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Have you been let down by Currys PC World?

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool this year. Have you experienced problems with your order?

Alison, an NHS key worker, is one of many Currys customers who has been left with a faulty machine during the pandemic. When her washing machine began to leak, she told us:

“The hall and kitchen were flooded. The dryer cuts out every time you put it on too, it doesn’t do a full cycle, it’s not fit-for-purpose at all.

I work for the NHS, so I have to wash my uniform every night because of coronavirus. I’ve also been washing my stuff in the sink, but I can’t do that in the winter, it will be mouldy before it dries”

Currys PC World instructed Alison to get in touch with the manufacturer to organise an engineer visit to confirm the appliance was faulty.

Guide: Consumer Rights Act 2015

Despite numerous engineer visits and attempts to repair the leak, Alison continued to experience faults with the machine, and only used the machine on a low cycle for fear of it leaking again.

“I can’t leave the washing machine. It’s put me under so much stress, having to stand in the kitchen and watch it. I’m cross that people can treat me in such a cavalier way. All I want is my washing machine so I can get on with my life”

We got in touch with Currys and it arranged to remove and exchange Alison’s faulty machine for a more expensive model. It said:

“We are very sorry to hear about our customer’s ongoing experience with her appliance and for the manufacturer’s delay in confirming the fault, a necessary part of the process that allows us to exchange a faulty machine”

A litany of Currys complaints

Unfortunately Alison isn’t alone in her poor experience with Currys.

Scores of other customers have complained about faulty goods, missing deliveries and poor customer service since the beginning of lockdown.

We received more than 1,700 complaints about Currys PC World through our faulty goods tool between January and October this year.

One in 10 faulty goods complaints sent to us between these dates was about Currys, compared with one in 20 in the previous 10 months.

And prior to this, we heard from a string of customers who have been ripped off by Currys’ Knowhow set-up service.

‘Unprecedented demands for products’

Currys told us:

We are truly sorry to customers who haven’t received the standard of customer service we expect of ourselves. While we are fulfilling the vast majority of our services successfully, we appreciate that one complaint is one too many”

It says it’s experienced unprecedented demand for products during the pandemic and has had to adopt new ways of working since the first national lockdown, such as new training, launching a new webchat function and upgrading its systems to ensure refunds and returns are processed as quickly as possible.

If you’ve experienced poor service from Currys, we want to hear from you in the comments below.

Whether it’s with a faulty product, a delayed delivery, or poor customer service – let us know what happened.

Which is more important to you: a good deal on a product, or good aftersales customer service?
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Update 08/06/2021

Claire Robins says:
6 August 2021

Deliberating which model of vacuum clearer to buy, I eventually decided on a MIELE Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner -( which I am very happy with) but I inadvertently left an order for extra vacuum bags ( from the other one I’d been considering ) in my on-line order. Currys now tells me I cannot return the unopened parcel of unwanted bags because I purchased them at the same time as the vacuum clearer, in what they refer to as a “dynamic bundle”. Not sure what is dynamic about it ! Their customer service is so poor it’s taken me hours to just find this out, going round and round in circles on their web site. Are the legally entitled to refuse returns without giving sufficient information to customers that this is their policy?

Terence says:
11 August 2021

I will not be using Currys/PC World for any future technology purchases and will be warning friends and family to avoid this incompetent retailer. I had a faulty fridge/freezer delivered back in July and have been sent round and round the telephone support between the manufacturer and Currys. After 90 minutes of being passed between various teams, I was able to speak with someone in Customer Services who arranged for collection of the fridge/freezer (given the hassle so far, the less I have to do with Currys the better, so I do not want a replacement). The driver has now failed to arrive, resulting in another timewasting round of navigating telephone menus just to be told the collection was cancelled because they (Tilbury depot) did not have the packing material to transport the fridge/freezer back. The driver/depot failed to call me to inform me of the situation. Very frustrating and the poor excuses just adds to the insult of spending a thousand pounds on a useless product from a useless company #TeamDontKnowHow

s taylor says:
16 August 2021

Defective fridge freezer for 5 weeks. only 3 months old. 7 calls to customer services. Today 4 calls to customer service lasting over 2 hours. Cut off deliberately by customer services twice;
put through to a company that does not even make fridge freezers;
given an incorrect telephone number for support.
Informed by customer services they are not currys but a third party company working for currys and they only deal with repairs not replacements.
Told the issue is with the product manufacturer and not currys!
Engineer has been out twice and says he cannot fix it after replacing the motherboard last week (unknown piece of broken plastic left in fridge after visit). Website says after 2 visits the product will be replaced, but customer services say it is 3 visits and they are not responsible for the website.

