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Surprised by Sainsbury’s silly ‘1p off’ slip up? Nope

Sainsbury's trolleys

Everyone loves a bargain and, even though part of my job is to investigate when special offers may not be that special, I still find them magnetic. Half price wine? Yes please. 1p off my next Sainsbury’s shop? No thanks.

There are limits to the kind of offers we shoppers will put up with as we’ve proven before. Not all special offers are, well, special.

The latest less than thrilling offer comes courtesy of Sainsbury’s. It’s come under fire after offering some lucky customers 1p off their next shop. The move prompted a Facebook campaign about the ridiculousness of the deal.

Sainsbury’s told trade magazine The Grocer that the coupons were allocated at random with the possibility of up to £100 off. It added that, after customer feedback, it would now be limiting the minimum voucher to 10p.

Barmy supermarket offers nothing new

Sainsbury’s is by no means the first. And at least the offer did actually get you some money off – previous research shows that not all supermarket deals achieve this. Our photo gallery of the barmy supermarket offers you’ve sent in show incidents of 20p being added on, or three £3 DVDs being sold for the bargain bundled offer of… £12.

As a shopping psychologist once said to me, those large, brightly coloured signs make the offer seem significant, but this means we don’t always check how much we’re saving.

What did you think of Sainsbury’s latest deal – is any money off worth having or is just 1p off frankly ridiculous? And make sure to share the daft supermarket deals you’ve spotted.


I think its a bigger problem than just silly “offers” like Tesco garlic bread £1 each , special offer 2 for £2.
Or custard tarts 58p or 2 packs for £1.50.

The actual problem is that obviously not one of the people involved in typing in the deals, watches it being printed, sends it off to the various stores, or the person who puts it on the shelves feels able to raise the silliness of it to management to get it “sorted” before us customers have a good old laugh at the stores expense. Unless of course the stores are doing this sort of thing deliberately in which case do we not have grounds to take stores to court for misleading advertising ? I’d be rich if I could.

Has anybody noticed another misleading claim by Sainsbugs? Three weeks ago I bought a 1.5kg bag of Sainsbury’s own Fruit& Nut museli – I just bought another bag, but this one was emblazoned with a large red banner claiming “Bigger pack Better value”. The trouble is it is the same 1.5kg size at the same price – so where is the bigger pack and better value? This is misleading marketing, so where does one go to complain?