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Have you been let down by Currys PC World?

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool this year. Have you experienced problems with your order?

Alison, an NHS key worker, is one of many Currys customers who has been left with a faulty machine during the pandemic. When her washing machine began to leak, she told us:

“The hall and kitchen were flooded. The dryer cuts out every time you put it on too, it doesn’t do a full cycle, it’s not fit-for-purpose at all.

I work for the NHS, so I have to wash my uniform every night because of coronavirus. I’ve also been washing my stuff in the sink, but I can’t do that in the winter, it will be mouldy before it dries”

Currys PC World instructed Alison to get in touch with the manufacturer to organise an engineer visit to confirm the appliance was faulty.

Guide: Consumer Rights Act 2015

Despite numerous engineer visits and attempts to repair the leak, Alison continued to experience faults with the machine, and only used the machine on a low cycle for fear of it leaking again.

“I can’t leave the washing machine. It’s put me under so much stress, having to stand in the kitchen and watch it. I’m cross that people can treat me in such a cavalier way. All I want is my washing machine so I can get on with my life”

We got in touch with Currys and it arranged to remove and exchange Alison’s faulty machine for a more expensive model. It said:

“We are very sorry to hear about our customer’s ongoing experience with her appliance and for the manufacturer’s delay in confirming the fault, a necessary part of the process that allows us to exchange a faulty machine”

A litany of Currys complaints

Unfortunately Alison isn’t alone in her poor experience with Currys.

Scores of other customers have complained about faulty goods, missing deliveries and poor customer service since the beginning of lockdown.

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool between January and October this year.

One in 10 faulty goods complaints sent to us between these dates was about Currys, compared with one in 20 in the previous 10 months.

And prior to this, we heard from a string of customers who have been ripped off by Currys’ Knowhow set-up service.

‘Unprecedented demands for products’

Currys told us:

We are truly sorry to customers who haven’t received the standard of customer service we expect of ourselves. While we are fulfilling the vast majority of our services successfully, we appreciate that one complaint is one too many”

It says it’s experienced unprecedented demand for products during the pandemic and has had to adopt new ways of working since the first national lockdown, such as new training, launching a new webchat function and upgrading its systems to ensure refunds and returns are processed as quickly as possible.

If you’ve experienced poor service from Currys, we want to hear from you in the comments below.

Whether it’s with a faulty product, a delayed delivery, or poor customer service – let us know what happened.

Which is more important to you: a good deal on a product, or good aftersales customer service?
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Graham says:
3 December 2020

Totally useless Customer service, phone line is an hour wait or cuts you off. Web chat offers no answers and live chat is just for sales!!.
Waiting for a delivery that is late by 2 weeks and cant get an answer or a refund!!

Helen Johnson says:
3 December 2020

I bought a camera from Curry’s pc world…which also had a £50 voucher towards your next purchase off goods …so I needed a new microwave tried to claim my voucher towards it…was told there was no voucher …I explained that I had bought the camera had my receipt …the sales assistant showed no interest made out in not so many words I was a liar..so I went elsewhere…the aftercare customer service was disgusting…will never shop at Curry’s again

Any retailer can sell a faulty product. It’s how they deal with the problem that distinguishes the good and bad ones. In the story featured here, Currys PC World fobbed off the customer by instructing her to contact the manufacturer and organise an engineer’s visit. Currys told Which? this was “a necessary part of the process that allows us to exchange a faulty machine” .

Currys don’t seem to understand their statutory obligations as a retailer. The company is responsible, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, for effecting a remedy and they should have contacted the manufacturer if that was the only way to handle the customer’s complaint. It is not true to say that an engineer’s assessment was a “necessary part of the process”. It might be desirable from their point of view but there is nothing to stop a retailer from replacing a defective appliance immediately if they so choose. They don’t need the manufacturer’s permission to do that if it is clear that it is the only solution. It could affect the retailer’s relationship with the manufacturer if they replace machines without authorisation from the manufacturer’s representative but that is not the customer’s concern and should not be put up as an obstacle to effective resolution.

