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Your dodgy delivery stories keep on delivering

Delivery Watch

It’s been a few weeks since we launched our Dodgy Deliveries campaign and you’ve been busy sharing your stories. Can you top a wedding dress in a compost bin, or a suit in a rabbit hutch?

First thing’s first, thanks very much to the 17,000+ people who have signed our petition.

A good 2,000 of these supporters also shared their examples of dodgy deliveries, including Paul:

‘Blu-ray player ordered from Amazon was delivered by being dropped over a six foot gate and left to sit in damp ground! I sent it back without opening the outer packaging. Disgraceful.’

Our supporter Mary has suffered from dodgy deliveries of all shapes and sizes:

‘Parcels left in the bin (which was full of nappies), left in the compost bin, left on my doorstep in full view of anyone passing by, left in the rain, damaged, not turned up, no attempt to knock on neighbours when I’ve asked them to etc.’

Deliveries left in bins

Ah yes, compost bins. They seem to be the delivery storage box of choice, despite customers rarely asking for their parcels to be left there. Here’s Jonathan Bliss on Twitter:

That’s bad, but not quite as bad as what Amanda found in her bin:

‘Hermes delivered my wedding dress earlier this year and left it in my garden waste wheelie bin. Luckily, not on bin collection day.’

Eek! Since we’re on the subject of clothes, here’s Ann on why her rabbit was nearly the proud owner of a sharp suit:

‘I came home to find a card saying a suit I’d ordered for my son had been left in the back garden. I went to look and couldn’t see it anywhere, noticed a small piece of plastic hanging out of the rabbit’s hutch and when I opened the door there was the suit.’

Thankfully the suit was replaced, which is more than can be said for the flowers delivered to TimeforTiffin on Reddit:

‘They once “delivered” a box of flowers (they were sent with condolences after the death of my partner’s father) to my house. We were out. Our neighbours, I discovered later, were in. The driver obviously found themselves unable to knock on the door IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO MINE to check if there was anyone who could accept the package and instead posted a card through my door saying that they had left the package in a safe place, “in the hedge under the bin”.

‘And that’s where I found them, squashed between the privet and our full and heavy bin, in the rain. I was, and still am, livid.’

In the dog house

Janet’s delivery driver is in the dog house, just like her parcel:

‘A parcel left in my neighbour’s garage and the note that he posted said, left in the dog house. What????’

Mountainfail on Reddit had his parcel signed for, but not by anyone he knows:

‘I’ve not had any issues recently (famous last words?) but about eight years ago I ordered a book which I had to receive the following day, so I paid for tracked and signed guaranteed delivery.

‘Came home on the day of expected delivery, and no book. Called the seller and asked for proof of delivery – and lo and behold it had been signed for. By “A. Porch”.’

That just about sums up the types of delivery stories you’ve been sharing. I just want to end on a small plea – these stories are key to helping us challenge retailers, but we need your photos too. So I’m putting you on Delivery Watch – if you’ve had a delivery from hell, please take snaps and send them to us (use conversation.comments@which.co.uk) so that we can shame the culprits.


Merry Christmas to the Which supporter engagement team and thank you 🙂

Merry Christmas to you too, William. I hope you don’t have any delivery nightmares this Christmas!

And thank you to everyone for sharing their delivery stories – they’re crucial in helping us challenge retailers.

Hermes and Next leave parcels at the front door without knocking or leaving a card. Luckily we are well back from the road and the door is sheltered. On the other hand, the much-maligned Yodel arrived tonight at 8:15, knocked, sorry it was late – had I been waiting for it? – could he carry it in for me? I was his last call, had no food and was 1 1/2 hours away from home. Nice one.

Ohhhh . . . Christmas and so many parcels! Out of eight or nine there have only been three disasters.

You had my views on ‘Herpes’ above . . . they struck again yesterday. Package was hurled across the garden to land on the front door steps and, despite being well wrapped, the laptop charger inside was smashed. All to save a seven or eight yard walk.

Porcel Farce managed to shred the childrens’ present parcel from their great aunt and just left it in the porch without ringing the bell.

A mobile phone arrived with its fairly stout box squashed ‘though the contents weren’t broken.

