is there any additional information I can send to the depot for you?
Steve Moxon: I have no additional information I just want my parcel, I have had to cancel appointments as a result of this and let my customers down which I am not happy about. I will now have to cancel appointments tomorrow as well. I can prove that any reported attempt to deliver this parcel is pure fabrication. I think the least Yodel can do now is to a) find out why my parcel has not been delivered twice now b) why they have lied about trying to deliver it and c) arrange for a guaranteed pre 10 delivery of the parcel tomorrow morning.
Tiffany: I appreciate that Steve unfortunately I can only inform you there have been access issues today. Unfortunately I am unable to arrange pre 10am delivery
Steve Moxon: So what excactly can you do? it obvious no-one gives a monkeys at your end about my inconvenience and losses, why when as a company you have failed twice to deliver this next day delivery item and lied about attempting to deliver it can you not arrange for it to be delivered tomorrow morning. The alternative is that you expect me to wait in for another full working day in the vain hope that your driver has sufficient time to deliver our items. Which given that he hasnt had the time on for the last two days doesnt seem likely does it.
Steve Moxon: I have told you what I would like, your are the ones letting me down, you tell me what you intend to do to make this situation right.
Tiffany: I am very sorry to hear about what has happened Steve, I can pass over additional information to ensure delivery can be made, unfortunately I cannot arrange a timed delivery
Steve Moxon: Can you guarantee I will receive this parcel tomorrow? If it does not arrive tomorrow there will be no-one available on Friday.
Tiffany: I am not able to make guarantees I am afraid Steve
Steve Moxon: I am absolutely astounded that having failed to deliver the parcel for two days and lied about trying to deliver it that you find your saying you still cannot guarantee to do the job you have taken payment for and already failed at miserably acceptible. Its no wonder you have changed your complaints telephone number to an automated response system. Can you please provide me with a customer services complaints telephone number to progress this at an appropriate level.
Tiffany: I am very sorry to hear about any inconvenience caused by this delay. I am unable to provide you with a direct number I can provide you with an email for our complaints tea
Tiffany: team*
Steve Moxon: yes please, are they likely to be more proactive than yourselves?
Tiffany: The are able to look into the issues you have encountered
Tiffany: Should you wish to submit a formal complaint you can do this using the following email which is linked to our complaints team, they will be able to investigate and advise you further
Tiffany: Talktous@sm.myyodel.co.uk
Steve Moxon: Thanks for that, I would like to say you have been helpful but we both know that hasnt been the case even if you meant to be. Can you at least confirm that you will contact the Selby hub and advise them of the situation in the hope that they in turn will have the common decency to ensure that the parcel delivery is not left for a third day.
Tiffany: I will request the depot speak to the driver upon delivery tomorrwo
Steve Moxon: Thank you although I doubt it will have any effect on Yodels performance I will forward my complaint to the email address provided and advise the retailer of the failures, perhaps they will have more influence on your service than I have.
info: A copy of this chat transcript will be sent to secure@lpl.co.uk at the end of this chat.
Tiffany: We do appreciate the time you have taken to speak to us today Steve
Steve Moxon: Well lets face it I have plenty of that at the moment as I cannot do much in the way of work as I apparently have to wait in at least three days to receive a single next day delivery item.
Tiffany: I am very sorry to hear about any inconvenience this has caused you

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Well my eyes were enlightened on a couple of days ago . I was waiting for a delivery of a second pair of reading glasses (for my wife ) from a mail order company . One had been delivered before Christmas but the second was not ,on phoning I was told it was -quote- “out of stock ” ,they did have a 21 day delivery service but after waiting an additional 2 weeks and still no delivery I was told quote – -“its in transit ” another week passed and I was going to phone them when a knock on the door was heard . On opening it there was my wife,s glasses ,signed for it and talked to the courier as I looked at the label and it said– DELIVERED to DEPOT on the 18 th December, therefore I was lied to TWICE ! . I said that to the delivery man that obviously ,because I live in a small fishing village they LEAVE the parcel there till there is a build up in a particular area for financial reasons , he didnt disagree but said -quote -you are lucky I have just delivered a parcel to a customer that was ordered in OCTOBER for a Christmas delivery . The company -Hermes -which is owned by a French woman who got a bad reputation for delivery people throwing parcels over garden fences. knocking doors with feathers and running away . I do NOT blame the delivery people because Hermes -sub-contract – to single own contract guys to deliver in their private cars so saving money and costing the mail order companies little money to pay for the service ,by the way the guys delivering it can only wait for 2 minutes as that is all they are allowed ,and people wonder why I complain about BB ??

nigel says:
9 February 2016

I ordered a revolving shelf from B&Q online on the 19th Jan and as no option to collect at any store I had to select their 7 day home delivery. The order confirmation gave 28th 9 days later.

Delivery attempt 1 – failed as their van was too big to cross the 7.5T bridge nearby and they did not try the alternative route. New delivery slot of Tues 2 Feb given.

Delivery attempt 2 – failed as they delivered to their own supplier by mistake instead of to me. I was “guaranteed” by their “Returns Exceptions & Order Management” team that it would be delivered on Sat 6th Feb. I asked could it be delivered to my local store for me to pick-up and they said they would not as delivering to the customer is more straight forward.

