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Have you been let down by Currys PC World?

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool this year. Have you experienced problems with your order?

Alison, an NHS key worker, is one of many Currys customers who has been left with a faulty machine during the pandemic. When her washing machine began to leak, she told us:

“The hall and kitchen were flooded. The dryer cuts out every time you put it on too, it doesn’t do a full cycle, it’s not fit-for-purpose at all.

I work for the NHS, so I have to wash my uniform every night because of coronavirus. I’ve also been washing my stuff in the sink, but I can’t do that in the winter, it will be mouldy before it dries”

Currys PC World instructed Alison to get in touch with the manufacturer to organise an engineer visit to confirm the appliance was faulty.

Guide: Consumer Rights Act 2015

Despite numerous engineer visits and attempts to repair the leak, Alison continued to experience faults with the machine, and only used the machine on a low cycle for fear of it leaking again.

“I can’t leave the washing machine. It’s put me under so much stress, having to stand in the kitchen and watch it. I’m cross that people can treat me in such a cavalier way. All I want is my washing machine so I can get on with my life”

We got in touch with Currys and it arranged to remove and exchange Alison’s faulty machine for a more expensive model. It said:

“We are very sorry to hear about our customer’s ongoing experience with her appliance and for the manufacturer’s delay in confirming the fault, a necessary part of the process that allows us to exchange a faulty machine”

A litany of Currys complaints

Unfortunately Alison isn’t alone in her poor experience with Currys.

Scores of other customers have complained about faulty goods, missing deliveries and poor customer service since the beginning of lockdown.

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool between January and October this year.

One in 10 faulty goods complaints sent to us between these dates was about Currys, compared with one in 20 in the previous 10 months.

And prior to this, we heard from a string of customers who have been ripped off by Currys’ Knowhow set-up service.

‘Unprecedented demands for products’

Currys told us:

We are truly sorry to customers who haven’t received the standard of customer service we expect of ourselves. While we are fulfilling the vast majority of our services successfully, we appreciate that one complaint is one too many”

It says it’s experienced unprecedented demand for products during the pandemic and has had to adopt new ways of working since the first national lockdown, such as new training, launching a new webchat function and upgrading its systems to ensure refunds and returns are processed as quickly as possible.

If you’ve experienced poor service from Currys, we want to hear from you in the comments below.

Whether it’s with a faulty product, a delayed delivery, or poor customer service – let us know what happened.

Which is more important to you: a good deal on a product, or good aftersales customer service?
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Caroline scaletta says:
8 December 2020

Ordered and paid for a washing machine to be delivered and paid extra for them to install it also. Delivery shows up and the guys ask if I have any spanners! He said they have not got any in the van. Shocking. He said it happens all the time and that I was the 3rd customer already that morning who they’d had the same situation with. Sent them away with it. Contacted customer “helpline”.. again shocking. Got my refund through after ringing a few times… but no explanation as to why they don’t have spanners on their van. Mystery …

I ordered an IPAD Pro and accessories on next day delivery for a total £1500 and was delivered the wrong iPad and no accessories. It has been over a week and still no resolution. I was even given a refund reference which turned out to be false. When I called Currys the next day to have my refund confirmed I was told the reference didn’t existing no refund is being given. now I’m being told they will get in touch with me when they get around to my complaint. I have called customer services in total 8 times waiting 30 minutes each time and still nothing.

Hi Naz

I’m disappointed to read of your experience with Currys PC World in respect of this matter. This really is poor customer service.

If you are comfortable doing so, it may be worthwhile taking the incorrect item along with your order confirmation to your local Currys PC World branch and having the refund processed in store in accordance with your short term right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Alternatively, you may wish to ask for the correct items to be provided.

This would hopefully speed up the process of reaching a resolution by taking out the wait time for their service centre to deal with your complaint and the inconvenience for you in chasing an outcome.

I hope the above information is of assistance. Should you require any further legal advice then please do get in contact with Which? Legal to explore your membership options.

This information is provided by Which? Legal. To join call 01174 054 854 or visit Which? Legal to find out more.

Lauren Stacey
Which? Legal – Lawyer FILEx

I’m going through an issue with Currys as we speak. Nightmare. HiSense American style Fridge freezer developed noise ~ 6 weeks after we bought it (Sept 2020), a loud drill like noise. Both fridge and freezer however were working fine. Raised case via HiSense warranty web site. No response. Phoned 2 – 3 times on different days. No response. Again. Decided to try Currys. After 45 minute hold, got through to 0800Repair who look after HiSense repairs in the UK. Got appointment on 30 November.