As possibly the largest supplier of household appliances by volume now standing, it is not surprising if Currys get a large number of complaints, which are no doubt irksome, and get in the way of making profits, but that goes with the territory and it falls to the major retailer to provide the best possible customer support. Nobody can blame Currys for a faulty washing machine: they can’t examine the contents of the box, but they can take a stand on behalf of their customers against manufacturers who might have a poor track record for product quality. Their first duty is to make sure the customer gets what they are paying for quickly and with the minimum of inconvenience. A broken-down brand new washing machine must be the most disappointing purchase and Currys need to recognise the distress that can cause.

Adrian Stapleton says:
3 December 2020

Me and the wife needed a new i phone and a new cooker,so we went to currys and i got an i phone 11 from car phone warehouse ok i thought so i asked the guy if he could transfer my stuff from my old phone he said could take up to two hours so i left it with him and went to look at cookers
Saw a lovely ceramic topped one with fan oven like i wanted but this was the last in the shop so i said i do not mind taking a displayed one as i had my heart set on it so a deal was struck .
We went home on delivery day the men brought us a well wrapped cooker but the name on it was not ours so back in the car back to shop as the delivery guys do not answer the phone they ring you on we were not very welcome but they got in touch with the delivery guys and started the process of swapping cookers .
But alas all was not good when we removed the wrappings ( bubble wrap actually ) we found one of the rings was still warm ? and it was scratched on the surface the other people had been using it and when i got it connected by a competent electrician none of the ovens or grill were working ?
So back to the shop we went to kick off the Hitler type manageress booted us out of the shop and about 3 hrs later rung us at home to say they are willing to show us another cooker i wanted money back after all that day i bought an i phone £750 cooker £400 WE WERE TREAT LIKE DIRT ! I AND MY WIFE ARE DISABLED TO so i am glad never to spend another penny in their shops

My main concern about Currys is that they have insisted that I should contact the manufacturer when I have returned faulty goods rather than deal with the problem themselves. The first time this happened was over 20 years ago when a vacuum cleaner developed two faults during the guarantee period. I tried to avoid using Currys for years but with closure of department stores and Currys, there is limited choice near where I live.

For years, Currys stapled their receipt in a leaflet that explained that they may refer you to the manufacturer, who is better able to deal with problems. That may well be true but I don’t want to have to pay carriage and insurance to return a faulty product or have to wait at home for their courier to collect it, when it would be easier for me to go back to the shop.

A couple of years ago I took back a faulty Freeview box that was more than a year old but still well within the two year Humax guarantee. I politely argued with three members of staff before they would accept the product for repair and eventually it was replaced with a new one. It’s not just Currys that are keen for customers to deal with manufacturers and around the same time, B&Q wanted me to contact Karcher about a faulty pressure washer during the two year guarantee period. That was easier to deal with and it’s the first time I have had a problem with B&Q.

I presume that by saying that the manufacturer is responsible for dealing with faulty goods during the period covered by the CRA, a retailer would be regarded as misleading the consumer under the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations. It would be very helpful if @hdownes could confirm this.

Thanks very much for your Convo, Hannah. I don’t want to lose Currys (which has many products on display) but I do want them to treat their customers fairly.

Wavechange – Did you mean Comet, not Currys, in the first paragraph of your comment above?

Unfortunately, Currys are still with us but Comet closed some years ago and were a much better retailer for domestic appliances and electrical goods.

Yes I meant Comet, John. Thanks. We had a very good Comet store, apart from pressure to sell expensive extended warranties.