Delivery attempt 3 – failed as they forgot to put it on the delivery van. Now I spoke to “Customer Management Team” and asked if they could UPS it to me next day as a good-will gesture. They said they would not and who emailed 3 dates to choose, I replied as soon as I saw the email and choose the earliest (Tues 9 Feb) expressing time is of the essence.

Delivery attempt 4 – cancelled by B&Q on Monday at 14:00 (day before the supposed delivery) by email stating they could now deliver on Thurs 11 Feb and blamed me for not replying to their email quicker. I asked why they had not phoned if they needed an instant reply. B&Q said perhaps they should have done.

I cannot afford or allowed another day off work to be at home for any more deliveries and was angry that they have now changed their policy and state that a signature is no longer required at the point of drop-off. They would have saved me time and expense had they done this earlier.

Delivery attempt 5 – what this space!!!!!

Are there any other options (without cancelling order) other that writing to head office to make a complaint and ask for compensation?

Profile photo of Maria786

Ordered an iPhone 6s from a seller on Amazon, bearing in mind it took a week to reach me and it came from China. It was delivered via parcel force which has a known history of missing and/or stolen parcels.
Daughter signed for it and brought it straight in and handed it over to me, I noticed the first seal came away very easily and the iPhone box hadn’t a seal on it. Contacted the seller straight away and provided every detail of information with pictures.
He’s awaiting a confirmation from the courier, they’re investigating at the moment.
I know my rights and if an item is materially different I can be compensated.
The iPhone wasn’t in the box?

I’ve also contacted Amazon who have rejected the a-z claim because there was a signature. However that’s not the issue, the issue is the iPhone wasn’t in the box. The parcel had been tampered with.
I’m afraid the seller might turn around and not refund me, what can I do?


Profile photo of colinsmith123

I bought a phone on ebay which cost £55 including tracked/signed for postage. The Royal Mail tracking system reports the item as having been delivered and there is a picture of a signature. However, the package did not arrive. I wasn’t in at the time it says it was delivered and while the signature is my name, it is not my signature. Royal mail would not take a complaint from me saying the sender should complain. The sender complained and six weeks later Royal Mail responded to them saying there was a signature and therefore that was proof the package had been delivered. There was no case to be answered. This seems to me to be totally unfair and unjust. I have reported the issue to the police as fraud but they say there is so much of it happening they are unlikely to be able to respond. Where to next?

Lee Skeldon says:
10 April 2016

I’m going through this courier crisis myself. Ordered a PS3 via eBay in March 2016. Delivery via Parcel2Go with Yodel. Waited in for parcel and no show. Checked the tracking, and showed ‘Delivered’. Chased seller, and he said P2G had delivered the parcel. (No card had been left at my property either?)

But Yodel or P2G wouldn’t say (or didn’t know) what property they had delivered to? So put in a claim to eBay for a lost missing parcel. Also chased the seller, who chased P2G about the delivery.

Seems like P2G sent him round in circles, and he said ‘I’ve done all i can’. Also chased eBay too, and they said since the tracking showed as delivered there was nothing they could do either.

Looks like to me, the parcel was left outside & has been stolen? Seems strange that the parcel box showed up in a wheelie bin later that week. So i chased up said neighbour about the box, and they knew nothing about it.

Not sure what to do now, since eBay and the seller are not wanting to give me a refund.

Can anyone chime in, and give us some clues on what to do next?

Many Thanks

Profile photo of Beryl

I would have made the point that since wheelie bins are incapable of signing for the safe receipt of anybody’s parcels, I would have insisted that whoever was responsible for putting it in there without a signature is liable.

Whenever I am requested to take in a neighbours parcel from a courier I always make the point that my signature of acceptance absolves me from any adverse follow up through damage or otherwise.

I would be very interested to learn if anyone has experienced a problem sending parcels to traffic congestion zones in the centre of London which involves a £12 Monday to Friday entry charge? Would this be charged to the sender of the parcel. the receiver, or the delivery company?

Wobbs Jane says:
21 May 2016

I have been waiting in all day for a delivery but when it didn’t turn up I rang up to see where it is. The delivery driver said he delived it and I sighned for it which I didn’t. Want do u do now to proof the driver is Lying.

Profile photo of John Ward

Get on to the supplier – the delivery company is contracted to them and the supplier is responsible for fulfilling your order.

