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Complain for change: the great sofa wait

Red leather sofa and a green rug

How long is too long when it comes to delayed deliveries? A day? A week? How about almost two months? That’s how long I had to wait for a sofa delivery from Next.

In December last year I moved into a property with friends. On the big move day our landlord told us she was waiting on a sofa delivery from Next, and it should be with us within a few days. Can you guess what happened next?

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Despite being told our sofa would be with us mid-December, it was a no show.

We were subsequently told that the sofa would be with us by 16 January. Ok, I thought, even if it was almost a month late. But the 16 January came and went with no word from Next. Our landlord continually chased customer services and finally got a confirmed delivery date for 2 February, almost two months late…

Sofa, so good?

While I was glad we finally had a delivery date, something told me the trouble wasn’t over, and I wasn’t wrong. We waited in for more than five hours on the delivery day, but by 12.30pm the gaping whole in our lounge still hadn’t been filled.

When we contacted Next customer services to enquire where the sofa was, we were told no information could be given to us because we weren’t the account holder, despite Next being told by our landlord to liaise with us regarding the delivery.

On a second attempt, we got through to a much more helpful adviser who informed us that the delivery had been attempted earlier that morning, but to the wrong address. Fantastic. Next had given the wrong delivery address to the courier – another set-back.

Cushioning the blow

Luckily for us, the driver who was delivering the sofa kindly came back, as another delivery was only six miles away. Had it not been for their kindness, who knows how much longer we would have been waiting.

Because of all the delays, Next offered our landlord a 10% discount on the sofa price. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a 10% saving makes up for all the stress, discomfort and frustrating phone calls over a two-month period.

We weren’t the only ones to suffer delays – I’m aware of reports by other customers who have had similar experiences with their Next deliveries. So if a company has to deliver an item late, why doesn’t it just give realistic delivery times in the first place, instead of getting our hopes up? How long have you waited to receive a purchase in the past?

Sophie Gilbert says:
15 February 2013

I tried to buy a cooker from Sainsbury’s a few year ago and after they delayed the delivery twice I told them to raffle it and they gave me my money back.

john mccolgan says:
16 February 2013

I’ve been a Next account holder for years, their delivery times for clothing is superb however I’ll pass on their furniture if the problems are as read.

With a thing like a sofa you need to find out if it’s off-the-shelf or made-to-order. If there are a selection of options – colours, finishes, materials and so on the chances are it will be made-to order and you’ll be in for a wait. In a place like Next they may well not volunteer that information, or might not even know unless you can speak to the head of that section or the buyers. If you are on-line and don’t see a stock level or firm delivery time it’s best to speak to a human and get a better idea. That’s not to let them off the hook though. – if there’s a delay at the factory they should come clean and let you cancel if need be.

Charlotte McClelland says:
11 March 2013

You think 2 months is bad… we had to wait for 6 months, they gave us some compensation and then retracted some of that back! Next = never again

phil williams says:
14 December 2013

Wish I had read this before going down the same pathway (SIGH) two months waiting still no matching sofas for Christmas – just one now promised for delivery and no idea when to get the next…… perhaps this is why they call themselves NEXT?

31 July 2014

We have a four month wait for our chair. They said its down to manufacture and delivery from other countries but still seems too long to me. (Thats our estimated delivery time, we dont have it yet so could be longer!) Not good service if u ask me!

shreekant says:
20 July 2014

we ad bad experience following we ordered corner sofa in Habitat. Delivered sofa after 8 weeks. When we ordered sofa we made it clear that it will be in two pieces so easy to take it to 2nd floor flat. When delivery came it was single piece and delivery man was not happy to open it and try and see whether it can be delivered to flat. After making lots of calls and time they promised to refund. Again they did not refund and we have to keep ringing them.

Laurent says:
28 October 2014

I bought (and fully paid) a sofa and matching footstool from County Furniture Stores on 31-Jan-2014. As at 28-Oct-2014 – 9 months later! – they still haven’t delivered me the footstool. I chase them by phone and email countless times. They never gave me a date by which it would be delivered and now ceased to respond to my emails. I will likely have to litigate to get my money back.

