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How much do you spend on an advent calendar?

Did you buy an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas this year? If so, let us know how much you spent.

Did you start opening doors on an advent calendar from last Wednesday? Having noticed a wide variety of shapes, sizes and content this year I’m curious to know how much you usually spend, and what style of advent calendar you usually opt for, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift.

I’ve seen advent calendars offering everything from the chocolates you’d usually expect, to toys and scented candles – there are even selfie calendars allowing you to take a yuletide inspired snap as a build up to the big day.

Christmas memories

As someone with a daughter who’s just turned five years old I get to experience again what it was like with the build up of an advent calendar and other traditions, such as writing letters to Santa and seeing her make an enormous Christmas present list!

We generally stick to a pretty standard Cadbury-style advent calendar costing between £7 and £10 – my little one is made up when she gets to see which one we’ve picked out for her each year.

But a quick Google search reveals some calendars costing £50 and up! Many of them seem to be aimed at adults with premium/luxury offerings appearing to be quite popular.

But I’ve also seen kids’ advent calendars at the premium end of the scale as well – there’s a Lego Star Wars one on sale on Amazon for more than £80!

Which? takes a look at the best kids’ advent calendars

How much is too much?

Everyone celebrates the holidays in different ways, with some going all out while others are more subtle. I’ve been taken aback by some of the prices I’ve seen lately, but how much should an advent calendar cost?

How much do you spend on an advent calendar?
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Let me know how much you usually spend on an advent calendar each year in the comments, and tell us about your other Christmas traditions and memories of building up to Christmas Day.

Anthony Piggott says:
8 December 2021

I bought my wife a Butlers Chocolate Advent calendar (£14 in Waitrose) and she got me a Snaffling Pig Pork Scratching (£8) advent Calendar. So now I have Pork Scratchings with my morning toast and she has a chocolate with her Porridge. Yum.

I have not had an advent calendar for years and not bought any other than to give young children.

I wonder if they teach self-restraint or whether recipients eat the chocolates in one sitting.

I am not sure about pork scratchings, but the jury is still out on whether chocolate can be classified as a real addiction. It does however, contain certain chemicals that can affect the brains neurotransmitters that can trigger addiction, and if an advent calendar can teach a child to eat one a day and not all at one sitting, then that is no bad thing.

”In addition to sugar and fat, chocolate contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter in regulating moods. Tryptophan and phenylethylamine trigger the “reward centres” in the brain.
The natural brain chemical enkephalin is heightened when chocolate is consumed. Dark chocolate in particular is high in caffeine.”

Tryptophan of course is also contained in high quantities in milk, and also in turkey meat which can cause you to nod off after Christmas lunch and leave your veggie friends to tackle the washing up, and which is why a warm glass of milk can induce sleep before bedtime.

To read more: en.wikipedia.org – Chocoholic.

I have to ration my chocolate consumption, not because I can’t live without it as in real addiction, but I do tend to eat it if it’s in the house, so I will buy a small bar occasionally as a treat.

Bit late adding to this but my tradition of giving to my grandchildren was highlighted last year when suddenly during Covid there were none in the shops except for 2 I found tucked on a very top shelf just as I decided which to get! The great grand children got them being only 2 and 5 so my 16 year old grand daughter didn’t have one. She was mortified that she had boasted to her friends” my Nan always gets me one “and now I had not. To make up for it I bought them all one this year and the oldest said” Nan I’m 32 year old bloke and I don’t even celebrate Christmas! ” Can’t win can you.