On the plus side our parcels from Portugal (mentioned above) have started to be delivered without being returned marked ‘Address Unknown’. This is, perhaps, down to our having a new ‘postie’ who seems to take his duties seriously and is always polite, helpful and handles the mail with care.

Hi can you tell me my rights with regards to ‘Not’ receiving a tracked packaged from ‘Groupon’ (supposedly delivered by Royal Mail) & my postman knew I was away and held back my post for me, yet on the tracking (which i have pointed out to Groupon) it says it was sent to a completely different , delivery office in High Wycombe (I’m in Northamptonshire,so no where near me,) but they are refusing to replace it or do anything about it?? what can I do please??
(Its a package that is Scanned/tracked, but not signed for) I have now emailed Groupon 3 times and they just keep saying as far as they are concerned it’s been delivered, and keep repeating the same thing ‘Ask your neighbours/sorting office’ check area around home or contact royal mail’ (all of which I’ve done, and they’re doing NOTHING). Also it’s the seller who has to claim/go through Royal Mail, not the recipient.
It was paid for by debit card so don’t think I can claim through my bank card, I’m furious, they’re being so unhelpful, and I’ve paid out money and received nothing.
Please help, Thank you!

Ernie says:
22 May 2015

Country Yokel = Yodel?

I have telephoned Yodel twice, filled in 3 complaint forms and participated in an online ‘typing’ dialogue with one of Yodel’s customer service people; might as well opened the front door and shouted my complaint!

I had an email stating my parcel was delivered, no knock on the door just the email. I raced to the door expecting my parcel behind the wheelie bins or worse inside of one of them; no such luck! How can I, and my next door neighbour receive emails the same day from Yodel stating our parcels were delivered when they didn’t come near our homes?

It’s now been 3 weeks since the communications but neither my neighbour or I have received our parcels thing let alone an update call with an apology. I suspect I will be chasing to get a refund via PayPal.

We ordered some trainers through Amazon and were dismayed to hear they had been despatched via Yodel. We joked that they would probably be left in our refuse bin. Well, we’d been shopping, opened the door and found a card from them. The card said they’d tried to deliver our parcel but as there was no reply had left it in our……black and green recycling bin! Good for them – a sensible place to protect it and secure as the bin is by the house, not near the road.

I ordered a record from America with tracking. When I checked the tracking last Saturday it said it had been delivered, I was in all day. I tried the tracking number against a number of UK couriers as I found out USPS use a UK courier to deliver, nothing. When I contacted the seller they just told me to check with my local deliverers as the item is marked delivered and it’s up to me to sort it out. I can’t contact USPS as I need a zip code to send an email. I’m in a first floor flat so the intercom needs to be rung to be let in, I have reliable neighbours for when I’m not here. How can I prove I haven’t received it?

Hermes are simply appalling to deal with. Not only have I had parcels go missing. Twice now they claim to have ‘missed me’ citing access issues. There are no access issues whatsoever either at the property or on the surrounding road network. When trying to contact customer service the automated telephone system refers you to the website on all three options. Starting up an online chat is next to useless as the person cannot refer you to higher up or explain what the issue is. They simply do not take customer care even remotely seriously and are deceitful in the extreme. I am now attempting to seek GPS data from the van. Avoid at all costs!

Michael says:
4 January 2018

I sent a box of 4 pounds of home-made Xmas biscuits as a surprise to someone. After wondering why he hadn’t mentioned it for quite some while, I eventually found out: The HERMES driver had thrown it in the bin. The weirdest idea I can think of, least of which because many councils only collect every three weeks. No card, nothing.

By the time this was eventually and only by coincidence found out, the carton had completely become soaking wet, leaving it all completely ruined. An attempt to complain to HERMES in an online chat was rudely rejected by the agent. First he claimed it was delivered to reception (there is no reception at a residential address). Then he pointed out it was left in a secure location (how can a garbage BIN be secure?) When I asked for his supervisor, he only pointed to their T&Cs which won’t allow complaints after 28 days, then he simply ended the chat abruptly.

I suggest that you make a claim for the maximum £20 compensation, assuming that the recipient can provide a photo of the damaged goods as evidence. Best of luck.