Melissa says:
3 December 2020

Ordered on cyber Monday a game for my cousin it had £15 which was great as full price is £52 PayPal took the money off but didn’t receive an order email went online chat 3 days later to be told the order didn’t go through and they would cancel from their end and refund now the game is full price and was only told a would get a refund nothing they can do ! If they would’ve emailed me Monday to tell me the order didn’t go through I could’ve ordered elsewhere now everywhere is full price

I took my faulty laptop into currys and it was sent off for repair, was informed it would be back within a week, two weeks went by so i rang them to be told it had been written off and i would receive a voucher, i waited and waited. I messaged the knowhow team multiple times across all social media networks to be told lie after lie this went on for 6 weeks. I was goven several dates as to when the voucher would arrive each time i was left disappointed. Finally it arrived. I would have rather been told it would take 6 weeks tan be lied to every day for 6 weeks. The cutomer service and after sales are shocking.

We bought a new fridge freezer from Currys PC World at the end of December 2019 along with the Know How Cover. Our fridge freezer was delivered beginning of January 2020, by the second day of lockdown in March 2020 our fridge freezer stopped working. After numerous hours on hold, emails to customer service, promises of a replacement we were left with no fridge freezer for over 3 months having to leave the house daily to buy supplies in the middle of a global pandemic. I visited Currys on the first day of opening after lockdown and was told I had to wait 48 hours to see if they would write off my broken fridge freezer, the customer service was so bad I left in tears because I was so angry with their refusal to help me. I returned 48 hours later after hearing nothing from them and refused to leave until I had a new Friday freezer but they still stung me on new installation charges was still nearly a week till they could deliver my new fridge freezer (despite advertising next day delivery and 7 day replacement with the currys know how cover) I was utterly appalled with how Currys handled this whole situation and will never use their services again. Despite the numerous complaints I have submitted there has never been any response to my emails let alone an apology. My main concern throughout all this was what if this had happened to someone who was elderly or vulnerable and unable to go out each day for supplies?

I ordered a laptop was told it would be 5 days delivery the minute the order went through I got email to say my delivery was delayed, I now don’t know when I will get my laptop I can’t get hold of anyone to cancel the order or find out when I might receive it as the phone wait is over an hour and the web chat is unavailable but they took my money quick enough. Why are Curry’s so good at giving excuses it’s about time they got there business in order and started doing what they promise to do.

Martin Cronshaw says:
3 December 2020

Ordered 3 appliances for delivery . Daughter drove 100miles to be there. 2 items turned up 3rd one wasn’t loaded on to the wagon. Asked for them to be delivered next day as she was staying over night. Nope cant do it. Told them i was going on a saturday to fit washing machine and would be there all day, nope can’t do that. Can do Sunday between 1pm and 5pm, it arrived at 11.30am no phone call or text to check I was there. Despite emails to Currys complaining, no apologies whatsoever.
A few years ago I went into Currys to buy a tablet for work, I wanted to connect it to my mobile phone and use my phone contract data, I was told it can’t be done. I had to buy a tablet that took a SIM card and pay for a contract for that too. I was dubious and left without one. A bit of googling I found I could use the settings on my phone to enable access the internet on my tablet via bluetooth.
The staff member at car phone warehouse had lied to me.

Me and my wife have a laptop that we took out extra protection for. It has ran hot since the day we bought it but they just kept fobbing us off when we complained.

We charged it up the other week and the case has melted, it melted that bad, that the lid fused to the body.

We sent it back, they said they ran checks to see if the laptop was running ok, and sent it back saying there was no problems.

The fact is, this is a serious fire hazard! We rang up straight away when we got it back to complain and the woman on the phone admitted they hadn’t even ran checks to check the running temperature or even look at the fact it had melted.

Our protection runs out on the 27th of December, in 24 days. It seems to me all they are doing is playing for time until it runs out. They haven’t gave us the reports of the tests they carried out, which we have asked for.

They are apparantly sending us a letter with details of how to appeal their decision, which we are still waiting for.

What are our rights, and who can we approach about the fact we have a laptop that has melted, and could set on fire at any point? As well as the fact they are not honouring their agreement we took out?

Hi Kev,

Which? has a guide to your rights here:-https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product

As you bought product cover, it should be a no brainer for Currys to repair, replace or refund that laptop.

Providing the problem was reported within the term of the cover I don’t think you need worry about running out of time. Currys should still resolve it.