Engineer arrived, took the back panel off and investigated the noise. He thought that the “control module” was faulty, causing ice build up around a fan which was causing the pneumatic drill type noise. He arranged to order the new part and left. Next morning the fridge temperature was around 15 degrees! ** He broke the fridge! ** 0800Repair told me the control module would take weeks to arrive – appointment date is 5th January. ** 2021 **. So no fridge/freezer over Christmas?! And in the meantime we’ve had to throw out food in the fridge and freezer – and but a small portable cool box to survive without the fridge. I estimate we are at least £300 out of pocket. All because the 0800Repair technician

Phoned Currys. Multiple times. 30 – 45 min hold each time. Getting nowhere, I did video chat with a Currys staff member in a shop. While he was not supposed to help me, he did tell me that after 28 days, if they can’t fix it, I could get a refund. So more calls to the fault line. Eventually got someone who agreed we should get a refund – but told us we’d need to get a return authorisation code from HiSense. So more calls to HiSense, more 45 minute holds. Then told HiSense would not authorise that. They want to repair. Next year.

More calls to Currys. And still no-one from Currys is trying to help us. Some we got through to even put down the phone when we have pressed for a resolution. don’t tell me that is because they are too busy. This is an organisation without a moral compass. and a vacuum of leadership.

more calls to Currys. No staff member sufficiently trained, or sufficiently empowered, to fix our problem. I am convinced they are trained *not* to help you, or to give refunds. So we’re at stalemate.

So I spoke to friendly Mark on the Which helpline today, and he gave me some me good advice (thanks Mark!). Apparently this “get a return authorisation from HiSense” is nonsense and against the Consumer And I contacted a legal advice service we have with our home insurance, which could result in legal action soon.

Anyone have any suggestions ?

As it is within 6 months of purchase the Consumer Rights Act gives the option of a repair or replacement; technically you can choose but the retailer can in practice go for the cheapest option. The remedy must be provided without causing the consumer unreasonable inconvenience.

Hi Mark – I am sorry to hear about your hassles with Currys. I have had my own hassles with the company.

I hope that your home insurance will cover the cost of your wasted food. The ice build-up is likely to be due to a fault in the automatic defrost system. Your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act are against Currys and within the first six months after purchase a fault is presumed to be present at the time of purchase. You do not legally have to accept more than one repair, so you should be eligible to a refund. I also agree with Malcolm that the delay is unreasonable.

Ordered two Amazon dots on 27th December via eBay.Got two cancellation emails on delivery date of 5 th December,which was poor postage anyway.This stated orders cancelled as not in stock.This shows that they could have informed me in November of lack of stock.Shocking company as these are childrens presents.now have to wait for refunds .

Kevin, sorry to hear that. I normally manage to use eBay for simple honest traders who have nothing to gain by lying about what they have in stock. That said, for Amazon products, I would be quite likely to go straight to Amazon.

Darren Meehan says:
11 December 2020

I bet you they are back on sale on their ebay site but now at a higher price. This is a trick they have played this year on Black Friday

It’s good to see that Currys is in the news for letting customers down: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55232790

Which? gets a mention.

Which? are quoted as saying: “The tech retailer has earned itself a poor reputation for customer service and in a recent Which? survey received just two stars for its after-sales service.
The company must up its game or customers will rightly go looking elsewhere for a good deal.”

Some of us will be surprised that Currys was rated as highly as two stars…

When a company competitively undercuts it prices to attract more business it is bound to affect their after sales service. A bread machine I recently purchased from Currys for my daughter was £30 cheaper than John Lewis. So far it has performed well, but no doubt the £30 saving would soon be swallowed up if it malfunctions, both in value and perhaps, more importantly in the pressure and stress of coping with their appalling after sales service.

Last time I took something back to Currys I expected to be told to contact the manufacturer (as they often do) but they just replaced it. I was ready for the usual polite and protracted discussion to persuade them that it was their responsibility to deal with the manufacturer, not mine. It was a bit of a surprise.

David Beaver says:
9 December 2020

The fitbit I bought last Summer does not charge properly. Currys say get in touch with fitbit…in America!! My guarantee is surely with Currys not fitbit and they surely cannot abdicate like this.