Still no resolution.
I want a replacement new fridge freezer installed, and the defective one taken away, that works
Will never purchase from currys/pc world again!!

From the Which? website:

“Can I get a full refund? – the first six months

If you’ve owned the item for less than six months, the retailer must give you a full refund if an attempt at a repair or replacement is unsuccessful.” https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product-aTTEK2g0YuEy

Currys might be reluctant to give you a full refund but you are within your rights to expect one. Best of luck.

I purchased a Samsung TV 4 years ago. 3 years ago it developed a fault regarding the memory and downloading apps. I was still able to use it through a set top box Before the manufacturer warranty ran out I contacted Samsung and went through their troubleshooting steps. Eventually they said I needed to take it back to the store. I contacted Curry’s who charged me 95 quid to pick it up and look at it. They have since said they cannot repair it and, instead, offered me a depreciated value refund. I am waiting for them to contact me AGAIN to discuss further as the refund is nowhere near enough for a like for like tv of the same age make and model. I want the TV back so I can commission an independent engineer to determine whether or not this was an issue from the manufacturer or not, in which case I would be able to get a FULL refund. They are kicking their heels, so the wait continues. I feel there is a cover up there that they know about regarding the Samsung Series 6 TV’s.

Hi Tristan – Even if there is a manufacturing fault, your rights after the maufacturer’s guarantee has expired are against the retailer and not Samsung, unless you bought the TV from them. You can make a claim against the retailer for five or six years, depending on where you live in the UK: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product-aTTEK2g0YuEy The CRA does not provide any form of guarantee and what you can achieve will depend on negotiation with the retailer. It would not be reasonable to expect a full refund for a TV that you have had for four years. If you can find evidence that there is an established problem with these TVs, that might help your claim.

Although manufacturers have no legal responsibility for faulty goods after their guarantee has expired they sometimes offer goodwill to customers who are unhappy about their products.

The mistake seems to have been not following up a repair or replacement under warranty at the time. Another seeming ignorance of fair practice by Currys and it is really too late now to get much in the way of compensation.

It is tempting to ask Which? to investigate Currys’ seemingly despicable treatment of their customers. However, I wonder just what proportion of their sales result in these problems and how they compare with other retailers? Be interesting to see how all major retailers resolve what proportion of complaints appropriately.

I have already advised Curry’s of the issue. The televisions are well known to those who have one of these that there is a memory problem that was present on manufacturing as thousands of people have complained,only Samsung offered a workaround by inserting a memory stick. I feel they hoped this would suffice until the warranty runs out on the televisions, however, as time goes by more and more people are having the same issue. I have tried to negotiate with Curry’s, but they are adamant the issue appeared on its own. Their offer of a small refund leaves me both without a television nor enough to purchase a new one. I am left with no option but to go through litigation with them as they maintain that this is ‘out of warranty’. They sell these with 5 year warranties but don’t uphold their end when it comes to the crunch. Which? Should investigate this issue further, if they haven’t already. Samsung MU and NU series of televisions, made with faulty motherboards.

Hello again Tristan. The Which? article I posted a link for does mention going to court. If you do decide to go ahead it would be good if you could report back. Best of luck.

James Hildreth says:
25 August 2021

I bought an Oculus Quest 2 from Currys on 15 May 2021. Not available in store had to buy on line but collect from store. The plastic strap at the side of the headset broke. I returned it to the store I collected it from on the 10 August 2021. The returns department did not want to see the fault, and
would not take the broken item from me. They said I had bought it on line, and had to return it, via DPD parcel company. There was no stock at the warehouse, but it was due in on the 26 August 2021.
They arranged for the parcel collection to be on the 25 August 2021,by DPD, from my home address.
The following day I received a text saying the parcel would be collected on 18 August 2021. I tried to contact DPD but was unable to get through. I returned to Currys store, and explained about the problem with DPD. The reason the 18 August was no use to me, was I was going into Hospital on that date. Currys rearranged for the parcel to be collected on 25 August. DPD arrived around 12;00pm on 18 August, as I was about to leave to go, to hospital. The courier driver put down parcel not ready, did not arrange anything further. Today 25 August no DPD no text. Again returned to store unable to help as bought on line buying. Put me through to DPD, collecting tomorrow 26 August 2021 between 900-5.00pm

Cassius Ferrel says:
26 August 2021

I ordered a HP 14s-dq1504sa laptop from the company roughly 4 months ago. Instead I was sent a different laptop because the laptop they sent me came in a plain unidentifiable box and looked exactly the same as the laptop I had ordered. I presumed everything was okay.

