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Ever been banned by a retailer for too many missing parcels?

We’re looking into online retailers that penalise shoppers for reporting missing or failed deliveries. Has it ever happened to you?

Bad news: the parcel you’ve been waiting in for has been delivered to the wrong address (again).

Worse news still, the retailer you ordered from has decided not only to reject your request for a refund, but to ban your account from placing orders with them again.

We want to hear from you if you’ve been left out-of-pocket, or had your account suspended, after making a failed delivery claim.

Missing orders, missing refunds

Whether your courier repeatedly leaves your parcels in plain sight or delivers to the wrong address entirely, experiencing a string of unsuccessful deliveries is hugely frustrating.

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, it’s the retailer’s responsibility to ensure your items arrive with you safely – and you do have rights to a refund if an online order doesn’t turn up.

But we’ve heard anecdotally that some customers have had their accounts penalised after reporting a series of missing parcels.

If this has happened to you, we want to hear about your experience to help inform our investigation.

📦 Which retailer took action against your account?

📦 How many missed parcels had you reported and in what timeframe?

📦 Did you manage to get the issue resolved?

Let us know in the comments.

Rowan Smith says:
23 May 2022

Missing parcels: It must be a fact of life that deliveries to some places are more likely to be problematic than others. I’ve lived in Central London and rural Northamptonshire. In rural Northamptonshire, parcels left on our doorstep in the morning will be there in the afternoon when we come home. Why wouldn’t they be. In Central London and Amazon parcel left on a doorstep must have a life expectancy of 10 mins!! This isn’t the couriers fault.

Please be careful of pursuing the “inner city” examples while disadvantaging the rest of the country by running for the lowest possible common level.

City locations require different measures than rural ones.

23 May 2022

Irving Struel

Hi Irving – It is possible that this could be a ‘brushing scam’, which is discussed in another Conversation: https://conversation.which.co.uk/money/amazon-prime-brushing-scam-explained/

Jackie Wanless says:
23 May 2022

I’ve just recently had Evri (Hermes) via Parcel2Go refuse a claim for a missing iPhone 11+. They refused my claim that was allegedly still at the Evri Depot even after 3 weeks of waiting patiently. Apparently, I was refused as I hadn’t taken Parcel2Go’s insurance for the package. Parcel2go didn’t bother to refund me my posting charge until I had hounded them for it. I requested the parcel be returned to me – no response. I requested feedback over what Evri had responded as I have no idea what is happening with my parcel (not an unreasonable request. I have now lost the value of the phone, P&P charges, had to give a full refund to the eBay purchaser and pay all the eBay charges. The eBay purchaser has provided positive feedback for the phone on my account but had to quickly state that was a mistake, he hadn’t received it after all. I’m so annoyed with Parcel2Go, Evri and EBay. I’ve been totally ripped off at every stage with no redress

Maria says:
28 May 2022

I have had a few near misses and some bad experiences with Royal Mail. My advice is: always take full insurance when posting expensive items. Better safe than sorry.

I agree. When consigning valuable products with a carrier it is worth reading their terms and conditions to see what compensation arrangements apply in the event of the goods being lost, stolen or damaged or otherwise undelivered. Insurance cover is usually essential for anything over a certain value otherwise the only entitlement is return of the postage or carriage charge.

Parcel2GO is an aggregator and comparison website [sometimes referred to as a parcel broker]. By bundling several transits to the same destination it can negotiate lower delivery charges from a number of different carriers and arrange for the one that bids the lowest price to collect and deliver the package. For valuable items I would recommend going direct to one of the more reliable carriers with an extensive network and pay for a fully tracked and guaranteed delivery service which would usually be faster than if arranged through an aggregator.

I am a recipient rather than a consignor of parcels. though I have occasionally used Parcelforce to collect and deliver large or heavy items [e.g. box of books] and been fully satisfied with their service.

It is worth noting that many companies now arrange for batch mailings to be handled by Whistl [which seems to be a subsidiary of Parcel2GO] but they do not state that in dispatch notifications to customers. I was recently waiting for a delivery of plants and could not find any useful tracking information until, after a few days, I found out that the supplier was using Whistl to process their orders and that the package had been transferred to Royal Mail for delivery. It was not possible to find a probable delivery date since normal postal deliveries are untracked and my order had not been sent first class. The package was delivered a couple of days later by which time the plants were very dry and not in good condition so they required some immediate intensive care. I cannot plant them out yet as I had hoped so I shall not be using thar supplier again and I shall let them know the reason why.

If sending small items of any value I would strongly recommend packing them in a large box with plenty of padding. That considerably reduces the risk of misappropriation or coming a cropper in the distribution system. Small packets that look and weigh like a mobile phone can unfortunately slip inside people’s pockets unintentionally in the confusion at distribution hubs as vans are loaded and unloaded and goods are sorted and re-sorted en route.

Cath says:
23 May 2022

I haven’t been banned, but after two parcels went missing in 2020, I now pay for a tracked with signature delivery for every parcel.

Seen so much of this with Evri, as a trainer collector we rely on delivery companies to do what they are supposed to do and deliver parcels. Since the change from Hermes to Evri, Nike and other retailers have chosen them as their man courier.

Touch wood, I’ve actually had all my parcels delivered although one or two tampered with but I’ve seen so many go “missing” and once the items are sold there’s no chance of getting them for retail price again.

It’s a really hard one as Evri/Hermes have no customer service at all.

Salman says:
5 July 2022

Everi are the worst, why have they not been shutdown? Do they think rebranding will fool consumers? Boohoo are doing this, they are refusing refunds, when clearly the package is retaped.