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What’s the deal with fake Ray-Bans, scarves and dodgy products?

Have you placed an order lately only to have a pair of fake Ray-Bans, a scarf, or just a very poor-quality product show up in its place?

When we discussed a dodgy site claiming to be selling Lego products earlier this month, we explained how the customer received a black scarf instead of their order.

We’d recently seen this happening to people who’d fallen victim to scam Clarks shoes sites after clicking through on dodgy Facebook ads.

Now we’re starting to see regular reports of people receiving fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

It’s likely this is being done to complicate the refund process, as you’ll often be requested to post the fake/strange items back to the seller.

A member even recently told us they’d ordered a flower rack after seeing an advert on Facebook, only to receive a ‘small useless ring’ instead. They couldn’t get hold of the site from then on, and we’ve had no response when attempting contact on their behalf.

Have you received fake Ray-Bans, a scarf, or another random item instead of what you ordered? Let us know in the comments if it’s happened to you.

Poor-quality products

While most reports to us lately have been around strange products arriving, others have received inferior versions of their order.

One Which? member placed an order for a pair of shoes with Confiy.com after seeing them advertised like this on its site:

Here’s what turned up:

The cheap-looking shoes took six weeks to arrive and Confiy.com has so far failed to respond to the member’s requests for a refund.

They’ve since raised a chargeback dispute with their card provider and are waiting to hear if they’ll get their money back. 

Confiy.com has not responded to our request for comment.  

Take care when shopping online

All these examples and reports we’ve received lately show that you must do your research when you’re shopping online, especially if you’ve clicked through an advert via social media.

If you’re not sure if an advert is genuine, check with the brand itself directly via its official channels.

If you’re on a shopping site you don’t recognise, take a moment to do your research – Google the company name. Who knows, you could end up back on Which? Conversation reading a scam warning.

If you do think you may have given your bank details to scammers via a dodgy website, let your bank know what’s happened as soon as you can.

Guide: how to get your money back after a scam

Have you received fake products or poor-quality items from an online shopping site?


Yes, this has happened to me. Ordered two lego sets from willowbooks.co.uk (website has now dissapeared) . When I got the order confirmation email it looked quite dodgy, so I started googling and discovered it was likely a scam website. I then received a tracking number from the company and was advised by my bank to wait a couple of weeks before disputing the payment. Right on time following the tracking link, a pair of fake ray-ban sunglasses have arrived.

P S G says:
18 January 2021

I fell for the Clarks shoes scam on Facebook. Site was clarksoutlet.buzz I received some rubbish fake Ray Ban sunglasses today from China.

Karen Murray says:
30 January 2021

I sent for some hair straighteners on a website sherigriffiths seemed legit they sent me fake raybans. I have messaged them but website has disappeared. Don’t know if i can get bank to reverse payment

Carol Stafford says:
3 February 2021

Ordered Hunter Wellingtons, and received a dodgy Dior Scarf. Ordered from jebjoynichols.com. They have asked me to send photo of goods and packaging to check tracking number. Now looks like there are hundreds of people being asked for the same thing!

Carol – How much did you pay and did you use a credit card to make payment? Your answers will affect the possibility of getting your money back.

Did the price seem to be an unbelievable bargain? – Hunter wellies are possibly the priciest generally available from reputable suppliers.

I wouldn’t sit on the edge of your seat waiting for a useful response from the seller.

Nico says:
5 February 2021

Same here! Ordered two Yamaha guitars and received fake Ray-Ban. I’ve realized this was scam soon after made the payment and called my bank right away. They said, they couldn’t cancelled the payment, just wait for 15 days to contact them again.
I didn’t bother to contact the seller.
I hope we can prevent other people from this scam

Mike says:
9 February 2021

http://www.vanillabikesracing.co.uk, the website is still up and running and yes with the usual none functioning ‘contact us’ button…

Oh, I got glasses as well…hmmm.

