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Are you buying in to Royal Wedding tat?

Royal Wedding memorabilia

Are you sick of the Royal Wedding yet or are you celebrating in style with Union Jack-themed parties? There’s no end to the Royal Wedding ‘tat’ you can buy to commemorate the big day – here’s my collection of the best.

It’s official – the country’s gone Union Jack crazy. We’re showing our true colours – and they’re undoubtedly red, white and blue.

But is all this paraphernalia really going to shift? There could be a whole lot of Brit-themed nastiness kicking around with no home to go to this time next week. Indeed, research by InvisibleHand suggests that 83% of us won’t be buying Royal Wedding souvenirs; with almost a quarter saying they’re a waste of money.

But rather than having my usual rant about consumerism and waste, I’m rounding-up the funniest and most imaginative memorabilia I can find – will you be buying any of it?

Wills and Kate knitted gloves

Wills & Kate gloves

It may be super-sunny for April but these cosy gloves are a must-have. Wear the pair to remind you of the happy couple – or better still share them with your loved one and wear one each. Altogether now – ahh! £35, Donna Wilson






'Thanks for the free day off' plate

Commemorative plates

Commemorative tableware comes with the territory of Royal Weddings. ‘Thanks for the free day off’ – my sentiments precisely. A perfect summary of the day in six short words. £12, John Lewis






'Will 4 Kate' plateFor the more romantically inclined, this pretty plate will please. What a lovely sentiment to remember the happy couple by. £20, KK Outlet








Royal wedding cupcakes

Cutest cupcakes

We all need a cupcake with our Royal Wedding feast – and these have to be the most special of the lot. The only problem is, they’re way too pretty to eat. £6.99 for 12 cake ‘toppers’, Hunkydory Home






Royal Wedding sick bag

Sick bag!

Getting sick of Wills and Kate yet? If all the excitement is getting a bit too much, fear not, designer Lydia Leith has the perfect solution. This beautifully-designed sick bag ensures you can throw up with dignity. £3 each, Lydia Leith





Royal Wedding beer

Royal tipple

As snapped by our very own Ben Stevens, this picture proves that even breweries are getting in on the act. Who need champagne when you can have Royal Wedding beer, eh?






For more Royal Wedding tat and shenanigans, check out the Royal Wedding tat tumbler – and let us know about any other memorabilia you’re buying or giggling about below.


I’m not sure if a real ale brewed by Fullers counts as ‘tat’, though brewing it with Sovereign hops seems rather contrived. If I see it on offer I will buy a pint.

I know the wedding’s been and gone but I couldn’t resist commenting because a) I really like the ‘thanks for the free day off’ plate and b) I nearly choked at the price of the gloves. 35 pounds?! For a pair of gloves?! Am I a gigantic cheapskate or is this a bit OTT?