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Your rights don’t reduce when prices do

Colourful sale signs

The wrapping paper is barely off before the sales have started. But if you’re looking for a bargain, don’t lose sight of your rights – they are no different whether you buy in a sale or not.

I love a good sale – and I, like 53% of people in our recent survey, will be looking to stock up on clothes and accessories in the January sales this year. But don’t let those shiny 80% off tags make you think that your rights are reduced.

For example, did you know that if your sale item breaks you still have the same rights to get the retailer to replace or refund it as you would if you bought it outside of a sale?

In our survey, one in 10 people didn’t know that this was the case. It’s important you know that if those trousers start unravelling or your necklace breaks on its first wear you shouldn’t have a retailer fobbing you off because it’s a sale item.

Be a savvy sales shopper

So what you should do if you do buy something in the sale and it falls apart, or you just change your mind? Well, it is important to remember that high street shops don’t actually have to accept non-faulty sales returns . Do check any returns policies before making your purchase – if a shop has one they do have to stick to it, but it could be restrictive in how long you have to return an item.

However, if you do choose to shop online, the good news is that you have slightly more rights than at your local high street store, and you have a minimum of seven days from receiving your goods to return any products if you change your mind. Remember that’s receiving them, not placing your order – great to know if the item you bought online doesn’t look quite the same when it arrives at your door as it did on the website!

And, if like 27% of people in our survey, you’re looking to grab a food bargain in the sales, don’t be fobbed off by food falsehoods – your rights are still the same.

Will you be buying in the sales this year? Did you know your rights are the same with sales products as they are if you shop outside of the sale?


This site has some useful information. http://sogahub.tradingstandards.gov.uk/

I have often been told that sale goods cannot be returned as I buy them.

They conveniently forget to tell you that faulty goods can be.