Hi David,

You are correct, see:-https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product.

Currys are infamous for trying this on with ill-informer customers.

I ordered an Echo Dot and received a confirmation email and Royal Mail tracking, and money taken from my credit card. As I had heard nothing over a week later I contacted Currys and was told that the item was “lost in transit” and they would have to “investigate and I should allow 7-14 days for this to happen”. I received an email a few days later that gave me no real information and had such bad grammar I was convinced it was a scam email:-

“The investigation into your missing parcel has now concluded and would like to resolve this for you however, It has been brought to my attention that the product that you have ordered is currently out of stock

I would recommend that you to browse our website to see if there is any alternative product matching the price, we would be happy to send you an alternative product.

Alternatively we would be happy to issue a full refund.”

I contacted them via the live chat link provided and was told I was 166 in the queue! Eventually I got through and I asked for a refund. I have heard nothing further despite asking for email confirmation of the cancelled order and refund. The live chat conversation failed didn’t email to me as promised for my records. I have exhausted every method of communication and haven’t really got anywhere. The company should not be further allowed to trade until they have caught up with these orders and refunds. The quote on the BBC news item stated that the home delivery service was unaffected. This is yet another lie!! Anything you can do at Which? to help us angry customers would be hugely appreciated.

Tried to order a steam mop which wasn’t reduced on Tuesday 2nd December and as per the “glitch” it wiped my gift card. No refund as of yet. Order didn’t go through. No response on FB messenger and trying through Resolver says give it five more days. This is day four and no refund. Had to buy elsewhere so when I do eventually get my money back I’ll have to attempt to buy something I don’t want to use the card – in store and in stock purchase only. Not going through this rubbish again.

From the terms and conditions on the Currys website:

“Often repairs will be carried out by the manufacturers’ own repair agents with whom we have arrangements in place to ensure your product is repaired by skilled and qualified engineers. If we refer you to such a repair center when you call us, please be assured this is only in the best interest to get you up and running again. If you’re not happy with their service we urge you to let us know.”

I would be very grateful if a member of the Which? Legal team could comment on whether it is reasonable or even legal tor Currys (or other companies) to expect us to deal with the manufacturer. I would far prefer to drop off a faulty product at the store where I bought it, rather than pack and insure it or make arrangements for it to be collected from my home.

Similar wording used to be in a leaflet accompanying receipts for larger purchases in Currys. This lacked the text: ” If you’re not happy with their service we urge you to let us know.”

You have the option in the manufacturer’s guarantee period of making use of it and dealing direct with the manufacturer. However, if you choose instead to use the rights embodied in the CRA then these haveto be exercised with the retailer as it is with them that you have the contract. If this is what Currys imply then it is OK. However they cannot avoid the legal obligations of dealing direct with the customer.

We see energy companies formally criticised by Ofgem if their customer service falters substantially and, if I remember rightly, some have not been allowed to take on new customers. A pity we cannot do the same with retailers.

I’m well aware of that Malcolm but what I want to know is whether Currys can insist that we deal with the manufacturer. It is twenty years since this first happened to me and since then I have insisted that Currys deals with faulty goods rather than me having to contact the manufacturer. I should have made it clear that I was referring to goods that were still under guarantee but was too late to edit my post.

A related problem is that retailers often use phases such as ‘nothing can be done because the guarantee has expired’, ignoring the fact that we do have rights under the CRA. I suspect that misleading customers in this way contravenes the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. It’s not just Currys that does this.

I hope that Which? will comment on the legal position.

Denying a customers legal rights given in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 can result in the retailer being prosecuted. I think when there are persistent breaches by a retailer action should be taken and publicised. I do not know if this has ever been done but I would have thought, by now, Which? might have enough examples to instigate some action?

I have pointed out the requirements of the CRA when dealing with retailers that expect me to contact the manufacturer but what I want to find out is it is worth pointing out that deliberately misleading a customer contravenes the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.

Which? have issued legal warnings to Currys over the long-running problem of upselling laptop computers, discussed at length on Convo. I do hope that Which? will push Trading Standards to take effective action. As you say, they have plenty of examples and can contact contributors if they need more detail, as they did with Alison (see introduction).