Sandra says:
1 June 2016

Hermes are complete rubbish…I have been waiting for a parcel for almost a week & even though someone has been in for the last 48 hours the only tracking information has said ” Manifested to Courier, Awaiting Courier Receipt”, then “Courier to reattempt”. Theres been no attempt to deliver at all and worst is not being able to contact anyone as Hermes just ignore the email I sent & live chat conveniently isn’t working…

Profile photo of John Ward

Sandra, you need to speak to the company you ordered from – they are responsible for getting your parcel to you and fulfilling your order. Don’t let them fob you off. If they have placed their goods in the hands of an unreliable delivery company that is for them to sort out. If possible get them to reconsign your order with a different carrier. If necessary, quote the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Leaner says:
14 July 2016

I had a DPD delivery for a neighbour as me to sign before handing me the parcel which I noticed had been opened by then I refused to except it. But now sayin to the neighbours I’ve signed for it so I have the parcel but don’t want do I do…


Just had a call from a complete stranger to say he has picked part of an order due to be delivered today up from the middle of the road containing my name address and phone number and goodness knows what else who is responsible for this I’m not happy my details are all over a public highway for anyone to pick up

Profile photo of John Ward

The company you ordered from is responsible for getting your order delivered to you. Tell them what has happened and they should then take it up with the carrier they contracted to execute delivery. In the meantime they should re-dispatch your consignment. If the stranger cannot deliver the parcel to you he or she should request the supplier to arrange for its collection.

morgana le fae says:
21 September 2016

My hubby managed to crack his phones screen the other day, so he called ee an after a hr in total and has a new phone coming today. I told him to make sure they put a note saying it is ok for me to sign it as early in the year we had same issue with the phone an the driver refused to deliver it to me an would only deliver it to my husband but delivery guy was ok with wanting to take the broken phone,which I refused to give him so he left a card so my hubby could pick it up. That phone turned out not to work an a replacement quickly sent out with a note to allow me to take the delivery an i was able to.My husband was then told its at the delivery guys discretion if he allowed for me to sign for it or not an if the delivery failed we would be charged for a failed delivery. My question is can they legally do that? Can they legally charge someone failed delivery if the person has requested that their partner be able to sign for the delivery and be told its at the discretion of the driver even tho you point blank told them u need the phone asap an the only one in would be your partner?

Glen Scott says:
8 October 2016

Another worrying and ongoing tale of woe here!

I placed an online order with Bulletproof, (an American based Company with a UK base, selling coffee products), on Wednesday 21/09/16. That afternoon I jumped in my car and travelled 300+ miles down the Country to spend a few days with family and friends, returning on the night of Sunday 25/09/16. I had no missed delivery info and I assumed it wouldn’t arrive until the Monday or Tuesday anyway…

When it got to the weekend after (01/10/16) and there was still no sign of my parcel I went online to track down its whereabouts. It was My Hermes who was their courier in this instance, (they use 3 for European deliveries), so when I inputted my tracking reference to Hermes World it showed delivered to customer on 24/09/16.

I contacted Bulletproof and although it’s taken a week of back and forth emails they have been very helpful, liaising between myself and My Hermes. I asked if she (the Bulletproof employee) could get proof of delivery address and signature from My Hermes and she received confirmation from them that it was delivered to my address and signed for by me! She then forwarded on an email from My Hermes showing my signature as proof of delivery…. Now I was over 300 miles away from my home at the time, so it’s obviously impossible for me to have signed it. All I can assume is someone’s forged my signature or they have used a digital copy of my signature from a previous delivery that has been made to, and signed for, by me. Either way there’s fraudulent activity going on here! Bulletproof are sending out a replacement item and I’m busy filing a complaint to My Hermes.

My question is, would this be classed as a criminal offence, (fraud), for someone else to use my signature in this scenario, whether it be the courier delivering forging my signature or for someone else, (My Hermes employee), displaying a digital copy of my signature to falsely claim it had been delivered to me? I’m willing to take this further as its worrying knowing my signature can be used like this and I don’t want to see this problem becoming more common.

Kaur says:
18 October 2016

I had same problem with ebay brought 68.00 worth of good and never been delivery and say it’s been delivery to my front door . Ebay and pay pal don’t want to now so there closed my case. Now my credit card got the money back for me better to pay with credit card. Least there can fight for you.

Eloise Moore says:
31 October 2016

My 14 year old took a parcel in for neighbour. Courier came back with a tumble drier, told him to open the garage, moved our stuff and left tumble drier. Retailer won’t speak to me as I am not their customer but courier damaged stuff in garage and intimidated my son into opening garage. Is there a legal age limit that someone San sign to take parcel in?

Profile photo of John Ward

A minor [under eighteen years of age] has no legal capacity. Your son is not in a position to give consent to accepting another person’s goods onto your property so the carrier’s operative was out of order to pressurise him to accept the delivery. He certainly should not have pressed your son to open the garage and disturb your possessions. It is extremely unreasonable, as well as very inconvenient, to put pressure on people to accept a delivery of something so big, bulky and valuable as a tumble dryer, and to take advantage of a juvenile is disgraceful. But how you get out of this predicament is tricky and it might depend on how well you get on with your neighbours and how cooperative with you they are prepared to be.

If I were your neighbour I would already be seeking to cancel the payment if possible [it depends how it was made] and, if the purchase was made using a credit card, requesting the credit card company to refund the payment under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act on the grounds of breach of contract through non-fulfilment. It would be worth trying to find out from your neighbour what advance notice they had of the delivery arrangements and whether they should have been at home on the delivery day to receive the machine. It was your neighbour’s absence that started this chain of events but they might not have known the scheduled delivery date. You might like to find out as well whether your neighbours have nominated your address as an alternative delivery point if they are absent. If so they will have some responsibility for what has happened [unless you made a reciprocal arrangement with them, of course, in which case it would be better not to raise this with them; even if they did have such an arrangement with you, it is not reasonable to expect a neighbour to take in a tumble dryer as though it were a parcel without getting your express consent].

