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Have you managed to get a supermarket delivery?

With so many people now doing their shopping online, delivery slots have been hard to come by. Have you managed to get one over the last month?

Update 07/01/2021: Return to lockdown

Supermarkets have reassured customers that they have plenty of stock, and stressed the importance of shopping sensibly. With all four nations in lockdown and a return to shielding for many, we will be keeping a close eye on the situation with online delivery slots.

Do you have a recurring slot set up? Are you shielding or self-isolating and unable to get a slot? Have you found the situation better than during the Spring lockdown? 

How does your experience of booking a supermarket delivery during this lockdown compare to the first lockdown (March 2020)?

Better - I've had fewer issues and/or slots are more available (43%, 42 Votes)

Worse - I've founded it harder, and/or there aren't enough delivery slots available (36%, 35 Votes)

About the same as the first lockdown (20%, 19 Votes)

It's been different - tell us more in the comments (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 97

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14/04/2020: Have you managed to get a supermarket delivery?

Supermarket delivery slots have been described as ‘gold dust’ by one of our social media followers, and we know that many vulnerable people are concerned about how to get hold of the groceries they need. 

We’re working hard to provide advice and support for coronavirus-vulnerable households on how to get food deliveries.

Supermarkets say they’re doing what they can to get online delivery slots to the most vulnerable people, increasing slots and this week opening them up to extremely vulnerable non-customers.

But we’re aware that many of you may still be struggling, and we want to hear from you. 

Read all the latest COVID-19 news and advice on our dedicated hub

What are UK supermarkets doing?

It’s been widely reported that details of up to 1.5 million extremely vulnerable people would be shared by the UK Government with supermarkets in England.

Details of around 110,000 people who had requested support with getting food were shared with supermarkets on 3 April. 

But what about the other nations? On Wednesday (8 April) the Welsh government shared an equivalent list with supermarkets in Wales.

Prior to this we heard reports of people living within a few kilometers of each other, on either side of the border, using the same supermarket for their weekly shop, but with only the English resident being able to access priority delivery slots. 

At the time of writing, supermarkets in Northern Ireland and Scotland were yet to receive a list of high-risk people that have been told to shield. 

We want to know if you’ve been offered a delivery slot, if you were able to actually book one, and where you are. Which supermarket has contacted you, if any?

Do you know how to get the help you need?

The Which? retail team has been keeping on top of the shifting sands of announcements from government and the supermarket industry, but we have at times been left scratching our heads. 

Were you asked to shield because you are extremely vulnerable? Were you expecting to receive a letter but didn’t? 

Was it made clear to you in the letter how to get help with getting food? Have you managed to get the support you need? Where did the support come from – the supermarkets, a free food box, the community, or somewhere else?

Are you vulnerable and unable to get a delivery slot? Have you had to go to the supermarket?

How to shop safely at the supermarket

There are a lot of outstanding questions, but the more answers we get the more we’ll be able to help and inform the most vulnerable.

Has registering as a vulnerable consumer made it any easier to get a supermarket delivery?

No - I'm still struggling to get a delivery despite registering (47%, 1,249 Votes)

Yes - I'm able to get a supermarket delivery where I haven't been able to before (28%, 760 Votes)

Something else - tell us in the comments (25%, 672 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,681

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My husband had a shielding letter back in March and as soon as he received it I had an email from Asda where I had an account to say we were a priority customer. We booked a slot with no problems and were asked if we wanted it to recur every 1,2,3 or 4 weeks and we have continued to have these deliveries ever since. We live in a very rural tiny village in Snowdonia so have been very grateful for this. Have to say Asda were the only company to deliver until very recently

Howard Fisher says:
8 January 2021

Whilst it’s correct that the vulnerable should be able to get help, even if your not categorised as vulnerable it makes sense to avoid shopping in close proximity to others. There seems less social distancing in supermarkets now but it’s harder than ever to get even Click&Collect slots let alone home deliveries. I have checked almost daily at my local Waitrose in Godalming since just before Xmas and there have been zero delivery and zero collections slots in the entire period shown in their calendar.

Many people seem to book multiple slots with multiple supermarkets then cancel the ones they don’t want at the last minute so it is worth keep checking as slots can become available at any time.

It’s worth registering with all the supermarkets that provide collections and deliveries in your area, Howard. Availability very much depends on where you live and I have noticed that odd slots appear, presumably because they have been cancelled.

Edit: I see that Alfa has already made the point about checking for cancellations.

Anne says:
8 January 2021

Because my husband was shielding, and I have used online shopping for 20 years, I have continued to shop online regardless of the lockdown easing in the summer. In the first lockdown, Asda gave us the best support with guaranteed delivery slots each week. However, in November they then started to charge for deliveries without the option to purchase as annual pass. I therefore returned to Tesco, where I renewed my delivery pass, and we still have “priority” slots – but for Tesco this means a 6 hour window, and you still can’t be certain you will definitely get a slot. I have to make sure I have a slot booked for 4 weeks ahead, as if I needed one for the next few days I would probably not get anything! So far, I have been OK, but I am concerned that I may have to go back to worrying about whether I will actually get a slot at all!

Rutelimar says:
8 January 2021

Harder to book delivery slot than March and more expensive. I am shielding together with my daughter and I am carer to very elderly mum living on own locally. Have to send my son out to do click and collect late at bight (only slots available) as delivery too expensive/ no slots. I avoid going into shop as social distancing of customers and staff terrible.

When it comes to shopping we like to get the bulk on line, due to age the weight of things and safety, but there are things that only i can select i.e meat and some veg.
also some items you can only get in other shops than the one you do your bulk shopping.

Carol says:
13 December 2021

Slightly different tack on the online shopping issues – For months I have been unable to log into my Sainsbury’s online grocery account on any device. Apart from the phone number, there is no way of contacting anyone to resolve the issue. If you manage to get an answer from the phone line the only advice they seem able to give is to clear browsing history which doesn’t work. Is anyone else having the same issue and do Sainsbury’s care?

Clearing browsing history will make no difference. They shoud have asked you to clear your cache and cookies. If that doesn’t work, try logging in from a different browser – Chrome / Edge / Internet Explorer, etc. Or abandon that account and set up another one.