Ordered lawn mower to replace existing one which had broken down. Only advised by Currys after I’d paid for goods that the item would not be delivered within timescale originally advised, but instead they would update me weekly with information. I did not receive updates and did not receive the goods. I found it impossible to contact them either by phone or email. After one month they advised they could not fulfill the order and I would be refunded. I received the refund about one week later. I ordered the same item instead from John Lewis – it cost less and was delivered the following day, standard delivery!

Patrick Taylor says:
9 December 2020

Can I plead that Which? finally adopts the Australian consumer champions stance of awarding Shoddy’s to the businesses that have been vile with customers. It gets fasr more notice in the general media that Which?’s alternative of lauding a few companies each year.

A big enough stink about Curry’s would benefit buyers who would boycott for better firms.
” Anabel joins Which? from a background of delivering transformational growth and improved operational performance in a range of sectors including retail, consumer services, fintech and the charity sector. Most recently at Dixons Carphone Warehouse plc she led the transformation of their merged services business.” She then worked for a charity before becoming CEO of Which? in 2018

DCW owns Curry’s . She ought surely to be able to comment on a firm where she has considerable knowledge and is performing so disgustingly. And has done for some years.

Jo Windsor says:
10 December 2020

I am in same position, Currys took my money and I now can’t track the order or get hold of anyone to sort it out. Awful situation as can’t afford to buy replacement and unable to get a refund.

Still no Refund
Still no Refund
I placed an order on the 23rd November and realised immediately that 1 item was incorrect. Tried to contact Curry’s for 2 hours to see if I could change the one item, following day finally got though on a web chat and was told I could not exchange even though nothing had been dispatched and the new item was more expensive- no I had to cancel the item and start again. So what happens? They cancel all 4 items in my order rather than just the one and say I will get a gift card refund in the post. Refund still hasn’t come and all the items I wanted are now no longer in the sale so the refund won’t cover them anyway. Livid. Imagine how much easier this entire experience would have been on Amazon! Now going to have to wait for New Year sales in the hope that the gift card will be here by then.

Neil Simmons says:
10 December 2020

Completely useless customer service, web chat can’t help, can’t get thru on the phone, can’t get a refund or replacement for a damaged item

Had Currys PCWorld care & repair on my laptop. When it didn’t work properly I took it into store. On 16th September they took it from to send it for repair. It took 8 weeks for them to tell me they were unable to fix it. They told me I’d receive my e-gift voucher for a replacement within 72 hours. It took 5 days. I tried to purchase my new laptop on 27th Nov but had a lot of problems with the site (including the site crashing & losing the laptop from my basket and the product then being unavailable for delivery). On live chat Currys were unable to tell me what stores in the country had the product in stock so I was unable to purchase and collect. They would not agree to honour the discount on care & repair purchase beyond the 30th November so I had to keep trying to purchase the product over the weekend. I finally placed an order for the laptop and care & repair on 29th November. My voucher was applied and money denoted from my account. Delivery was due to take place by 4th December. When I’d not received tracking information by the evening of the 3rd I phoned Currys. I was told that as I hadn’t received an email stating a delay that I may be lucky and have my delivery arrive as scheduled. It didn’t happen. I tweeted Currys on the Friday evening and they still haven’t responded. On Wednesday 9th December I phoned and was told the product was out of stock. Really?? It was in stock when I placed my order and should have been reserved for me. The advisor arranged for me to receive a call from a managed within 24 hours; that hasn’t happened. Today I have received an email telling me that it has come to their attention that there is a problem with my order (no apology) and that they expect the product to be back in stock on 17th January. I have been without a laptop since 16th September. I am livid and appalled at how I’ve been treated.

Hi Kirsty, sorry to hear all this. It sounds like CPCW should rename their after care package as “don’t care, won’t repair”.

Eight weeks to diagnose a laptop as beyond repair is completely ridiculous.