The retailer remains responsible for ensuring that your neighbours get their tumble dryer so your neighbour should demand delivery. The retailer will probably say “Well, it’s been delivered to a neighbour’s house for you to collect.” Hopefully your neighbour will respond by saying “There’s no way I can transport a tumble dryer from my neighbour’s house and lift it into my house, so what are you going to do?” Eloise – you are under no obligation to assist with the delivery of the machine to your neighbour and all contact should be between your neighbour and the retailer, and only the retailer should deal with the carrier. If, at the request of your neighbour, the retailer arranges for the carrier to come back and remove the tumble dryer, they [the retailer] will need to ask your neighbour to get your agreement to a convenient date, but this is where you are entitled to say to your neighbour “I am not allowing the carrier to enter my property again because of the disturbance and damage that was caused last time; until this is put right, or I am compensated for the damage, I am not in a position to assist“. Your neighbour should then relay that to the retailer and keep the pressure on them. They have to take responsibility for the actions of their contractor and are probably insured [or have other means of redress] for such eventualities.

You have no right to retain the goods as leverage for your claim against either the retailer or their contractor [the carrier]. On the other hand, so long as you act reasonably, you do not have to do anything that would be inconvenient to you or which could lead to further problems for you or the contents of your garage.

Basically, you want your garage cleared of your neighbour’s tumble dryer and some redress for the damage and disturbance to its contents.
Your neighbour wants their tumble dryer.
The retailer wants to fulfil their contract to deliver the tumble dryer to your neighbour, and the retailer needs to sort out their delivery contractor but that is a matter between the two of them and should not involve either you or your neighbour.

Please persist on that last point because companies routinely try to fob off their customers by saying that if there is any problem they should take it up with the carrier. There is the basis for a resolution here if the retailer acts decently. Your neighbour has to be the driving force in getting the retailer to resolve this to your and your neighbour’s satisfaction. Your son is above any reproach in this incident and I would hope that your neighbour does not criticise his actions because he was put under undue pressure and was acting with the best of intentions in what he thought were their best interests; he could not possibly have foreseen that the carrier’s operative would damage things in your garage.

Do please come back to this Conversation and let us know how things turn out.


Hermes have lost box for my grandsons birthday. Won’t help because I booked with interparcel. Interparcel won’t help because they are “the broker” and I didn’t take insurance. within 10 days of sending told it was lost, postage refunded. THE END. Customer service at its best and we haven’t got to Christmas yet.

peter says:
4 November 2016

I need 3 parcels of about 11kg and medium size collected from my home in the East of England and delivered to the West of England. The contents aren’t valuable but of sentimental value so I will need a signature on delivery.

Could anyone recommend – or not recommend as the case may be – a firm for me please? This will be very very much appreciated!

Thank you.

Profile photo of John Ward

I have always found ParcelForce very good for this kind of service. I have used them several times for just the sort of things you describe. If you visit the ParcelForce website you can see all the details of how to do it and you can book a day for collection. You will need an exact weight for each parcel and also the dimensions. if you have a printer you will be able to print off a label with the bar-code or you can fill one in when the driver calls. You can certainly have a ‘signed for’ service. As with any carrier, the goods do need to be well wrapped and protected as they get tumbled around in the sorting systems at the various hubs they will go through on their journey.

Gabriel says:
4 November 2016

I have posted a parcel from UK to Malta with parcel monkey. They provided me with a tracking link which was parcelforce. After 2 weeks of waiting I noticed on the tracking that the parcel has been returned to UK from Germany for some reason. I call the number displayed on the tracking info and the lady on the other said the parcel is in their National hub awaiting to be returned to the sender so I should leave this with her. One Week later the tracking said the same thing and the parcel was in the same place as the other lady I spoke to this time, said the parcel is in the national hub still and I shall give her a phone number to call me back as she is trying to sort this for me. Another week went by and I call again the phone number advised on the tracking info and I get the exact same answer like last week (location, phone number for contact, leave it with me). So i decided to email parcelforce and they reply saying that I booked trough parcel monkey and I should speak to them. Apparently in all this time they (parcelmonkey)have had my parcel held it for 21 days and disposed of it. Allegedly there was a notification sent on my email which I never saw.

£400 worth of goods £50 delivery fee all down the drain.

Nobody want to refund me, I cant claim on the insurance I had as they say.

Is there anything I can do? Would a lawyer be able to help me with this issue as this company just refuses to pay for the damages.

Kind regards,

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Have you spoken to Parcel Monkey, Gabriel? They seem to be at the root of the problem and it was that company with whom you had a contract. They should at least be able to trace the destination of their alleged e-mail to you [perhaps they used the wrong address].

I don’t understand why you were dependent on ParcelForce’s tracking system and why Parcel Monkey were not keeping you informed. Perhaps they don’t do tracking and depend on that of their sub-contractor [ParcelForce in this case]. All the time you were talking to ParcelForce about your consignment Parcel Monkey were losing it.