[Moderator: this website appears to be a scam website. We’ve retained the URL to help you identify it, but we’ve redirected the link to our guidance on how to spot fraudulent website. ]

On the 17 January 2021 I ordered DrMartens boots, on a seller website: core.gxplmmt.com
I paid £63.93. Instead of the ordered boots, I received a parcel with a pair of sunglasses worth approximately US$ 15.
Payment Date&Time: 2021-01-18 02:16:35.0, Amount: 63.93 GBP
Payment No.: PS2101180216356804
I get such information in email ‘Please note “TONGKATALI4ERECTION” will be displayed on your credit card statement instead of the website from which you purchased the mentioned product.It’s just used for sending bill statement by the seller’s payment processor as a tool.’
Address of sender:
No.7 Shanhe Hengxiang, Jingxi Village, meihuayuan, baiyunqu, GZ, GD 528000 China
Website design looks the same like DrMartens.com. Now it occured this website and the Chinese supplier are scammer.
I would like to warn other potential customers and avoid fake sellers.
[Moderator: this website appears to be a scam website. We’ve retained the URL to help you identify it, but we’ve redirected the link to our guidance on how to spot fraudulent website. ]

I fell for this scam as well. I followed an advert on Facebook for Star Wars lego. I ordered a set thinking this seemed a bit dodgy but wanted the Lego! Then got a text and email from Royal Mail a few weeks later telling me a ‘package’ was on its way to me from China! I had no idea what was coming, and today I received a pair of dodgy ray bans!

Glenys says:
28 February 2021

Ordered a lamp from loveyouhamesha.co.uk and got fake ray bans they are now asking me to keep them and they will send me 50% money back or return them which they say will cost £25 before they release a full refund . I am beyond fuming !! scam from China . I will be taking legal action on principle .

Glenys – I’m sorry to read this purchase turned out badly. Who are you going to sue? It is an American company subject to Californian law and it seems to be just a marketplace operation. A quick read of the terms and conditions set alarm bells ringing. Do you really think the Chinese seller will return even 50% of your payment?

The UK’s Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not apply to this transaction. If you paid using a bank debit or credit card you could seek a refund by Chargeback. If the cost exceeded £100 and you used a credit card you could ask your card issuer for a refund under s.75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. If you used Paypal there is no formal refund mechanism since that is just a money transfer service.

Another website that lacks company and contact information and has dodgy language. Dealing with such “traders” is at your own risk.

. . . and having a .co.uk domain name does not make a company subject to UK law or mean it has a presence in the UK. It is just another part of the overall deceit.

Unfortunately, if you cannot readily check that a company is UK registered and operated then it is best to assume it isn’t.

If a stranger knocked on your door and tried to sell you a lamp by showing you a picture, wanting the money immediately and telling you the lamp would turn up in a week, would you buy it from them?

No you wouldn’t, but that is exactly what you do every time you shop on the internet, the only difference is you can’t see their face.

If you don’t buy from a reputable well-known company you need to get into the habit of checking them out first. An internet store should have contact information, if it doesn’t that should be a warning to you. If it does have company information, you need to check that they are who they say they are.

I put together this Shopping Checklist with ways to check out who you are dealing with before you part with your money and help keep you safe online.

These are what a few websites detectors have to say. You can add your experience to warn others and lower their rating even further.

Scam Detector gives the seller 23.6 / 100
If you read the reasons, the website has only recently been set up so very little data to go on. All sellers have to start somewhere, but a recently set up website with too-good-to-be-true prices and very little seller information is almost certainly a Chinese scam.

Scam Doc gives the website 8%.

Scam Adviser gives the site 75%

I have just done a reverse image search on one of the more unique looking lamps for sale.

It is ‘for sale’ in many countries with just 2 formats on the websites I looked at. Every website has a different name and the format like the one above has a huge reduction in price and a ‘Winter Sale’ with 70/75% off.

These scammers must be raking in £££££££’s.

I guessed it was the unbelievably low price that was the attraction.

I note that there is a large Chinese population in California.

Kerry says:
2 March 2021

I just got scammed,I even checked out the site before going back into the Facebook offer to place my order,I too have had several replies back from the seller to request why I have had Rayburn glasses instead of my order.I contacted my bank who have said the site my payment has gone to looks legitimate and to leave it another 2 weeks to see if my items turn up!!!!
If Facebook are allowing so many people to be scammed on adverts on their page why has this been allowed to continue?
I have never had any problem ordering online before but this has now made me very wary.
My scam was for MOBY toys through a Facebook ad.

