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Do you object to electronic receipts?


Will you be hitting the shops for bank holiday bargains this weekend? If you do make a purchase, would you rather have an old-fashioned paper receipt or do you prefer receiving it via email?

I’m a data refusenik.

I fill out the wrong telephone number in email forms when it isn’t apparent why I should have to divulge it and automatically unsubscribe from the marketing emails that appear in my inbox as soon as I’ve bought something online.

As for the cloud, I’m totally suspicious of what actually happens within it.

Of course, you could say I just need to get with the 21st century.

But imagine my paranoia when, among the Viagra deals and once-in-a-lifetime-million-pound business offers, I started to get loads of emails in my junk folder from certain retailers that I’d only visited the week before.

How could they be watching me? Then it clicked. The magic word: e-receipt.

E for ease?

I had wondered why I was asked for my email address by one retailer when it was only fitting a new bulb in my car. And then I remembered duly giving it to a sales assistant in a jewellery shop because I was in such a rush to get a last-minute present before racing for the train.

Retailers say that e-receipts are more convenient for customers, because having a digital copy means it can’t get lost/washed/wrapped around chewing gum should it be needed for proof or purchase when returning an item. They also say they can also double up as a warranty.

I don’t need a warranty for an £8 necklace. But apparently they need my email address, so they can send me offers I’m not interested in and never knew I was signing up for.

Sharing data

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reminded retailers of their obligations under data and privacy laws when it comes to e-receipts, and the fact that people have the right to know what happens to their personal data.

But how much do shops share this information with their staff?

I decided to put it to the test and go back into the jewellery shop.

The assistant requested my email address and I asked why. She said (of course) it was so they could send me an e-receipt. I said I’d rather have a normal paper one. She replied that she’d have to open up the other till and ‘we’re trying to save paper’. So I said I could wait, I’d still rather have a paper receipt and that I’d recycle it myself.

I’m not saying it’s the fault of any shop assistants – in fact, I wonder whether collecting email addresses is the modern-day equivalent of getting people to sign up to store cards. Do they work on commission?

But the retailers should make it clear that any information they ask for is backed up with an honest explanation. That way, a shopper can make a clear decision about whether to share their data, and not just be made to feel guilty about trees.

Do you also dislike getting sent receipts on email or do you think they’re preferable because you can’t lose them?


I wrote a post and was disconnected from the web because it wasn’t liked by “some ” I will never accept an E-receipt till the day I die only paper ones , for somebody to tell you, Anna that you are “saving the planet ” by getting an e-receipt thats outrageous tell them then why is there massive deliveries of rubbish posted through my door continually commercial companies should put their actions where their mouth is . Every action that you do on the internet is recorded by our nice security dept its called data mining -look it up. The USA on the other-hand is putting a stop to it for mass collection of US citizens data by the NSA/CIA/FBI legislation has been introduced stopping it , but not in good old UK . You buy/sell/post/email/ text/ everything is covered your fingerprint action on your keyboard , your voice on your mike , your face on camera . I get the death letters telling me to die soon but before I do give the totenkop companies loads of money-no chance -cardboard box – heavy weight- -North Sea . My wife received a letter from a famous Cancer research charity to which she gives , it made her cry for an hour , why -it said please give £60 to J——- who is dying from Cancer, the problem ?? thats my wife,s name on Tuesday I will be phoning them and believe me I will be making some cry alright , talk about insensitive ! if it was me they wouldn’t get a brass farthing , arrogance personified , they start off give a pound then its £10 now its £60 . better stop there or the fire in me will set this post alight.


I have only once been asked for my email when buying in the high street, and that was at Maplins. But we’re often asked if we want a receipt. I wonder if this is a London-centric thing?


Its not Ian its been one of those “meetings ” to decide policy of corporate supermarket . ltd , its all over the country now , you need to ask for a receipt obviously staff have been “lectured “. I ALWAYS ask for a receipt . As a “Maplineer” from day one of its existence I get very regular emails from then regarding reduced price products.


Well, all I can say is that we’re never asked for our email address at any of the shops we visit – and that includes all the major supermarkets.


That’s strange, Duncan. I have had emails from Maplin in the past, but now I just get occasional postal mailing. Maybe I unsubscribed from the emails I had not knowingly subscribed. I was a regular customer in the 1970s when they focused on electronic components and other items of little interest to most people.


No bull Wavechange I get emails from Maplin several times a week , I still have my original “Maplin Number ” and ,like you started sending away for components when they came out with Maplin Mag number 1 , then graduated into shops expanding all over the country . Its probably because I have praised Maplin elsewhere on the net as well that they keep in touch with me and I used to buy a lot of sfuff from them . I have commented on several virus control companies both in the US and Germany and still get emails from them including the US public help website where I posted a good write-up on a product and they keep sending me updates of the 10,000,s of US viewers of it .While I am good at criticizing companies I seem to be very good at praising the good ones and that gets attention from the “big boys ” (at least in the USA ) where advertising is everything , so I really am even-handed.


I’m not convinced by the quality of some of their products but I don’t recall any safety recalls of their products, so the buyers are probably more technically minded than some other companies.

I don’t really need Maplin to send me updates or electronic receipts. I know where their website and nearest store are.


I don’t recall ever being asked if I wanted an e-receipt.

I do get asked for my email address sometimes and usually give my secondary/junk email address and say I don’t want 3rd parties to have it. Companies can frequently email discount codes or special offers to be used on-line or in-store, so if it is a company I frequently shop with, can save me money.

You can always say you don’t have/can’t remember/just changing/give false emails or phone numbers if they insist on having them.

I now scan receipts and save them with downloaded manuals for quick reference. I lost quite a few on-line shopping email receipts a few years ago when Outlook took it upon itself to do some housekeeping and I hadn’t backed them up for a while, so lesson learnt, save them as documents and back them up.

I do think it should be a condition of contactless payments that a paper receipt be given, otherwise how can you query invalid payments that might appear on your card.