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Supermarkets – stock up on your special offers

Woman cutting out voucher

Ever spotted a supermarket deal in the paper, only to find it’s not in stock? So, why is it that some offers are never in the shops despite being promoted all over the damn place?

It seems that every day on my way in to work I’ll open up the Metro to find a double-page spread emblazoned with special deals at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s… the list goes on.

‘Two for ones’, cut-price wine (I pay attention to these, clearly) – all are very tempting. And with Christmas coming up (yes, I know, but it’s not too far off now) I’m sure others are thinking about using such deals to get the best value they can this year.

But, how would you feel if you’d trekked all the way to a supermarket just to bag that deal – only to find it’s not there?

Empty shelves disappoint shoppers

Research by the Institute of Promotional Marketing found that one third of people had made a special trip to take advantage of a special deal at the supermarket, only to find that the offer wasn’t there when they arrived.

One third? Now I know some offers are time limited, and there are also times when an offer is so good that it’ll go out of stock quickly, but surely there’s something that supermarkets can do to try and manage our expectations?

It would be very easy to make it clear that there’s going to be limited stock, or to put a realistic timeframe on the offer. Surely they must know that with some offers demand will exceed supply – otherwise why spend money to promote the offer in the first place?

Tesco was the worst offender, with four in ten disappointed shoppers naming it as the supermarket in question. But maybe that’s just because it’s the biggest one? Others weren’t let off the hook, with Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda all being called out.

Have you turned up to a supermarket for an advertised offer, just to leave empty-handed? Is this out-of-stock problem really as commonplace as it seems?

Sophie Gilbert says:
12 November 2010

I have always considered these “special offers” ploys to get me to the supermarket premises and never taken the bait. I go to the supermarket when I need to and buy the products I need. If they happen to be on special offer that day, great, if not, fine. I probably end up by spending less than others who take “advantage” of these special offers and buy more than they’d intended or needed in the first place.

John O'Hara says:
22 November 2010

The Co-op in Scotland are advertising British Gammon Joints at half price this week for one week only – We went into our local Co-op to buy some of these joints on the very first day of rthe offer & guess what ?
Absolutely no stock of this heavily advertised product!!
The Co-op say they are “Good with Food”!! – No they are not!!

John O’Hara

dianad says:
30 November 2010

Ocado have for the past 2 weeks advertised a particular champagne as in stock and available, i was let down the 1st week and didnt accept the replacement champagne, I lost out on a special voucher that I used also, I reordered again assuming that stocks were now available to find out last minute not! Poor service and very misleading. Asda also did the same the weekend of 20-21 nov advertisng 2 bottles of moet champagne for 30.00 and I ordered them to find that they were not available. When I complained to the customer service the attitude was bad. Gave me a free delivery voucher but it is time that supermarkets were taken to task as they have wasted customers time and is totally open for abuse as whilst we order with one supermarket it stops us shopping elsewhere so it is really false sense of security. Asda have also overcharged me this week when I used the free delivery and wont answer telephone and kept waiting and no response by email. Will buy in the stores in future but not use ocado or asda again

Today {boxing day) and we are up early to order an xbox reduced for one day only from £150 -£99 from Asda Direct.get online at 6.30am….Xmas Surprise…Out of stock….