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What’s the deal with fake Ray-Bans, scarves and dodgy products?

Have you placed an order lately only to have a pair of fake Ray-Bans, a scarf, or just a very poor-quality product show up in its place?

When we discussed a dodgy site claiming to be selling Lego products earlier this month, we explained how the customer received a black scarf instead of their order.

We’d recently seen this happening to people who’d fallen victim to scam Clarks shoes sites after clicking through on dodgy Facebook ads.

Now we’re starting to see regular reports of people receiving fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

It’s likely this is being done to complicate the refund process, as you’ll often be requested to post the fake/strange items back to the seller.

A member even recently told us they’d ordered a flower rack after seeing an advert on Facebook, only to receive a ‘small useless ring’ instead. They couldn’t get hold of the site from then on, and we’ve had no response when attempting contact on their behalf.

Have you received fake Ray-Bans, a scarf, or another random item instead of what you ordered? Let us know in the comments if it’s happened to you.

Poor-quality products

While most reports to us lately have been around strange products arriving, others have received inferior versions of their order.

One Which? member placed an order for a pair of shoes with Confiy.com after seeing them advertised like this on its site:

Here’s what turned up:

The cheap-looking shoes took six weeks to arrive and Confiy.com has so far failed to respond to the member’s requests for a refund.

They’ve since raised a chargeback dispute with their card provider and are waiting to hear if they’ll get their money back. 

Confiy.com has not responded to our request for comment.  

Take care when shopping online

All these examples and reports we’ve received lately show that you must do your research when you’re shopping online, especially if you’ve clicked through an advert via social media.

If you’re not sure if an advert is genuine, check with the brand itself directly via its official channels.

If you’re on a shopping site you don’t recognise, take a moment to do your research – Google the company name. Who knows, you could end up back on Which? Conversation reading a scam warning.

If you do think you may have given your bank details to scammers via a dodgy website, let your bank know what’s happened as soon as you can.

Guide: how to get your money back after a scam

Have you received fake products or poor-quality items from an online shopping site?

MohammedShuaib Sheikh says:
14 October 2020

I have in the past ordered several goods from China and I have had no problem except they take very long to arrive. Once I received the wrong size for which they made the refund.

During the last lockdown in March my hair started to get very long, on Facebook there was an advert for some clippers. They eventually arrived from China and what arrived was like something out of a Christmas Cracket – no good at all, a complete rip-off

Susan Connell says:
14 October 2020

My daughter ordered Converse trainers from what turned out to be a fake Converse website. She got a pair of fake Raybans for the £75 she paid for the trainers. Bank had been rubbish and when she let Converse know they said don’t buy from a fake website! The fake site was really convincing.

When you have chosen the company to buy from why has your bank got any responsibility?

June says:
14 October 2020

I recently ordered what looked like beautiful 2000 piece jig saw of a musical score— a gift for my musical brother. I received a hideous Halloween jigsaw of grotesque pumpkins and only 500 pieces. In a trashy box. I have lost the will to live with this one but I am disappointed because it should have been such a perfect gift and I feel angry, and very stupid and will never buy anything again unless I know the supplier.

Chris says:
14 October 2020

My advice for spoof emails is reply and then wait for a reply back, you will usually get a cannot deliver message back into your email. Other advice, always check if its made in China or the USA and then don’t buy it, they both gave us Covid-19 so why make them richer??

in the past iv sent back items that i did not order just post return to sender it worked for me.

Very good idea why did I not think of that

Joy F says:
14 October 2020

Don’t buy the furry animal that is seen running around eyes opening. I received a cheap tatty toy buy it in the £1 shop, with postage i paid $29.00 they offered me 3% & keep the crap warned me postage was expensive “China” once again robbing people. I have had things from wish most have been ok..

I had an email offering me 80% as i threatened them with paypal. I have told them If i have to send the rubbish back I want 100%. awaiting there reply..

Joy F says:
21 October 2020

I received $24 dollars at least i did not lose too much money. These people should be stopped..

J Mills says:
15 October 2020

i bought a toenail pedicure kit that saves you reaching uncomfortably. Cost me £30. When it eventually arrived it was positively dangerous. Batteries when inserted became too hot to touch. Informed the Trading Standards people but was told because I bought it on the internet and it came from Hong Kong there wasn’t a lot they could do. It would have cost me £15 to return it, but the company were only prepared to offer me £4 refund after they had received it. I didn’t bother.