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Would you spend your monsies on onesies?

One Direction wearing OnePiece onesies

Onesies – all-in-one romper suits for adults – are all the rage. With celebrities proudly showing off their onesie collections, consumers have been snapping them up like there’s no tomorrow. Are you a onesie fan?

Onesies have recently been credited with contributing to Debenhams’ best ever festive sales, with the store selling out of its entire 16,000-strong onesie stock before Christmas. And now even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has owned up to owning an Incredible Hulk onesie.

I’m pitting Jen Davis and Charlotte Slayford against one another in a onesie showdown. So, as Harry Hill would say; there’s only onesie way to find out… FIGHT!

Jen wants onesies to rule them all

Jen DavisI have to confess – I love a onesie. Yes, it makes me look like at 27-year-old baby, but it’s very hard to care when I’m just so warm and comfortable.

I’d noticed onesies becoming a trend, but I had resisted buying one on account of me being a grown-up. Yet, I found it too much to resist when I came across an adorable all-in-one while out shopping.

I haven’t looked back since. In fact, I’ve added another two onesies to my growing collection. And why do I love them so much? Aside from the fact that they’re incredibly cosy, it’s the fact that they don’t ride up my legs and back when I’m in bed! It may sound like a small point, but it’s something that drives me crazy with ‘regular’ pyjamas (I’m a bit of a fidget).

Despite being the most snug garment I own, you’ll never see me wearing it in front of anyone else. And I don’t stay in it all weekend – I prefer to keep my onesie as a treat. Although my long-suffering partner may not see it that way…

Charlotte wants to go back to square onesie

Charlotte SlayfordOccasionally, it’s a treat to get into my pyjamas a few hours before bed. I don’t make a habit of it, but it’s nice to get comfy when settling in for a bit of Saturday night TV.

Now, pyjamas I get – onesies I don’t. I often see my friends’ Facebook updates saying they’re in their onesie and ready for the night. But why would you get into a giant baby suit for your Saturday night? It’s just not for me.

I have a number of functional reasons as to why you won’t catch me in one. I’m always warm and hate the thought of being trapped in something that’ll make me overheat. I’m also not keen on the unzipping/rezipping of the onesie when you visit the ladies room. I’m having flashbacks to the 90s bodysuit – a fashion decade I’d like to keep well in the past. Don’t get me wrong – they’re cute on kids, just not for adults.

My other issue is their cost. Although my nieces and nephews have cheap alternatives, they were inspired by the OnePiece brand of onesies which cost at least £100. No wonder sales of the onesie are keeping retailers’ heads above the water – that’s one expensive piece of clothing. Snuggies, on the other hand, you count me in…

So, do you agree with Jen and think onesies are the future? Or, like Charlotte, do you want to banish onesies to the bad-taste scrap heap?

I’d wear a onesie…

Never. Onesies aren't for me (73%, 159 Votes)

Only if I was given it for free (15%, 32 Votes)

With pride (13%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 228

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The white ones look just like my one piece spraying suit, they just need to add the asperator and goggles.
No, I would not wear one, neither in public nor private.
On a practical note, as implied in the article, different parts of the body need different coverage and different levels of access.

As long as it’s legal, what people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of our business.

Unless a judge can be persuaded that the wearing of this garment amounts to conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, and that might be difficult if the judge happens to possess one, I doubt it’s worth saying any more on the subject.

I think judges should wear them all the time [in appropriate colours in accordance with their hierarchical status of course], in court or otherwise. It would be a more practical garment for police constables in certain circumstances and one can imagine some entertaining sessions in the crown court as Exhibit A is introduced to the jury. I’m convinced that bishops and other clergy have been wearing hoodless versions of them for years underneath their albs and chasubles [unless it’s just that they’re no strangers to the sweet trolley].

I’m with Charlotte. Fine for women, if you want to be a retro-sporty Anneka Rice, or maybe even a practical alternative to a maternity dress, but why would any man want to dress up [or should that be down] to look like Jimmy Savile? Hopefully, people will come to their senses … .

They could be the answer for those who are finding their heating bills expensive.

Phil says:
13 January 2013

I don’t think they’d burn for very long Wavechange but you’ve got the right idea…

In the Radio Times in days gone by, in between the adverts for garden sheds and corsets at the back end of the magazine, there were cute little line drawings of people donning their Cosijamas. Are these still around? [For our younger readers, I’m in the pre-duvet days of Brentford Nylons and their winceyette nighties here, with the slidy eiderdowns and the slippery pillows leading to a certain coolness in the night]. While I sympathise with Jen who justifies the joined-up jim-jams I choose Charlotte’s choice of chic attire.

I’m with Charlotte all the way. To be honest, I don’t even like to walk around the house (or sit on the sofa, for that matter) in my pyjamas – it makes me feel lazy. Even if I’m not about to leave the house, I like to fool myself into thinking that at any point I can be ready to leap off the sofa and spring into action.

I’m wondering where the 16,000 people sporting Debenham’s sold-out stock of onesies are hiding right now – I could use the back-up!

Nikki – I agree with you. Walking around in my pyjamas or in my onesie does make me feel lazy and demotivated. But sometimes, when you FEEL like being lazy, it’s the perfect outfit! Picture this: it’s a chilly Saturday night, -2 degrees outside and no-one’s out and about. So why not slip into a warm, fleecy onesie, curl up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a good film and just let the stresses and strains of the week melt away?

I really don’t see any difference between a onesie or pyjamas – they’re both comfort clothing for wearing in bed or around the house and so both are perfectly legitamate. I don’t like wearing any clothes in bed so don’t have a onsie, but I’m quite tall and often find pyjama tops ride up and expose my back, so a onesie would counteract this perfectly. My partner does have one (or two) onsies and knowing that she is comfortable in it, while I have my slanket, means we can relax more when squished up on the sofa.

Although based on current temperatures, I may have to borrow one of her onsies to wear under my football kit for tonight’s match.

Engineers and mechanics have been wearing them for years (with optional flat cap head warmer) – not properly acknowledged as leaders of fashion; it’s taken the arty set a long time to catch up.

Jim Kenney says:
25 January 2013

Speaking as an engineer I am completely horrified that I may in some small way (however tenuous) be responsible for onesies. god forbid

Onesies guy says:
2 December 2013

Ofcourse I am willing to spend my monesies for onesies 🙂 But the real expensive ones (those that go up to 200€) are too rich for my blood. But there surely are many affordable onesies for men and for children out there 😉 You just have to know where to look.

I love my onesies. I have 6 now! Some are lovely and fleecy and warm and snuggly and the others are lighter for summer use.
I love them all , and for sleeping they are just so soft and comfortable especially the footed onesies

They are in like animal styles sometimes but I go for the more plain onesies

Onesies are the best!

Josh says:
4 February 2015

hey i have three Zooop it up onesies there very comfy i wear mine in public tell you now better than pjs and jeans and got awesome pockets on them to put phone in you follow them on Facebook twitter and instagram

kayla says:
4 June 2015

I owne 6 onesie to I love them comfy very soft to I prefer high class onesie zooop it up and onepiece they are better stupid animal I don’t like I like zooop it up I wear when I go walk in morning people say look good in that I’m like thanks I love onesie I perfer over PJ onesie