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Disappointed by Disney – the missing Christmas deliveries…

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If you have young children, chances are they’re a Disney fan. But over Christmas, disappointed customers took to the Disney Store Facebook page to complain about missing goods or the wrong gifts showing up.

Christmas is a time of giving, and for the little ones, who still believe in Santa, it’s also about receiving. But what happens if Santa throws up a situation like the one below?

‘My order, which I placed on 1 December, hasn’t arrived. I tracked it online and it says that it was ‘delivered to letterbox’ on 9 December – it wasn’t!’

This was the case for the Disney Store over Christmas, where customers reported problems with receiving items. Unfortunately, the case above wasn’t isolated and other customers wrote in. Disney issued an apology on its Facebook page, prompting another 300 comments.

Taking the Mickey?

The first thing to remember is that deliveries are the retailer’s responsibility, not the courier’s. If you go online and buy a present, goods should be delivered within the time frame agreed or if no time is agreed then delivery should be in not more than 30 days.

If you’ve simply changed your mind, remember that you don’t have to wait as you have rights allowing you to cancel your online order, anytime from the moment you place it, up to seven working days from the day after you receive it.

If you’ve simply changed your mind, remember that you do also have rights allowing you to cancel your online order, anytime from the moment you place it, up to seven working days from the day after you receive it.

Do remember though, that if your item is personalised, you do not have automatic rights to cancel if you change your mind – although your rights are still the same for items that do not show up or are wrong.

And if you’ve paid for it to arrive by Christmas and it didn’t, then you can ask for a full refund – and for the seller to cover the cost of returning the goods.

Problematic presents

Disney customers also complained about receiving items of clothing in the wrong size. If this is the case, and your little princess costume is in fact made for a tiny princess, then do not fear – all goods must be sold as described, so you have the same rights as you would when buying face-to-face. To help with this process, remember to keep any order receipts showing what size you have bought.

Have you been affected by Disney’s delivery problems? How long did it take the company to resolve your problem, and are you happy with the outcome? Have you had a similar situation with another retailer over Christmas?


This is not about Disney so feel free to delete my comment.

On the 20th December I paced an order for a book from The Book People. The book was £1.80 (RRP £20) and they shipped in on the 21st. Perfect I thought….but they used the “amazing” yodel and yep, the book never arrived.

I posted on the Facebook page but was blanked. But then kicked off on Twitter and The Book People’s Tom phoned me up. He agreed to refund the book. Plus re-send a copy on the 2nd Jan when the office re-opened.

3rd Jan arrived and the book came (in-fact they sent 2 copies).

So while they did let me down due to “amazing” Yodel they did sort it out so I am sort-of pleased.

PS: They use a rip off 0845 number so i refused to phone them. This is why I took to Twitter and FB.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear Lee – we’d love to hear about any examples of delivery problems, Disney or not 🙂

Stephen Baxter says:
10 January 2014

Good use of Social media to get action and let others know of your experience.
Yodel are not highly rated – I recommend DPD and Royal Mail.

I was planning to give an iPad Mini as a Christmas gift, but due to some dithering about which model was wanted, it seemed better to wait until after the break. John Lewis offered a 3 year warranty and collection from the local branch of Waitrose, so there was no need to wait at home for delivery. Although the Christmas rush is now history, the goods had not arrived at Waitrose by yesterday evening, so it was a wasted trip.

Stephen Baxter says:
10 January 2014

John Lewis are great for customer service.
For a Apple iPad I recommend the Apple Store.
For iPhone Three are best.

I did not place the order with John Lewis myself. Apparently there was an ‘IT error’ and the model offered at a good price and with a good warranty is not out of stock. Not pleased. 🙁

Buying direct from Apple is very reliable in my experience but I feel that the consumer deserves more than a year’s warranty.

I don’t know if it is still the case that iPhones can only be switched between service providers if purchased direct from Apple.

To conclude the story, we finally got an iPad Mini, albeit a different model, from John Lewis, with a £10 discount for their mistake. It was not the cheapest price but included a 3 year guarantee.

Stephen Baxter says:
13 January 2014

Under consumer law you are covered for
5 or 6 years (depending on whether you live
in Scotland or England) if an item is defective.
Apple offer free training courses in all their products
so if you live near an Apple Store worth checking out.
Purchase can be from any retailer and
no prior knowledge required.

I think the consumer can sue the seller for up to 6 years but there is no warranty for that period.

I ordered a coffee table from Asda Direct on 20 Nov. I’ve had three delivery dates promised and broken. Got an email yesterday saying it had now been despatched and the email said it would be with me by 28 Jan! Worse than that, the order status online says delivery 21 February! If it has been despatched how can this be? It’s ridiculous. I would cancel but I really want this particular table. No way will I use them again.

Forgot to say, I did get the £2.95 delivery charge refunded after my second call to their call centre in South Africa.

Stephen Baxter says:
10 January 2014

I always set firm delivery expectations and if they are not met then I go elsewhere.

Isobel says:
10 January 2014

I ordered a bed from Dreams last year with a 6 week delivery date.
That date came and no bed or phone call. I tried to contact the local store several times with no answer so eventually left a message. I am still waiting for them to call me.
After a while I spoke with Dreams customer services and they told me that they didn’t have any in stock, in fact the beds were still in transit from India!
I was given the option of another bed but would have to wait about 6 weeks again, which was longer than I would have to wait for my ordered bed. So I waited for the bed.
The next delivery date came and again no bed. I spoke with customer services and there was no record of any delivery date or of the previous phone call I had with them!!
After a few phone calls I was given free assembly.
After looking at their web-site I found that if you order a bed online you get free delivery. I had a look at other sites and found the same bed for £100.00 cheaper. Another phone call to Dreams. They did eventually match the lower price and add free delivery.
Beware of Dreams, they gave me nightmares.

