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Royal Wedding memorabilia: treasure or tat?

With less than a week to go until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, Royal Wedding fever is really gaining pace now. With it comes the inevitable memorabilia, some of it traditionally tasteful, most of it tantalisingly tacky…

One of my earliest memories of primary school is being given a mug emblazoned with the faces of Prince Charles and Lady Di to mark their wedding.

It now sits on a shelf in my parents’ dresser, without any sense of irony, along with other royal memorabilia.

As well as another tea cup to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, there’s one in honour of her coronation (given to my mum when she was in primary school) and a plate in celebration of George VI and the Queen Mum’s coronation.

Treasure or trash?

I’ve often wondered whether these treasures might be worth something. A quick Google search confirms that while the items are certainly collectables, they’re so mass-produced that they definitely wouldn’t fetch a, er, king’s ransom.

According to the experts, with royal memorabilia, it is only the rarest limited-edition pieces, something historic or those with unexpected mistakes that hold any investment appeal. Your main motivation for collecting it, it seems, is simply to mark the occasion.

Memorable memorabilia

So, if my mum was so inclined, what could she get to mark next Saturday’s events?

Well, there’s an official bone china collection featuring Harry and Meghan’s initials entwined (which immediately puts me in mind of the high-street chain, H&M), while the Royal Mint has issued a commemorative £5 coin with an image of the couple inscribed on one side ­– the gold version of which could set you back nearly £2k.

But if I were to buy into this memorabilia malarkey, my money would be on any of the other unofficial pieces out there. And there’s already quite a glut…

From pinnies to peg dolls, colouring books to ceramics, tea towels to Top Trumps cards, it seems there are plenty of retailers who are getting in on the act.

And if you want to celebrate the big day with a barbie or tea party, be sure to stock up on Heck Sweet Ginger & American mustard sausages, Tyrell’s Ginger & Sparkle crisps, Windsor Knot beer and a whole range of Royal Wedding sweet treats from Mr Kipling.

My personal favourite of the memorabilia? The completely inappropriate Crown Jewels commemorative condoms.

What Royal Wedding memorabilia have you seen on sale? Will you be buying any? How do you intend to mark the big day?

Will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?

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Royal Wedding fever is really gaining pace now.

With whom? Perhaps the tabloids – simply because they might assume covering an event, which should have been consigned to the history books a long time ago, increases revenue but the further you go from Watford the less interest there is, other than on the BBC and among die-hard royalists.

London, of course, will be awash with tat-for-sale, but when is it not? Summer bring tourists, tourists bring cash and – like seagulls following a garbage truck – the touts appear, flogging trash to the unwary.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering why on earth I’m wasting my time. But one gem is the final comment by adamhillscomedy. At least W?Cs has now plumbed new heights and set the bar almost as low as it can get.

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The other day a friend said “How’s your new TV” and with barely a pause “Are you watching the royal wedding?”

I didn’t fall for it. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

I won’t be watching the Royal Wedding or buying any memorabilia but each to their own.

I’m looking forward to Saturday. A nice day in the garden and, after Dads Army, Montelbano’s back.