It wasn’t until a techie friend of mine pointed out to me that what I had was a lower spec laptop and said the model number in fine print at the base of the laptop was wrong that I became aware of the issue.

I have contacted Curry Clearance who’s communication is very poor, they hardly reply to emails, keep asking for the same information and are very unhelpful.

If you have been happy with the laptop perhaps the best solution would be to claim the difference in cost between the one you ordered and what you received and hope that the company will be a little more generous to make up for the inconvenience. You are of course legally entitled to receive what you ordered and payed for but it might not be easy, especially since Currys are not noted for being helpful to their customers. Best of luck, Cassius.

barbara gibbons says:
26 August 2021

I payed for a fridge freezer onthe 11th of august,was told they would arrive in the shop on the 13th of august and they would ring me soon after tolet me know when it would be delivered.heard nothing so phoned the number on my reciept only to be told it would not be delivered untill the 25th of september.had i known i would have to wait so long i would of bought it elsewhere.needless to say i wont be shopping there again.

Can you get it elsewhere for a good price and quicker? If so I would cancel your Currys’ order.

I’ve just had my oven delivery cancelled by Currys as they say the item is now out of stock. It was in stock when I bought it and they’ve taken my money. What is the legality of this please?
Shouldn’t the item belong to me once payment has been made? They are now saying that it is expected to be back in stock in a couple of weeks but I have no idea when it will be delivered after that and who is responsible for setting the new delivery date. They gave me no notification of the cancellation, I only found out by calling on the day of delivery to find out where it was. More terrible service from Currys.

Can you get the oven elsewhere at as good or better price and delivery.?If so, I would avoid using Currys. So many warnings of poor pre and after sales service.

Unfortunately, the only other retailer that has stock is AO and I already tried buying from them, but they refused to install it due to my kitchen not meeting requirements (which has since been rectified), so I’m not keen on dealing with them again.
Looking again at Currys terms and conditions they can basically get away with anything.

Carolynn Purcell says:
30 August 2021

My daughter was sold a computer tower that was not suitable for what she needed it for. She spent a lot of time telling the salesman exactly what she needed. She had a drawing tablet and monitor and wanted to use Adobe. The tower when we recieved it only had one hdmi port so she was unable to use both at the same time. We went back to the shop only to be told that they were all like this and offered no help at all. We were also told there was only a tower in the package so the salesman sold my daughter a keyboard. This was incorrect and it came with a keyboard and mouse

Hi Carolyn – If you specify your needs and a salesman says a product is suitable, you should be entitled to a refund or perhaps replacement with a higher specification model (subject to price adjustment) if you act promptly. The company should also take back the unnecessary keyboard.

“Fit for purpose The goods should be fit for the purpose they are supplied for, as well as any specific purpose you made known to the retailer before you agreed to buy the goods.” https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product-aTTEK2g0YuEy

It is possible that the salesman could deny or claim to have misunderstood what was said, so it would have been best to put your requirements in writing. Best of luck.

Pam Graham says:
2 September 2021

Bought a new cooker for my 86 year old, housebound and very frail mother as hers was not working properly. Ordered and paid for said cooker, received delivery/installation date. The evening before it was delivered we received text to say they couldn’t do it as engineer too busy. For the next 24 hours I was constantly on the phone being passed from pillar to post to resolve. I explained my mother’s desperate plight (her carers by now had reported her cooker as unfunctional), that she had complex dietary needs and no means of having a meal provided. I was basically told ‘tough!…they could not of cared less. We were given a new installation date 2 weeks in the future. For a week, I got up at 5 am, drove a 30 mile round trip to deliver a plated meal that neighbour would reheat, before going home and going to work to do a 12 hour shift, go home and do it all over again. I could not go on, I cancelled the order and bought a second hand electric cooker to tide us over. Because we paid using my NHS discount (6%) via a gift card, that is how they have refunded us. A gift card is no use to us as we have no intention of ever buying from Curry’s again! I emailed CEO Alexander Baldock, to make him aware of our plight. Don’t think he even saw my email. A minion replied, offering feeble excuses and a £20 gift card. I reiterated that we had no intention of buying anything else from them and gift card was useless.
Curry’s are truly a company who have no interest in customer satisfaction, and are truly focused on grasping every £1 they can.
In future we will buy local at customer
orientated stores, where customers matter.