At this stage, without more information, I would not recommend taking legal action but it might be worth seeking a free legal opinion from the CAB or a community law service as to whether or not formal legal action would be worth while given that you could be adding to your existing losses.

You sent a high value consignment to a foreign destination but, from what I can see, Parcel Monkey trades primarily on its cheapness so there must be a risk element in its pricing.

Gabriel says:
5 November 2016

I have spoken to parcel monkey and all I get from them is generic I am sorry and we apologize etc messages because there was a message that they have sent me on their website to which I did not reply in time. But all this time I was talking to parcelforce about this issue as they kept saying the parcel is in their national hub awaiting to be returned to sender and the operators kept asking to leave this with them as they will sort it for me. By the time they told me to speak to parcel monkey it was to late. I dont know who to ask to pay for the damages. Though there should be recordings of the phone calls I made to parcelforce.

I will ring CAB for advice on the matter as this is unacceptable and I simply refuse to be robed like this by these thieves.


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Thanks Gabriel. It is not clear whether you have actually spoken to someone at Parcel Monkey or just exchanged e-mails. Also, did you actually receive the e-mail that Parcel Monkey say they sent you? Parcel Monkey are responsible for the service provided by their sub-contractor ParcelForce, including for them giving you unreliable information that led you into not contacting Parcel Monkey since you were led to believe by ParcelForce that they had your consignment under their control.

You will have to tackle Parcel Monkey at a senior level because their sub-contractor let you down and any compensation must come from Parcel Monkey, but that will depend on the terms and conditions of the contract between you and them. Parcel Monkey would have to settle with ParcelForce but that is not your concern.

It seems wrong that Parcel Monkey apparently made only one attempt to contact you about the return of the parcel to the UK, or to give you a reason for that, and apparently did not make any attempt to deliver the parcel back to you before disposing of it.

I hope the CAB are able to help you. It’s a bit of a tangle but if you stay focused on Parcel Monkey that should help. Check the T&C’s of the contract with Parcel Monkey and have them to hand when you speak to the advisor.

Gabriel says:
6 November 2016

Good morning, I am still exchanging messages with parcel monkey through their internal support tickets. After countless messages and requests to refund for the damages I had received this message

Good day!

We have forwarded your concern to the department in charge however, this will not be guaranteed.

Rest assured that we will update you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

I don’t know what to make of it now. But what you just explained to me makes a lot more sense and I know how to approach them now. Many thanks again and I will keep you updated with the results.

Kind regards,

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OK Gabriel. As a back-up, and to make sure your complaint is on the record, you could write to them at Parcel Monkey Ltd, 21 Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3TG.

Tessa Graham says:
29 November 2016

JD Sports delivered a parcel to my neighbour without my express consent. (After reading, after the fact, their T’s and C’s say that they might do it.) The neighbour claimed not to have it so I ordered another pair to give me time to sort out the pair that weren’t delivered. JD Sports is now refusing to reimburse me for the first pair. It is my understanding that if I did not expressly ask for the parcel to be delivered to a neighbour and it has been stolen it is JD Sports responsibility. Specific to the Consumer Protection Act and to their T’s and C’s, ownership only transfers to me when the parcel is delivered to me – or in the case that I nominate it to be delivered to a specific neighbour. I feel they have contravened the Consumer Protection Act. Am I right?

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J D Sports are responsible for fulfilling your order, Tessa. They cannot evade that responsibility through their terms & conditions. You should insist on delivery of your order.

The following is an extract from the Which? information guide to which there is a link in the Introduction [see: “ . . . . bad delivery practices” highlighted in red].

If a parcel is left without your permission with a neighbour who denies having it, you can ask the seller to resend the order at no extra cost to you.

“You can argue that the seller is in breach of contract by delivering to someone else without your consent.

You might also like to read the Which? Consumer Rights guidance [also linked from the Introduction] at

STEVE says:
4 December 2016

I was expecting a parcel from FedEx it came when I was out they put a note through my door saying they put the parcel in my back garden no1 had signed for it but when I got home it wasn’t in my back garden. What can I do as parcel must of been stolen.

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The seller is responsible for making sure you receive your order. Tell them you have not received the goods and request them to dispatch a replacement. That is your statutory right. The delivery company is under contract to the seller, not to you, and the seller now needs to fulfil your order as quickly as possible.

Teresa Hayes says:
5 December 2016

I purchased an item from eBay. They a ranged the courier within their price. The courier failed to deliver & as agreed within my purchase contract. Have filed a complaint with Ebay & they have basicaly washed there hands of my complaint as the courier xdp have a signature (of which is not mine nor a neighbour ) after contact with xdp there driver states left in ally. This item was to be signed for . Ebay have closed my case & I know have one open with PayPal.

Rose says:
6 December 2016

I ordered a couple of Christmas presents last week, both arrived yesterday through Hermes. I woke up this morning to a Hermes delivery note saying both my parcels were delivered yesterday at 6.30 and an email saying they were signed for. I was in my home at 6.30 and the doorbell did not ring all night, neither did I sign for a parcel. The parcels were left in the blue bin and the blue bin was emptied early the next morning, absolute nightmare, is this the fault of Hermes?

