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Is Christmas-themed loo roll a step too far?

christmas dog

While I love Christmas – the bright lights, the music, the general merriment – I’m slightly confused, if not a little disturbed, by the sheer volume of what I can only describe as Christmas-themed tat that I’ve encountered of late.

Last weekend, I visited family members, whose new home had an overwhelming Christmassy pong. Half an hour in the house and I could’ve well done the Cinnamon Challenge.

It turned out that my brother-in-law had wanted to disguise the smell of new paint, so had popped to the supermarket for a plug-in scent diffuser.

But instead of the usual scents, all he could find was this concoction of clove, cinnamon, orange, cranberry and whatever else Christmassy they could throw in. It came at a premium price, too.

Christmas gone mad

But it doesn’t stop with air fresheners. The supermarket shelves seem to have done away with the everyday products and restocked with everything and anything Christmas themed.

Recently, I had a laugh-out-loud moment when I saw a news story reporting that Tesco is stocking (and people are buying!) mulled spice-scented Christmas loo roll at £2 for a pack of four.

I mean, come on… why? Who on earth Is buying it? Are the same people buying the mulled spice-scented toilet bleach, wipes and washing-up liquid that Tesco is also stocking this yuletide?

Tesco isn’t alone here either – both Waitrose and Sainsbury’s are also stocking Christmas-themed home cleaning products.

Pets included

What’s more, our pets are also riding this Christmas-themed gravy train. Could there be anyone so cruel as to deprive their cat of Sainsbury’s The Delicious Collection Turkey Mousse this Christmas?

How about those demon dog owners who may forget to feed Fido his Delicious Collection Christmas Dinner For Dogs?

Now, I’m sure there will be some of you who will be quick to point that there is merit to selling special Christmas pet food. Indeed, our furry friends can’t chow down on most of what we eat on Christmas Day, so maybe this is a consultation prize…

But still, I can’t help but feel the world’s gone mad. Do we really need to fill out homes with Christmas-themed everyday products in order to get into the spirit?

I’m sure it doesn’t end with air freshener, loo roll, cleaning products and extravagant pet food, either.

Curiosity will get the better of me when I next hit the shops. I just know I’ll be hunting out the strangest Christmas-themed products on sale – and who knows what I’ll find?

Have you spotted any strange Christmas-themed everyday products? Or maybe you’ve brought some? What do you think of them?


I’ve done a risk assessment – as one does. I suspect that children might want to sniff Tesco Mulled Spice Bleach. Anything that makes hazardous things more attractive to kids concerns me. At one time there were plug-in night lights in the shape of Santa Claus etc.


Its an utter disgrace Tesco selling perfumed bleach not only will it kill you but if you do survive it you could be on a life support system , like a massive overdose of paracetamol which many suicide victims take –bleach destroys all your main organs there is no “second chance -Lungs throat etc etc scarred for life , in other words if you live your quality of life would be so bad that ending it would be an option –VERY dangerous ! even sniffing it can cause serious eye /lung damage and there is a vast amount of people in industry severely handicapped to prove it. .


Tesco are only offering it for sale over the week prior to Christmas Day but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes unavailable, such is the risk to children. I wonder if the Tesco insurers know about it?


There are some essential oils available which will add a Christmassy aroma to your home, such as coniferous oils like Fir Needle and Scotch Pine, Frankincence and Myrrh, spicy Cinnamon and Nutmeg and woody oils like Cedarwood. I always keep a bowl of water on the shelf above the radiator in the lounge to moisten the air and when I have a cold or a blocked nose, I add a few drops of eucalyptus to the water. Works wonders and also helps with your breathing. I seem to be able to tolerate natural oils much better than artificial ones, and eucalyptus is used in quite a few health products.


Aaaaaaahh! I couldnt believe what I read not a condemnation on Wavechange,s point nor on my follow-up , have people taken leave of their senses- one poster –I sniffed it . The power of advertising over the lives of their children and even their own health welfare , I suppose if I put a bottle of trichloroethylene ( industrial degreaser ) on sale with a “Santa Claus +holly sticker it would be a big seller , I cant believe having worked in a factory that used it that people are so uneducated as that Mumsnet website , which by its slyly put “cosy-female friendly – good for children” named website is pumping out this awful advice -child safe ??? .


Since when did grains feature in the natural ecology of canines? The dog in the picture looks less than well. Really should cut down on the wheat products. As for sugary ‘treats’ – no comment. You say you find the whole tat thing a bit disturbing. I find it horrific. Naturally, I don’t celebrate ‘Christmas’.

8 December 2016

Keep the celebration of Christ’s birth sacred ant do not hide it behind the excuse that it for the oportunity to make a quick profit.