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The oddest place you’ve found a delivery

Benjamin Ward myHermes parcel note

A delivery being left outside without your consent is bad enough, but what about when your parcel is left in your recycling bin or thrown over the fence? Or even worse, thrown on to your roof?

You may have spotted this story in the news. Benjamin Ward arrived home to find a note from his courier saying that his delivery was ‘stuck on roof – sorry!’

Lo and behold the package – containing clothes he’d ordered for his son – was sitting pretty on top of his house. Benjamin tweeted about what happened:

MyHermes spotted Benjamin’s tweet and sent the courier back to apologise. The courier also came armed with a ladder to retrieve the parcel. Mr Ward graciously commented on the experience: ‘It was super-awkward. It was more funny than anything else, so I don’t really want to make a big deal of it.’

Unusual delivery places

Can you beat Benjamin’s experience? Darren Shirley in our Campaigns team once had one of his deliveries thrown over a gate into the car park next to his block. Peter O nearly had his delivery sent off to landfill:

‘Unbelievably, the courier had dumped a bulky package inside my waste bin when I was away for a few days on business. I had asked a neighbour to put my wheelie bin out on waste collection day. Thankfully, he forgot to do this!’

And how could I forget Which? Convo regular William – one of his deliveries ended up being taken round his garden by a fox. William now proudly sports a photo of the offending fox in his avatar (the more you know!).

What unusual places have you found your parcel? Oh, and if you need help, we have lots of advice on what to do if your delivery goes missing or your parcel has been damaged on our Consumer Rights site.

Will Chegwidden says:
17 August 2014

A friend sent me a box of Hotel Chocolate chocolates and the courier must have got in to my neighbours backyard and then decided to hurl it over our communal backyard fence “towards” my backdoor as I found it near the back door, and my own back gate was locked. Unfortunately they managed to hit and break part of my fancy £110 pet flap (it has a microchip sensor and light sensor in it). They promised to look in to it but I’m still chasing them months later.

Amanda Warner says:
18 August 2014

Hermes delivered my wedding dress earlier this year & left it in my garden waste wheely bin, luckily not on bin collection day

Barbara says:
18 August 2014

A present containing cheese, clearly marked as such on the outside, was put in our greenhouse on a dry hot day and without leaving us any note. Found a day later. My husband is fond of ripe cheese …
Suppliers using Yodel and MyHermes are generally to be avoided – packages have languished at delivery personnel homes for more than a week before being returned to sender.
I really like Collect+, both for receiving and sending, and for their tracking.


Wow, that delivery takes the (cheese) biscuit!

Niels Thomsen says:
9 January 2017

“Suppliers using Yodel and MyHermes are generally to be avoided…” – but Collect+ IS Yodel!


Courier threw the parcel over what he thought was my fence.

He missed and threw the parcel into a dense pack of conifer trees at the back of my neighbour’s garden, adjacent to the side alley of our house.

I didn’t find the parcel for 6 months, after a very heavy storm damaged a 6ft fence panel and I had to remove and replace it

Book was under the trees, damp,withered and infested.

It took ages to get my money back!

Tim Dabbs says:
20 August 2014

I live in a town house with about a 14 foot driveway straight onto the pavement and no fencing or hedge. I have quite often had parcels left behind a neighbours small (2 foot) potted fir, quite often which I have not noticed for a day or two. I have never been given the option, when ordering online, of a delivery date or a delivery company. So far everything has been fine up to now, quite often, goods are left with neighbours and a form is put through my door. The worst company I have come across is DPD who insist, when you go to their depot to pick up a parcel, of making you specify a time for collection. As their depot is 12 miles away, through horrendous traffic, I am quite often late!


Hi everyone, thanks for sharing all of these stories. We were in touch with some of you to help with the launch of our latest campaign – Stamp Out Dodgy Deliveries! You can see some of your stories featured: http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/dodgy-deliveries/

And we’ve published a new debate: https://conversation.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/stamp-out-dodgy-deliveries-delivery-online-shopping/