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Yes, Rose, but you will have to take it up with the seller as Hermes is under contract to them to fulfil your order by delivering the parcels to you, not to your waste bin. The carrier is clearly in breach of contract to the seller and you have the right in law to request re-dispatch with a minimum of delay and inconvenience to you. The seller must sort out its relationship with Hermes without involving you. You just need to report the facts to the seller as you have given them here.

Becky says:
10 December 2016

We have had three parcels delivered by Hermes each from different sellers, but on each occasion they have not knocked or rang the doorbell to deliver the parcel they have just opened the door and put the parcel inside the property. The person receiving the parcel got an email to say it had been delivered, which it was, and signed for which is was not as the courier let themselves into the property. What rights do we have as the tenants of the property to deal with this and who should we speak to?

Thank you for any help you can give

Charlotte Hunt says:
15 December 2016

Ordered some nail polish and it was being delivered by My Hermes. November 20th I got an email to rate the delivery which hadn’t happened so I contacted them about it and they gave me a tracking number and it said the parcel was delivered on the 18th. Nearly 4 weeks later I still haven’t received anything and I’m still chasing it up because I haven’t heard anything more from the seller about it or from My Hermes themselves.

Shawn Small says:
23 December 2016

Hi all I have ordered a pair of shoes and somehow the DHL delivery driver let however sign for my parcel but however it was do not live in my building so strange I have asked all my neighbours in the building and all of them said no they have not receive and parcel what the hell is going on. So I am about to call DHL later and find out what the hell is up.

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You should call the retailer, Shawn, not DHL. The carrier is under contract to the seller but the seller remains liable for fulfilling your order. They should dispatch a replacement pair of shoes as quickly as possible. The retailer will have to sort out the problems with their contractor.

Liliane Nguio says:
26 December 2016

I ordered a Christmas present for my daughter from Toys R US. It was supposed to be delivered on 30th November. On 5th December I contacted Toys R US to ask about my parcel, since I had tracked the delivery and couldn’t find anything. They got back to me saying that the delivery had happened on Wednesday 30th at 2.26 pm. I send them a message explaining to them that I wasn’t home, since I was at my daughter’s school, where I have to be every Wednesday at 2.30 pm. I offered to provide them with the testimonies of about 15 parents, students and teachers I meet there every Wednesdays. They ignored this piece of evidence and send me a copy of the allegedly signed delivery. It wasn’t my signature of course and I couldn’t even tell if it was a neighbour’s. Despite all the evidence, Toys R US costumer service is advising me to file a claim with my credit card company, because the courier says that the delivery has been signed for. Isn’t this a dodgy claim? Why should my credit card company refund me for a problem that is obviously due to the courier Toys R US has chosen. They are hiding being this signature, which wasn’t mine, to try to shirk their responsibilities.
How can I have them refund me?

Profile photo of John Ward

You should write formally to Toys R Us quoting the Consumer Rights Act 2015 claiming that they have failed to fulfill your order and are therefore in breach of contract. Request a full refund of your payment. You are right that they are trying to shirk their responsibilities. If they are relying on a signature to prove that delivery to you took place they need to be able to prove that it was your signature and that the delivery was signed for at the relevant time. They clearly cannot do that . As you say, it is for Toys R Us to sort out their problems with the contractor they have chosen and they are under a legal obligation to remedy their failure with the minimum delay and inconvenience to yourself. Your rights against the credit card company only apply if the amount paid was £100 or more.

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It is possible to make a chargeback claim if the amount is less than £100: http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-use-chargeback

I strongly support what John says about writing to Toys R Us. Your contract is with them and it’s their responsibility is to supply you with the goods. If their courier fails to do this, it is their problem.

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Yes, a Chargeback claim is possible but reputation has it that blood is more easily extracted from a stone. Worth a try if all else fails because the time limit is generous.

Rashida says:
28 December 2016

My parcel was delivered to my neighbor out of my consent and stolen. But when I complained to the courier customer service that was their answer: “After taking a look into the parcel details and the account of which the parcel had been sent on our drivers are authorised to deliver to deliver to the recipients neighbours if they are not home available, please see our terms and conditions ”
Is that legal? Because nobody showed the terms and condition to my mother when she sent me the parcel. It’s not supposed to be the senders choice?

Kendall says:
4 January 2017

Hi Rashida. Unfortunately I am experiencing the same issues, I’m sorry you have the same horrible neighbors. Have you had any progress? I am unsure of how to go on.

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Only the retailer has any legal responsibility for fulfilment of an order. The delivery company has no contractual relationship with the customer so their terms and conditions do not apply to the customer. This problem is developing into a commercial scandal – there have been numerous similar reports to Which? Conversation but they are probably only the thin end of the iceberg.

Kendall says:
4 January 2017

DPD left my Asos order at a different flat in my building when I wasn’t home. They are on a different floor and I have never met them, nor would consider them neighbors. A girl signed for it and then said a man came to collect it 5 minutes later, after it was delivered. There was no one expected to collect my package for me and she could not tell me a name or even that he had given any information of which package was for him. She was yelling and very defensive and I am not sure if she has kept the package or gave it away to someone else.