Roger Matthews says:
10 December 2020

Ordered a JVC 43 ” Smart TV on 20th November , delivery due on 27th but it has yet to be delivered.
Have sent several messages asking for information on its whereabouts with no effect. I did receive a reply from ‘Veronika’ that gave a telephone number to phone which was a complete waste of time as after the rigmarole of choosing option1, 2 or 3 etc etc – the call then cut off and there was total silence. I tried this 3 times with the same result each time
To add insult to injury, I have just had an email asking me “if I liked the JVC TV” and to rate it – Unbelievable!!!!!
For an established company such as Currys PC world to have such appalling customer care is surprising, so they needn’t expect any favourable feedback from me either
I hope l won’t have to get Ebay involved to resolve this and hopefully get a refund, but it was the TV that I actually wanted…

I ordered a Vtech kiddizoom studio camera for my sons main Christmas present this year on the 29th November. Guess what, it’s the 10th December, no delivery and no replies to my messages asking where the camera is! Everywhere has now sold out online, so I now have no other option but to drive 40 odd miles to another city to purchase one from a different company. And I’ve had no refund from Curry’s either. Absolutely appalling service, I will never buy from them again!!

I bought a new fridge freezer from Slurry’s and paid extra for them to remove the old model. Slurry’s messaged me to tell me to have the old one defrosted and emptied and put outside on delivery day (08 December) from the start of the delivery window (7am to 7pm).
Late afternoon on the 8th the Slurry’s driver called and said the delivery would not now be made and to call customer service (at my expense). Slurry’s then told me they couldn’t try again until the 11th. I told them the entire contents of my fridge and freezer (including all the special things for Christmas) were in cooler boxes on my patio and wouldn’t last that long. Having complied with their instructions to put my old appliance outside for pick up, I no longer had the option to put the food back into that either, as it was soaking wet in the rain and no longer viable. Both people I spoke to at Slurry’s were completely disinterested and at no time did I receive an apology. I asked about compensation for the lost food. They refused to pay for the fridge contents and offered a maximum of £33 for the freezer food, based only on square footage of the appliance, not what I actually had in there. They refused to budge on the redelivery date.
Contacting Slurry’s was a nightmare. It took me ages to even find a telephone number for customer services and then multiple attempts to get through to speak to someone, only to be cut off halfway through the conversation. Contacting them through social media was equally pointless. Whilst I initially got a response to say they would look into it, on both occasions (on Facebook and Twitter), that first acknowledgement was also the last time they responded. To date I’ve had no further contact from their social media accounts, the appliance STILL hasn’t arrived, most of the food is ruined, and I now have to replace it (at a greater cost than £30)!

Andrew says:
11 December 2020

I ordered a nintendo switch online to be delivered into store in early December. After receiving my email confirming that it had been delivered and that i could collect it upon arriving for collection Currys informed me that it had been lost in transit and rather than giving me a refund i was told they would have to carry out an investigation which would take up to 14 days during which they would not supply a replacement product or reimburse me the cost so i could source from elsewhere.

I’ve chased this through their laborious phone system and despite assurances from a Customer Services Manager that it would be paid the next day (4/12) i have still not received my refund or been offered a replacement product.

I’ve been hung up on about 5 times now whilst enquiring about this. What a completely shoddy customer service, i will not purchase from Currys again! Oh and i have still not received my refund, can they do this legally?

Patrick Taylor says:
11 December 2020

Is Currys verging on fraudulent trading? Offering stuff for sale that they do not seem to be able to deliver whilst taking funds? If they did not have a history behind them [bad as it is] then they would be seen as highly suspicious.

Now to be fair they may be getting somethings right but when you see the number of complaints and the numbers of people queued to sort things out the evidence seems to point to a company in disorganisation.

Looking at Trustpilot complaints are lodged by the score every day. Interestingly loads of five star reviews of dubiousness. Even so it manages a 2.2 out of five. Out of 33,000 increasing by the minute 65% give them one star as theat is the lowest one can rate them.

J Martin says:
11 December 2020

Just been waiting in all day for a freezer delivery. Now 8pm and status has just gone to ‘delivered’-no sign of the driver. Last tracking showed him about 15 miles away. Very poor service, don’t lie about ‘delivered’…..

Patrick Taylor says:
12 December 2020

Any update J Martin ?

The number of entries on trustpilot seems to increase by 100 per day and it is probably safe to assume that not every customer who is happy, or unhappy, posts. However one discounts the value of 5 star reviews which essentially say I went and bought an item without a problem – surely that is merely normality. There are reviews which are positive and give reasons that are worthy where staff have gone beyond normal service and do rate 5 stars.

Overall though the complaints seem to more harrowing and troublesome and occurring far far too frequently. And some of them are unbelievable- such as men delivering washing machines and taking away old ones who ask to borrow spanners as they have none on the van. And as the householder did not have them the delivery was aborted.