Christopher pike says:
3 December 2020

Had a damage washing machine fitted by them because the first one was making a load noise…let them fit it just incase this one was faulty…they’d covered the damage with tape on instructions failed to remove them when fitting.
Then told me I should of inspected it my self ……

Tiffany says:
4 December 2020

I bought a fridge freezer which was damaged by the delivery men on delivery, they took it straight back. I then spent hours on the phone trying to explain this to customer services who eventually promised an exchange but would not give a delivery date. After a few days of no delivery date I requested to cancel my order so I could have a refund. As I was without a fridge freezer and needed to buy one. I then spent over 7 hours (I have proof) over the course of a week trying to speak to someone from customer services and actually getting them to process a refund. Every time I got through I was either cut off, told different answers, Told the fridge was showing as delivered so I couldn’t have a refund, told I’d already even refunded (which I hadn’t) told i would get a refund within 24 hours, then 5 days then 2 weeks. The stress it has caused has been immense. I will never shop with Currys again and urge other people not to

It is heartbreaking to hear all these stories of poor service by Currys.

Appalling Customer Service. Bought a dryer online 18/11, delivered 21/11 – all good so far. Sadly it was broken and dangerous. Having gone through tedious helpline options twice – was cut off twice. Then went through everything on Livechat – which was a waste of time as they were unable to actually do anything other than offer me £30 to keep dangerous and unusable dryer. They merely referred me back to interminable helpline. I kept trying on that and eventually got through to Beko via that and obtained an uplift number. Called helpline again, answered questions and ended up back with Beko. They told me not to make any selections and I would go through to someone. Tried again, that doesn’t work – you just get cut off. Phoned helpline again, got through to Beko again, and they gave me alternative number 03445616248. Finally got through to someone, who on the face of it was helpful. He put me on hold whilst checked stock, confirmed it was in stock and arranged for collection of faulty m/c and delivery of replacement. He told me I would receive an email and text confirming when it would be delivered, but that it would be the following Tuesday at latest. I had not received anything by Monday so I called the number again. After being in queue for 10 mins, someone managed to tear themselves away from a party patently going on in background to answer. He was obviously somewhat distracted, even going as far as to guffaw at an unseen colleague mid-call. He did however confirm that I would indeed receive the replacement dryer on Tuesday and that I would be texted the time slot early in morning. No text and Dryer did not arrive. Called again Tuesday late afternoon. Was then told that the item wasn’t in stock and it was never going to be delivered yesterday. Glad I waited in. Whilst more stock was expected, I couldn’t be told when it might be delivered. When I asked for it to be sent on Express service I was told no, I hadn’t paid for that (I didn’t require an express delivery originally as I was under the impression a working machine would be delivered as ordered.) I requested a call back from a manager but that didn’t happen. I enquired about getting a refund, to be told that would take 14 days- since I largely paid with Lifestyle vouchers I’m fairly confident Curry’s won’t be able to manage to work that out in any case. I then called again, to be told the stock-in date I had been advised was incorrect, and that they weren’t expecting stock until 5/12, but they couldn’t confirm if I would get one of those, I might hear around the 7th/8th or maybe not. A manager again failed to call me back as requested. Meanwhile, the average wait time for a reply is 20+ hours on messenger, they have failed to respond at all toa complaint raised via Resolver. Have only had an auto holding response to an email to CEO of DixonsCarphone. Are they about to go bust? If not, they probably frankly deserve to. My sympathy is with the frontline staff who have obviously been left entirely un-equipped with the systems and processes required to resolve the avalanche of complaints.