DPD has not responded and Asos said this is a civil dispute with my “neighbor” . I went back to get more information, but the girl I had spoken to was not there and no one else could speak English or would help me. I don’t really want to get that involved with these people as they are quite frightening and I have to live in the same building as them.

Any and all advice is appreciated, the order was £62, which I would certainly like to get back. It is more about DPD leaving my parcel at another address without my permission. There is an option for me to indicate if I would like to leave it with a “neighbor” and I did not opt for this. If they had sent it to a local pick up place or even came back the next day this could have been avoided.

Profile photo of John Ward

Kendall- Asos cannot repudiate your claim like that. They are responsible for delivering your order to you and if you have not given any alternative delivery instructions they must not leave the parcel somewhere else. DPD are contracted to Asos for delivery of customers’ orders so Asos need to take it up with them as they have clearly failed to perform correctly, but none of that should be your concern. DPD have no contractual relationship with you. You have the right to cancel the order entirely if you wish and if you act within fourteen days. If you still want the goods then tell Asos that they have failed to deliver your order to you, that they are therefore in breach of contract to you, and request them firmly to dispatch the order again and make it clear how you want it dealt with if there is no answer. These are your legal rights so do not let the company brow-beat you into anything less. I certainly agree that you should not involve the residents who took the parcel in – until you have received it, it is not your property to take action over and it still belongs to Asos!

There is evidence that on-line clothing retailers are getting harder in their attitude towards customers because of the common abuse of the returns and rejection facilities available under the Consumer Rights Act, but they must honour their obligations under the law and cause the minimum of inconvenience to their customers. I am somewhat surprised at DPD, as delivering to a neighbour without specific instructions to do so is unusual for them. My experience with deliveries by DPD is that they send an advance notification of the delivery day and on the morning of the delivery day [just after 09:00] they send an e-mail giving a one-hour time slot for delivery and an option for the recipient to give instructions for delivery on a different day or delivery to their choice of alternative address. The advance notification also offers this facility.

Kendall says:
4 January 2017

Thanks John! I have read different things on who is liable so this is really helpful.

I have never experienced this issue before but DPD and Hermes have left packages with a neighbor that is 2 doors down from me without instruction. I have come to know her, but still it is not instructed. I received the text from DPD and was going to opt for them to send to a local pick up but the drop down on their mobile site was not working. I had hoped they would redeliver it the next day, or slip it through my mail slot which they have done in the past if they are able to get into my building.

I’ve been given another holding message from Asos but they have inquired with DPD finally and hopefully this will be resolved.

Kendall says:
6 January 2017

This is the second time Asos has told me this is a civil dispute with my neighbor. Would you be able to point me to anywhere that this is written in “legal language” so I can counter their claims? It would be a big help.

Profile photo of John Ward

Kendall – Your rights are clearly set out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015- see:

I don’t think you should be put in a position by Asos whereby you have to prove they are out of order. You have a contract with them to supply some goods you have paid for. They have not fulfilled that contract and so are in breach of it. I think you should write to them formally and make that point and request them to re-dispatch your order to your address, and only to your address.

Which? guidance says “There is a default delivery period of 30 days during which the retailer needs to deliver unless a longer period has been agreed. If your delivery is later than agreed and it was essential that it was delivered on time, then you have the right to terminate the purchase and get a full refund.” You might like to remind Asos of that as well.

Having rights and being able to assert them are two different things unfortunately so I suggest you contact Citizen’s Advice and see if they will deal with Asos on your behalf.

Jackie says:
4 January 2017

We have just got into a massive argument with a van mat company. They used Yodel who delivered a mat to a house over 300ft away as they say we were not in. I say the distance as the van mat people said their contract with Yodel was to deliver within 200ft of the address and showed me a google map of where Yodel said we were and where it was delivered. Our location is given as a GPS coordinate. However we are not at the location Yodel say we are. We are in the opposite direction and beyond the 200ft stipulated in their contract with van mats.
We had no card from Yodel and it was over a week when we found where it has been delivered so the recipient obviously had no intention of bringing it to us. Van mats refused to have anything to do with it and Yodel refused to do anything as they said they had fulfilled their contract. In the end we braved going round there and the mat was dumped on their drive and has presumably been outside for a month. It was that or the small claims court.
How can Yodel say that the delivery address is a set of coordinates even when it isn’t.
Terrible service from both the supplier and Yodel

Profile photo of alfa

As I have a parcel somewhere on the way, I checked Royal Mail to see where it might be so I could make sure I am home when it is due to arrive.

Could they be more helpful…………..?!?!?!?

Progress of your item via Royal Mail Signed For
Latest update: Information on your Royal Mail Signed For item is not yet available.
Royal Mail Signed For items are only scanned when the item has been delivered. Depending on whether the item was sent 1st or 2nd Class, this may be a few days after posting. Please check online first for any future updates on your item.

What is the point? It is called Track and Trace – Track your item.

Profile photo of alfa

I also have another parcel expected and have been notified by text and email. What a difference………….