Sorry to hear this Kerry. What is the name of the company you bought from?

We were scammed by a Facebook ad for massively discounted Ted Baker handbags. Paid just under £40 on my debit card for two bags from a company with the url uk.salesonlinelike.com. Fortunately we spotted within two hours, comments on the Facebook ad warning about the scam. I rang my bank and asked them to cancel the payment, but was told it was too late. But they said if the goods did not arrive within 15 days, I could claim a refund. I cancelled my card and arranged a replacement. The 15 days expires on 15 March, and I today received the fake Ray Ban sunglasses from shishai in China. I presume this is a test purchase using my old debit card details. The package shows a “value” of $15, but nothing has appeared on my bank account. We have been commenting on about six of these Facebook “Ted Baker” ads, labelling them as scams, but they disappear and return with a different phoney company heading.

Brian – As a matter of interest, what gave you the impression that such offers were genuine and would be fulfilled?

Luckily you haven’t lost a lot of money and the “Ray-Bans” might not be completely useless.

Karen says:
26 March 2021

I to fell for this page ordered two ted baker bags only to receive ray ban sunglasses £ 60 down the drain

Karen – I understand that you were probably not aware that you were dealing with a dishonest oriental trader, but did the cheap price for such desirable and high-demand accessories not cause you to pause before buying? Why would premium brands be sold at bargain basement prices? The likelihood that surplus genuine stock would be available to be flogged off in a secondary market is untenable. That even substitute fake Ted Baker bags are not available cheaply is telling.

A shipping container can possibly hold a million pairs of cheap counterfeit sun-glasses with a profit margin of £25 each but only a tiny fraction of that number of bags with a profit margin of £10 each.

Jan Watson says:
12 March 2021

Watch out for messages and receipts from SERVICE 8. I ordered two Radley bags from a Facebook ad which went to a site which appeared to be a Radley Clearance site. I Googled Radley Clearance and the same site came up, shipping from a company in Scotland. I got my fake RayBan glasses from China today. Why dont Facebook require these companies be checked out? They deserve some of the responsibility for aiding these scammers.

Jan – Facebook merely provides a trading platform for sellers who pay Facebook to be there. Facebook takes no interest in the products being offered. Did you ever think that Facebook and the sellers who advertise there come under the laws of the United Kingdom? The sad fact is that Facebook and its clients are laughing all the way to the bank every time someone gets scammed and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it except go shopping the proper way.

Ruth says:
30 March 2021

I have just been scammed by this so called company gmaodouz. They advertised on f.b as an “official Timberland website”. Anyway,I ordered up to nearly 76 euro/84 dollars roundabout, worth of goods. Payment went through and it was only when I got the tracking number from a so called “service 4”, I knew i was scammed straight away,I was sent a Dior scarf instead. I should have known better,as months before,the same happened with the lego, I received a pair of ray bans instead. I am furious and can not get on touch with the company/e mail address provided. Ruth,Ireland.

Ruth, may I ask after your first experience why you repeated it? I ask, not as a criticism, but to try to understand why people fall for these scams. Was it because it was cheap? Do you trust FB? Did you feel you might be taking a risk?

Catherine Munro says:
3 April 2021

I got fake sunglasses I thought I was ordering 2 radley handbags

Christina says:
7 April 2021

i ordered a paddle board and have had a scarf turn up today with the same tracking number

Hi I ordered a Paddleboard too and had Raybans turn up today. Have you been able to do anything about it? Thanks Alison

Steve says:
7 April 2021


Forty odd quid for a set of chair wheels. The ” RayBans ” arrived yesterday. From China.

Bank statement says I paid Ching Chong Ltd, or some such.

Off to file a claim for my debit card 🙁

[Moderator: this website appears to be a scam website. We’ve retained the URL to help you identify it, but we’ve redirected the link to our guidance on how to spot fraudulent website. ]