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Bring on the January sales – share your bargain-hunting tips

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January is still a couple of weeks away, but the sales will be well underway by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day. We need your help in sorting the best deals from the duds.

Finally, I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. Phew! Now there’s time for a quick pause for breath before the shopping season begins again on Boxing Day.

Some online shops start their January sales on Christmas Day, and many stores will be opening as early as 6am on 26 December. The Christmas and New Year period can feel like a non-stop shopathon. But even though you may be suffering from festive fatigue right now, if you venture to the January sales, you’re likely to find some tempting deals.

Post-Christmas bargains

New Year sales can offer great deals on electrical items, particularly televisions. TV manufacturers launch new ranges in January, so you might be able to snap up a great deal on an older model.

For cameras and tablet devices, it’s best to wait until the spring when shops drop their prices as new stock arrives. The best time to bag a laptop bargain is in May or June when the latest models come out and prices are reduced on older models.

Think before you buy

However, don’t be too hasty with your shopping. There are some things you’ll want to look out for. When you find a bargain, the price might not include the delivery of the product or installation. It’s also worth finding out how much the extras will add up to. And if you’re up for haggling, you may be able to get the extras for free.

We’ve all felt the excitement that comes with finding a genuine bargain, but don’t fall into the trap of buying a product you don’t need. If you do your research beforehand, you can have a clear idea of what you want and your budget. Never be afraid to walk away if the price isn’t right.

If you’re scouring the high street for discounts, you’re inevitably going to spot some deals we don’t know about. So what’s the best January sales bargain that you’ve found so far?

Our January sales 2013 guide has been set up to help you find the best post-Christmas bargains. We’ve already started compiling deals on kitchen appliances and baby products from shops such as Amazon, Argos and John Lewis.

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Whenever I grab a bargain in a sale, there is always a little voice in the back of my mind asking me if I really need the item. Sometimes I buy things in sales that I wouldn’t have looked twice at while they were full price, especially when it comes to clothes.

shiradez says:
18 December 2012

Do quality DAB Radios ever feature in the sales. such as PURE or ROBERTS

No thank you. I am happy to pay more and avoid the hassle of sales. I know plenty of people who buy things that they don’t really want and sometimes don’t even use, so my tip is to avoid sales completely.

My second tip – if I am allowed two – is to let friends know what you are looking for. Some people actually enjoy shopping and will helpfully search out bargains.

I’m not a big fan of Sales, all too often over the past years, they’re just an excuse to put misleading statements in the shop windows to get footfall. I know there’s legally nothing wrong with saying “upto” in microscopic writing and 70% in writing larger than a small house, but until they’re also forced to add from 0% in large writing too. I don’t get too excited. Although yesterday ( Christmas day ) I did spend almost £200 on “silly” collectables rather than the almost £500 they were 2 days earlier and the shop I used I didn’t even know their sale had started. I just watch their prices ever couple of days to see if what I want is at a price I’m willing to pay. And its wasn’t amazon, Although there’s a nice site camelcamelcamel that tracks amazon prices and you can set alerts when the price is what you want.

SuffolkSilver says:
28 December 2012

Men will pay twice as much for an item they need in a hurry. Women will pay half as much for something they don’t need, a long as it is. In a sale!

Margaret Humfrey says:
28 December 2012

You will find that the Dyson DC41 is even cheaper on the Dyson site at 289.99 pounds, a much better bargain