On the morning of Friday 6th January you’ll receive a 1 hour delivery time slot and you’ll be able to live track your order on its way to you. Please ensure that someone is available to sign for your delivery at: (my address)

If you’ll be out, it’s not a problem: you have a range of ‘in-flight’ options such as changing your delivery date, collecting from your nearest DPD Pickup Shop, asking us to deliver to your preferred neighbour or arranging to have your order delivered to a safe place at your address. Just click below to choose:
Change my delivery now

That’s how it should be done Royal Mail.

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DPD is fast becoming the best and most reliable parcel carrier, although they remain reluctant to take a parcel back to their depot for delivery at a later date unless you arrange this in advance of the timed delivery.

Having said that, Royal Mail were very helpful before Christmas when I wanted the change the booked redelivery date of a parcel to avoid them coming a second time to no avail.

Profile photo of alfa

I found a large parcel ordered from John Lewis outside on the doorstep this morning that wasn’t expected yet.

Parcel tracking states “Left securely in porch”. We don’t have a porch !!!

Company: HERMES

Not very good John Lewis.

Profile photo of wavechange

Incredible, Alfa. I suggest you send JL a photo of the porch you don’t have to help Hermes explain the reason for dismissing their employee. 🙂

Profile photo of John Ward

I am surprised John Lewis are using Hermes. All our orders from JLP come via DPD whose service has always been excellent and all deliveries have been on the correct day. Premature deliveries are as much of a nuisance as late or missed deliveries.

Profile photo of KennethWatt

Many people appear to think packaging, the labour to pack stuff, label it, then ship it is free, it obviously isn’t but seems a general train of thought.

People generally don’t like or want to pay for it or, don’t want it to cost much.

So companies are forced to look for means that meet that requirement and Hermes whilst far from perfect are cheap and tracked and insured.

For a good many things, cheaper than Royal Mail and a superior service.

DPD and more traditional courier companies are usually about double the cost on most contracts. Far better service but also much more expensive.

I know as we use all three and Hermes is the best balance on speed, reliability and service level at a reasonable price in my opinion. But when they mess it up they tend to do it with panache!


Michelle Collingwood says:
13 January 2017

I have recently ordered items from Amazon as a Prime customer which is supposed to have 1-day delivery, however, one item was due on the 5th January and another on the 9th January, however, still not been received. My Amazon account still states on its way and due for delivery via Hermes. I have spoken to Amazon Customer Service and they have spoken to Hermes who have stated they are having problems with deliveries! 3 days on still no delivery – therefore phone Amazon who have apologised again and cannot get through to Hermes. Therefore Amazon have refunded me in full for both items. Not much use not to get these items. Why do they use Hermes if they are as useless? Have been a Prime customer for a while and haven’t had any problems before, so can’t understand it – very frustrating for us customers!!!

hayley says:
3 February 2017

Another terrible delivery by yodel this time i was out £220 of goods missing but saing delivered when i contact yodel it seems it was signed for by “dave” checked with neighbours and they havent received the parcel so it seems Yodels delivery driver has signed for it himself absolutely ridiculous i dont know how this company is still allowed to operate they told me someone would be in touch within 48 hours they havent bothered t get back to me the retailer is being helpful but i find it a disgrace that a delivery driver can sign for my goods when im not in and either take them himself or leave them to get stolen why should the driver get away with that

Maria says:
13 February 2017

Hi, I live in a house which an divided in 4 flats. There is a common entrance and hallway, then each flat (2 downstairs and 2 upstairs) has their own door. I feel I get something delievered, can I expect the delivery man to bring the package up to my flat or he can only leave it outside downstairs? Many thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

Profile photo of John Ward

If you have your own doorbell at the front entrance the driver should ring it and you could then go down to take the parcel from him or her. If you have no separate doorbell and the driver can enter the hallway it is not unreasonable for him or her to go up to your door and ring or knock. This is what would happen if the driver had to deliver to an upstairs flat in a purpose-built block of flats, sometimes up to the fourth floor. The parcel carrier company is being paid for delivery to your address.

Profile photo of alfa

Many orders have a section at checkout for delivery instructions, so you can always put instructions like… Go through main entrance, go upstairs, and Flat C is second on right. If out, leave at Flat D.

Jayne says:
24 March 2017

You can log it with the police as stolen. I had this happen to me. Left with neighbour, when I asked for the phone they said they had to go out so left it on my doorstep. Obviously wasn’t there when I got home. Told them I was calling the police and my neighbour suddenly rushed out. I reported it to virgin as I didn’t have the phone, don’t let them fob you off, they need to send you a new phone. Give them the police incident number

J Perry says:
26 July 2017

Hermes. I’ve written twice now to their customer service about their subcontractor who delivers. We live rural. We own a dirt track that leads to another house, farming land and a wildlife sanctuary. This subcontractor refuses to deliver to the door of the house on our dirt track. Yet again today he left the parcel on our land – we told him it was trespass, he had no consent from us to do so. We told him that if the parcel gets stolen or lost we wouldn’t accept responsibility and want no further parcels on our land….. the guy was offensive to say the least…. I picked up the parcel and placed it on a farmers land above ours and was accused of stealing it – he even photographed me! Hermes? Isn’t interested.