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Amazon’s ‘refund without return’ is a turn up for the books

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It’s not often you hear about getting something for nothing with an online retailer – or any retailer for that matter. But I’ve just had a great experience with Amazon.

We’re often discussing bad customer service here on Which? Conversation, but as I discovered last week, it’s not always bad news. In an interesting move, Amazon has decided to save some of its customers the bother of returning an unwanted product – by allowing them to keep it and refunding them anyway.

Amazon lets me keep my book

It happened to me just last week, when I used Amazon to buy a book called ‘The boy who was raised by dogs’. It was a recommended read for those training in child psychology, and my sister – who’s studying the subject at the moment – had urged me to buy it for her.

But to my annoyance, when my order was delivered, I had two of the same book! My farsightedness and sheer lack of attention might have been to blame and so, sulking back to my computer, I started the motions of organising its return. I logged on to my account, pressed the request refund button and then a screen popped up saying; ‘keep this item and receive a refund. It’s on us!’

Can you believe that! Amazon has saved me the trip to the post office, and refunded me the £7 expense of the book that I now get to keep! I’m left delighted and truly appreciative of this small gesture of goodwill on Amazon’s part.

When so many stories of bad customer service plague our lives, it’s worth mentioning these little actions that help illustrate how some companies find new ways to communicate how much they value their customers.

I’d love to find out what circumstances this gesture will be made in. Has anyone else experienced this with items that weren’t faulty, like mine?

Hanna says:
12 January 2021

Exactly what happened to me!!! I was shocked! Nicely! I’ve ordered a book for my son as he needed to read it for school, but the school provided their own copy after the book I’ve order had arrived. I went to request a return and was surprised when I got a refund without the need of returning the book. Very nicely surprised 🙂