I ordered a DAB radio and a Hudl tablet from Tesco just as soon as I discovered the Hudl was back in stock, I was given a delivery date with my preferred collection from my local Tesco Express at 1600hrs on 24th December. I turned up at the store with my order copy only to be told after a lengthy wait that it had not arrived at the store despite being collected by YODEL. The manager told me that quite a few electronic items go missing like this. I spoke to Customer Service and they reordered the items for delivery on 30th December. I did not think CS was very apologetic about this failure to protect my order from thieves and deliver on time, on Christmas eve. I am happy to report both the radio and the Hudl are now in my possession.

Lynda Stanleigh says:
12 January 2014

My daughter-in-law ordered several items from the Disney Store at the beginning of December for my grandchildren’s Christmas presents as it was easier to have it delivered when you have small children….the tracking seemed to disappear…after ringing Disney twice they confirmed the parcel was lost..by this time from the 5 items ordered only 1 was now in stock….it was now 11th December…My Daughter-in-law had to buy alternative present near to Christmas..she was very upset and very disappointed in Disney…it might help Disney to have a reliable company doing the deliveries..and if there’s a big Mickey Mouse on the front of the delivery box it could be a temptation for some people…

Stephen Baxter says:
12 January 2014

This is not acceptable service from a Major company. I would suggest asking for compensation
to cover the purchase of the alternative item, communication costs and disappointment.
Good Luck!

Stephen Baxter says:
12 January 2014

Under the Distance Selling Regulations you may return an item bought online within seven days
without specific reason for a refund to include
The purchase price
Shipping costs to you.
Shipping costs to return the item.
I recommend insuring the return for the purchase price (include that in your return shipping costs).
Don’t be fobbed off by companies referring to terms and conditions if they were not brought to your attention at the point of sale.

jenny m says:
17 January 2014

ordered a food mixer on line through John Lewis on 4th Jan . Tracker said it was out for delivery on 8th January – didn’t arrive on the 15th JL classed it as lost. I ‘phoned them each day with a range of excuses- some of which were absolutely not true. We ended up spending a total of 6 working days waiting in for the delivery. they failed to call back when promised. Asked for £50 compensation – still awaiting a confirmation of whether they are willing to do this. Will not shop on line with them again for a large item. So disappointed I really thought I could trust JL. Back to Amazon I think!

Margaret Henderson says:
14 August 2014

Disney, like many other big, once-reliable companies, has gone down the tubes. They no longer us Royal Mail for deliveries, but have given the contract to the two companies rated the worst couriers in a recent survey – Yodel and Hermes – and their next day delivery has stopped for large swathes of Scotland. Last week, and not for the first time, but certainly for the last, I had so many mistakes by Disney – wrong address etc, meaningless messages, and was finally promised delivery on Saturday by Hermes, whose usual method is to throw parcels at the front door and leave, claiming to have left them “in the porch.” The entire country is covered in fictitious “porches.” So I stayed in, without much hope, I admit. No delivery. Promised again on Monday, so stayed in, then got another email from Disney promising Tuesday. With long and bitter experience of Disney’s chosen courier I had no confidence in Tuesday either, so I cancelled the order. I checked with Hermes on Tuesday and discovered that the parcel had never reached the hands of the courier – so how could it have been delivered on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday? The response from Disney was that it was always down to be delivered on Tuesday – even though the courier still didn’t have it to deliver and they had given me those other days! Disney then refused to send the parcel – for a 6 year-old’s birthday – by Royal Mail Special Delivery, even if I paid extra for it. They then offered a discount “on your next order,” like I’ll ever order from them again! They can’t blame their “new cast members”, though they did, that’s the responsibility of Disney, and they can’t blame the courier, they appointed them because they are cheap, and that is their responsibility too. I’m still waiting for my refund, they take it fast enough but paying it back seems to be such a laborious task. Bringing magic right to the heart of your home indeed! The Magic Kingdom has totally collapsed.

Stephen Baxter says:
15 August 2014

I have had the pleasure of visiting Disney Theme Parks in both Calafornia
and Florida a number of times. The whole experience
was magical including several items of merchandise
that I purchased.

2 years ago I complained to Jeff Bezos,
President and Founder of Amazon about Yodel.
After a year using DPD (1 hour timeslots ) for £79
I switched back to Yodel. They are much bettter now.

I would suggest trying to locate the merchandise
elsewhere – stores and online.
Meantime request refund and compensation from Disney.

Maria I Kilburn says:
21 December 2014

Ordered Christmas items from Disney store on-line on Black Friday, including a Personalised item.
Upon informing them order not yet arrived, as e-mail received by me stating order had been shipped, I have been asking why Hermes not contacted as I am unable to contact them personally , I still cannot receive an answer from disney services, considering I have requested this twice now, I feel as if I do not matter.
Been informed some of the items no longer in stock, do I want to cancel or a replacement, of the same value.
How can they be alternatively replaced if for one I am going to have to pay more, expecting me to pay the price for lack of delivery. I am totally dissatisfied with the customer service I am receiving at present, and will certainly NEVER order from them, or recommend same.

Michelle says:
18 December 2019

So fed up my order says it’s been delivered and there nothing g they an do I have been robbed