I am certainly never going to buy from them again

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I am having the same issue with County furniture stores. I placed an order with them in August and I was promised a delivery date of October. Only a month late but I’m still waiting. The problem is their lack of communication, overbite i call them, I am promised that someone will call me back and they never do. I have been without a sofa for more than 4 months as I got rid of the old one, and i don’t know whether i should go ahead and order a new one, especially as i would like one before christmas!is this company for real? Has anyone had a good service from them, I have asked them for the contact details of the managing director and apparently they are not allowed to give these out!!

Stephen says:
1 March 2015

We ordered a sofa bed from Laura Ashley. It took 6 weeks to be delivered and 3 days for us to reject it. We dont need a sofa bed but perfer a harder seat. Laura Ashley say their sofabeds have a much firmer seat than other sofas, so we bought on the internet. The sofa has a design fault where the cushions fall into the sofa and the filling is so soft you can push it with one finger and touch the other side. This really is the softest and most uncomfortable sofa we have ever had and as a result I am suffering back pain issues. LA sent a technitian round to check it and they agreed it was too soft offering a further 10-15% filling. We rejected this as they would require far more than this to become ‘firm’ and were not convinced that his method of fixing would survive long term….He wanted to cut the cushions open, stuff then re sew. LA have phoned to confirm they had received my letter of rejection as they claim their sofa firmness is within their acceptable tollerances. I have since requested a S75 Refund from Amex, but heard nothing. I will keep you informed of further developments.

Alex Walker says:
30 August 2015

We have had to wait 4 months for a table from Next. Delivery time delayed twice. Do not buy from Next without a guarantee delivery date and then screw them for every penny. We paid £299 in June 12 and we won’t receive it until October 2015. We have been offered 20% discount. I feel we have been mugged. Why not have a sign on the table that says. If you want this, you can have it on 4 months! Hire many customers would they have! NONE! RUBBISH.

I have been waiting a year all told for a suite from SCS in Basildon. The first one they delivered was’nt of very good standard and they had to send repair men almost straight away. Still not happy so went back to SCS and showed them the photos we had taken. They then said we could choose another suite as that one was now w no go. We paid extra money for a Lazy Boy suite. That was also delivered with a fault. They sent a repair man who rubbed the leather so hard it went smooth and then he proceeded to colour it with the wrong colour dye!!! I called them in tears told them I wanted it replaced, this was 22nd Feb 2017. I was told they were ordering a new one as we spoke. Turned out they never ordered it until 27th Feb. Was supposed to be 12 weeks delivery, we are now up to week 17. They said that called me to say there would be a delay and it would now be 26th June!!! That is 17 weeks. It’s still not here. We have told them we want a full refund and have been told we can’t have one as the furniture is on its way. Does anyone know where we stand with this situation please.

I ordered a sofa as well as other items of furntiture from Next on 27th December. We understood there can be 3 month wait on sofas so wanted one ready for when we moved into our house in February. We had to have 4 separate deliveries to get the furniture order right as they had missed off items and sent chairs with different coloured legs to the table. Then the first sofa delay. We were told we would receive our sofa on February 28th. I rang up to arrange a delivery and they then informed me that there was a delay until 23rd March. I escalated this to complaints as nobody from next had bothered to tell me it would be late. The 23rd March came and went with no news from next and no sofa. I rang on March 30th, they said the sofa had been rejected as it didn’t pass quality assurance yet nobody from Next had phoned to tell me!!!!! They said if we ordered again it would be 7-13 weeks but they would give us a 40% discount. We ordered again as we had decorated the lounge to match the bright blue sofa. This time they offered a specialist team to let us know every step of the way what was going on. I received a text 5th June to say I should expect a delivery around 30th June. Rang up 26th June to arrange a delivery and they said there was another delay! Not due into warehouse until 23rd July. Again no contact from next, and no sign of our sofa anytime soon. Myself and my partner are at wits end and getting no answers from next. 7. Months and still no sofa!!! How is this acceptable? I will never order from Next again!!