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Next website still confusing shoppers

Next account card and directory

Shopping online with Next can still lead to credit problems, despite changing its site after our previous investigation, where we revealed it automatically set up credit accounts if your card was declined…

While Next does seem to have corrected this and now lets you choose another card or cancel the order like other online shops, we’re still getting reports of unwanted credit accounts being opened in other circumstances. Like Kay, who told us in January:

‘I was checking my credit report the other day and was shocked to find that Next had set up an account and given me £600 credit without my knowledge! I am really annoyed as having credit accounts open affects a person’s credit rating. Like the others I recently purchased something online and paid for it by debit card and not by credit card.’

Next’s confusing website

We think Next’s website is still too confusing. After you confirm your address and delivery method, the first words on the next page are ‘Order complete’. If you want to pay by card, you have to click on the inconspicuous ‘Pay now?’ button further down the page – otherwise a credit account will be opened and the order charged to that account.

Paying on a credit account could lead to you paying interest at 25.99% APR – more than most credit cards charge – if you don’t cancel the order or settle your account within a month of receiving the statement.

We’ve asked Next to fix this so that a credit account is only opened when the customer has actively chosen this option.

Next did not accept that the ‘Pay now?’ button was inconspicuous, but said it would be changing its website so that after confirming their address and delivery details, customers will see two very clear options saying ‘Pay now?’ or ‘Add to your account’ before they see the ‘Order complete’ message. We will monitor Next’s website to ensure these changes are made.

Have you had these issues with Next?

Martha says:
30 October 2014

I find it incredible that a company like Next are getting away with this! I tried to buy a couple of items this week, put my details in to register and opted out of the directory account. I even skimmed through the T&Cs, but thought that I had opted out of the directory/credit option, so didn’t think the credit search would apply. I don’t have any store cards, and don’t want any. Halfway through the process (and before I had bought the items) I realised they had opened a credit account and given me £600 credit, I was so confused, logged out and tried again and still couldn’t work out how this happened. I cancelled the order, and got my partner to buy the items, asuming that I had done something wrong setting up my account. Unfortunately they did the same to him, but refused him credit (again unwanted and unasked for). This will be on his credit record and will affect our mortgage application now. I googled this issue, and see the same complaints since ~2006, with nothing being done which is so frustrating! For what its worth I will never shop in Next again, and am so angry with them.


Totally agree with Martha…same issue just now. I did not request this account and now it’s on my credit record. NEVER shopping with them again.

Chris says:
8 January 2015

New year but the same poor business practices from a major UK retailer.

We have had the same problems, unwanted account opened up and in theory closed and yesterday we received one of their huge directories that weighs an unbelievable 14 pounds, with an accompanying letter that opens with :

“We’re delighted you’ve chosen to receive the Spring 2015 directory……” The directory wasn’t ordered and then the letter goes on to talk about the changes to my Credit Agreement. What Credit Agreement?
This company part of Next Retail Ltd, has no regard for its customers and this kind of practice, already flagged up by Which, needs to be stamped out . Some kind of concerted action that would result in thousands of claims for serious malpractice, similar to that faced by banks regarding PPI might be the way forward


My wife just made a purchase off Next’s website & paid by her debit card. 2 weeks later she received a letter informing her of variation of her credit account charges. When she phoned up to enquire about this supposed credit account, they informed her that when she ordered off their website, they opened a credit account for her (which was never requested or made aware of at any point).


A Next directory, addressed to my wife, arrived just before Xmas 2014.

It was sent to a property currently being built, which has never been occupied. Only a handful of people know my wife’s name and the proposed new address. While contracts have been exchanged, completion has not taken place. The only people with this information are the developers, solicitors, and Post Office (via a mail redirection order) and a few friends.

How, or from whom, did Next get the details? Can anyone help please?

(Please be aware that I’ve posted this comment on the other Which? conversation titled ‘Why do I have a …”)

Chrissy says:
9 March 2015

Wow see my post.
Have only been here a month. and I can’t think how they got my details either.
I buy things online from Amazon occasionally but not from Next and not from catalogues and have never had a problem. I recently joined a couple of car sales online sites but don’t recall giving out my address. I do have mail redirection. Surely it can’t be that!

Chrissy says:
9 March 2015

I just received a Next Directory sent to my new address. I have only been there a month and I never ever had an account with Next or any other company so it’s a bit worrying. Plus I’ve never bought anything from Next anyway. I sent it straight back

Frances Lumsden says:
24 March 2015

I am furious with Next.

I made an order and paid by debit card yesterday. I then received a call from Next and they attempted to carry out a credit check in my name – even although I had not asked for credit! I was puzzled and suspicious and refused to participate any further. I cancelled my order. I have since made a complaint, and initially they tried to couch their actions in terms of these checks being for my benefit and denied trying to do a credit check. When I reminded them that they did indeed try to do a credit and had no right to make such checks supposedly on my behalf; their response was to say that in the terms and conditions they have the right to make checks on anyone who buys something from them! What a bloody cheek.

I don’t know quite what their game is, but I know this – it is no way to do business – it is down right deceitful. I have bought from many companies online and have never had any trouble like this before. I am actually quite shocked that a supposedly reputable company is behaving in this manner. I will never buy something from Next again and I will warn all my friends and family to avoid them like them plague.

Keith Neill says:
16 April 2015

Just run into this problem too. Never wanted or used a credit account (why on earth would I want credit to buy from a tinpot little clothes shop!), but bought a couple of things from them online a year or so back.

This morning received a “Notice of Variation” for my credit agreement with them! To add insult to injury when I logged on to my account to see what the hell was going on I found that they were in the process of charging me £3.75 for their catalogue – the one which had arrived unsolicited a couple of months back and went straight into the bin!!

Awaiting a letter from their finance department now confirming there is nothing adverse on my credit history as a result of their actions before I decide what further action to take. I certainly will never darken the doorway of any of their stores again.