We ordered a new £1,700 Samsung American fridge freezer for a new kitchen instillation at the end of 2020 as the kitchen company needed the sizes for the bespoke cabinet that surrounds the fridge freezer. Unfortunately due to COVID the kitchen installation was delayed and we had delayed the delivery of the item as long as we could however we had to take delivery in Feb 21 and could not postponed any longer.

On the day of the delivery the men brought the item into our lounge and we think deliberately faced the punctured box against the wall. In good faith the box looked in tact from what we were able to see and as you can appreciate it is a huge item and I am physically not able to move around, the kitchen company had agreed to unpack and install as part of their scope so we had no reason to move the item or unpack at the time even if we could.

Again due to COVID our instillation was further delayed until May and it took 5 weeks for the kitchen and renovations to be done all the while the boxed appliance was out of the way in our lounge so it was not in the way whilst the works were carried out and the damage to the fridge freezer was only realised when it was being installed in June this year.

Their t&c’s state we needed to report this writhing 21 days, however given we are living in exceptional times at the moment and the delay was out with our control we sent them photos of the packaging (with the fridge freezer still in it) as proof this was damaged in transit.

We first contacted Curry’s in June to ask them to take responsibility for the fact it was damaged in transit, the fact it is out with the 21 days is irrelevant given we are living in exceptional times and allowance needs to be made for that. It was not a small item that we could easily move around and check physically – their delivery men would have been aware of that, and the damage which they hid by placing that section against the wall otherwise we would not have accepted it.

We have emailed initially with no response and then on live chat with them around 8 times, each time they promise us they are looking at it and will respond in a couple of days. They even offered us 10% refund for the inconvenience of having to chase on 3 separate occasions, the last one they even gave a payment reference number, however no refund has been made. They are just lying to fob us off (hoping we give up I suspect).

I am at a loss as to what I can do now or who I can complain too? any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated

Blesson John says:
8 September 2021

I ordered a dishwasher from Currys PC World almost a month again. The first time they delivered the product after 2 weeks, but were not able to install it as they did not have the engineer to install it. This despite me paying for the disposal and installation. Currys PC World then suggested a delivery date that was 3 weeks out. The day before the delivery date (i.e. 7th September), I get a text stating that my product will be delivered between 7 AM and 10:45 AM on 8th September.

The delivery does not arrive until 11 AM. I do not receive any text message or calls. Ultimately, I decide to call the customer service and they let me know that the product will not be delivered as it is damaged. Why will the customer service team not inform me about this and waste my time by making me call them. They wasted over one hour on phone trying to figure out what had happened!

mohammed zuber says:
9 September 2021

i bought a tv from currys and it kept freezing . could not contact them and get this resolved . after numerous phone calls they advised i had to go back to store and find receipt as not on their system Z in the end i gave up

We ordered a range cooker through vivup for our new home. It was to be delivered by Currys PC World. I added installation onto it and was assured that it would still be delivered on the 18th of September. The tracking website showed the same thing. Did not get my 4 hour time slot today so called them up only to hear that they haven’t processed it. Was told that the next available date is the 17th of October and they cannot do anything about it. It was pretty much ‘take it or leave it, we don’t care’. I had planned our move around this as there is no cooker in the new home. Currys was unashamedly unapologetic. Just a ‘computer says no’ attitude. I asked to speak to someone in charge and was told I was already speaking to her. I asked to be put through to the complaints department and was told that it was again her. I asked to be connected to legal and was told I need to write them a physical letter. All in all, pathetic service. It looks like they don’t care about their customers or the service they offer. I have asked vivup to cancel my order and have placed a new one with AO who will deliver and install it on Monday. I can’t even find a complaints process on Currys website.

Steven Jenkins says:
20 September 2021

Currys and Team KnowHow have absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have a policy that is supposed to provide repairs to my cooker if it breaks down. The grill stopped working so I contacted them, They told me they dont have anyone in my area, so to get it repaired locally and they will reimburse me. Which I did. Then they gave me an email address to send the scanned invoice to. Its an incorrect email address. I called them and they gave me another email address, also wrong. This has happened a staggering 4 times. Their customer service, whether its online chat or over the phone, is staggeringly incompetent and rude, I will never buy goods from Currys again and would certainly never recommend their care insurance products. I feel completely ripped off, from one of the biggest brands out there. Incidentally, the cooker broke in August 2021, I am still no nearer getting a resolution to this. In fact, I am out of pocket, and when you take into consideration the time and cost of phone calls, I am absolutely furious at their lack of concern.