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Your comments this week – pubs, parcels and confusion

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Confusion reigned this week as you debated bank account T&Cs, supermarket multibuys and delivery rights. You even shared your tips for dealing with nuisance callers.

What’s in your local?

According to the Campaign for Real Ale’s research, pubs all over the country are being converted into express supermarkets. We wondered if you had lost any pubs in your local area. Gerard Phelan explained that pubs need to be pleasant to survive:

‘Here in Epsom, two pubs closed in the last year or two, one to become a kitchen showroom, the other to become exclusive flats. Both, though old and once famous, had become run-down and unattractive to the casual visitor, so for me they were no loss and both had other pubs within one minute’s walk.’

Wavechange would like to see conversions go the other way:

‘I have not seen a pub converted into a supermarket, thank goodness. Wetherspoon are very good at taking over buildings with a history and converting them into pubs. Maybe they could convert a Tesco into a pub, retaining a few of the original features: “Unexpected beer glass in the clearing area” or maybe “Special offer – one pint for £2.10 or three for £7”?’

Are you baffled by your bank’s T&Cs?

Bank account terms and conditions can be baffling. The British Bankers Association (BBA) gave their side of the story:

‘Terms and conditions set out customers’ rights as well as their responsibilities – they are there principally for the benefit of customers. They should be considered as a reference book that is not necessarily read all at the same time, but that puts all the information customers need about their account in one place… We would be happy to work with government and regulators to identify areas that could be shortened, without restricting customers’ ability to access their rights and responsibilities.’

Stephen Rosling was not convinced by the BBA:

‘If the banks (and other financial services firms) were truly applying the principles of fair treatment, they would be testing product literature (including T&Cs) with their own customers. They would soon draw the same conclusions as Which?’

Limited energy tariffs doesn’t mean limited prices

The government announced plans to limit the number of energy tariffs for easier comparison. John Ward wants more from the energy market:

‘We want a market where we can be at ease over energy prices, knowing that we won’t be penalised for staying loyal or ripped-off for not giving 12 months notice. Plus we want bills that make sense and can be understood by the average householder.’

Complain for change: don’t put up with dodgy deliveries

Many consumers are not aware of their rights when it comes to parcels being damaged or not delivered at all. One of William’s deliveries was even nibbled by a fox:

‘I’ve got a nice photo of a Lilliput Lane package with genuine fox bite marks in the middle of my back garden. I don’t believe that’s were the postman left it, but who knows.’

A parcel in a garden. The parcel has been damaged by a fox.

Special offer? Don’t be misled by multibuys

Kelly doesn’t trust supermarket multibuy deals any more:

‘I took a photo when shopping in Sainsbury’s of their great 2 for £5 deal on chicken. If you bought them individually they were £2.50. What a bargain. I rarely get multibuys now, as it just increases my shopping bill.’

Rod suspects that overpricing is behind some multibuys:

‘I really dislike multibuys even when the multiple purchase is cheaper than single ones – mainly because it is obvious that the single item is overpriced in the first place. I’ve got to the point that I will happily not buy an item at all rather than play along with this silly game.’

Wake-up call for nuisance phone calling companies

You’ve been sharing your tactics for turning the tables on nuisance calls. Malcolm R likes to keep callers waiting:

‘We get a few nuisance calls, often emanating from abroad – typically PPI, telling me there is something wrong with my computer, or that I’ve had an accident (I haven’t) and they can help with my claim. Tactics are: I tell them I’ll go and find the person they want to talk to – this then takes a very long time, so they hang up…’

Xen is a bit more mischievous, earning our Comment of the Week:

‘Depending on my mood and who is in the room I vary my response. “PPI, what’s that then… hang on I’ll just get a pen and paper… well that all sounds interesting, so if you could put that in writing to me, I assume you have my address as you have my name and number without my permission!” Or if they ask for the main householder I will put one of daughters on. My two year old loves a good chat!’

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