Anthony says:
4 December 2020

There is plenty of advice on a Facebook page and bespoke website… Curry’s PC World where is my refund

Andy says:
4 December 2020

Placed an order with Curry’s and relied on their price match guarantee. Unfortunately, there was no way to contact Curry’s after the purchase to make the price match claim. This week I placed an order online, being very careful not to make any mistakes. All went through fine (paid via PayPal), but then noticed it was missing my flat number, and instead was just using the building number. Could find absolutely no way of contacting them to check/confirm the shipping address. Webchat was simply not there (tried Chrome and Edge browsers), and could find no phone numbers. The only option presented was to write to them via post! Anyway, the item arrived addressed correctly, but the stress was just not worth the few pounds I saved. Also, it highlighted the fact that Currys is operating the ‘low price, no customer service’ policy to keep prices low or profits high(er). I’m not sure I would feel comfortable to order online from Currys again, and count myself lucky I’ve not hit any of the issues posted about on this forum; missing or faulty items. I simply wouldn’t have the time to chase it up. Pity, I know Currys are really trying really hard to match online prices and establish themselves as an online supplier.

Over the years, I’ve ordered several large appliances from Argos and never had any problems with any of those items. I cannot understand why so many folk choose Currys, when they have always had such a poor reputation.

I agree with Derek.

We have bought appliances and other electrical products from Argos, AO, Boots and John Lewis without any of the problems reported here.

Unless I have bought a product before I want to see it before purchase, so I prefer to use shops. At least with Argos I can go back to the shop but very few items are on display.

The decline of conventional shops continues and perhaps the way forward could be for manufacturers to pay for their goods to be displayed in a shopping centre, with a member of staff available to give advice. We could then choose which retailer to use.

We bought our last fridge-freezer online from Currys because they were the only place to have the height we wanted and just under the normal 600mm wide. There were no problems, so can’t say how they would have been handled.

Andy does highlight a problem with contacting companies that doesn’t just apply to Currys and that is NO EMAIL ADDRESS or contact details. Having to fill in an on-line form and getting a bog-standard We aim to reply to all emails within 72 hours is just not good enough.

The majority of sales send out no-reply invoice emails. If the government want to make online shopping safer, they should insist all on all invoices or emails of sale being reply-able with all real contact details available.

I usually buy Which? recommended Best Buy products. No product is perfect and most have some niggling drawback, but overall this has served us well. Having a John Lewis store nearby has made it possible to select appliances carefully and we usually end up buying from them unless there is a significant discount by buying on-line. Amazon have been good and fast on televisions but it’s some time now since we last bought one. A smaller company, Hughes, has performed very well and is increasingly popular because their after-sales service is so good.

Alfa: The customer services email address for Currys is: customer.services@currys.co.uk but as with other companies you probably won’t find this on their website.

An email address can be found on the CEO email site: https://www.ceoemail.com/index-search.php Don’t expect Alex Baldock to respond but your email should find its way to customer services.

I see that Currys does not provide an email address for complaints. Currys needs one more than many companies.

Maybe Which? should. push for all companies to provide an email address so that we can send email and attachments such as photos. It can be difficult to do this via online chat and email is ideal for keeping track of correspondence.

One of the reasons that businesses are not keen to receive emails from customers is because of spam. That’s a problem that we all have to cope with.

Mike says:
4 December 2020

A message of positivity – We had a problem with our (big) order of 3 appliances, as our lanes are too narrow for their truck – it was sorted quickly and with professionalism.

Yes totally fed up I purchased a laptop three weeks ago the wrong one was delivered so they collected it but are still waiting for mine to be delivered
Cannot get through to customer services all they have said is that it is out of stock. They should offer an alternative or give a full refund . Please could someone try and help us customers they must be sitting on hundreds of thousands of peoples hard earned money

JohnB says:
4 December 2020

About 18 months ago Currys said they would deliver our fridge at 3pm one day. It was a struggle for me to get home in time, but I got back at 2.55pm only to see they Currys van drive past me on the way out of my street. I phoned customer service and was fobbed off in a very unprofessional way e.g. being told the van had definitely been there at 3pm. The low level of service I experienced was second to none. It is only because they had the lowest price – which was all I could afford at the time – and didn’t have time to cancel and shop elsewhere that I didn’t cancel the order. I brought a couple of other products from Currys at the same time, and could write a short essay on the number of mix ups and let downs I experienced. Since then my financial situation has changed and I having been buying from John Lewis. I pity anyone who is a customer of Currys.