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Scam alert: fake ‘Consumers Association’ gift card email

david evans says:
7 January 2021

Received, spammed, blacklisted and deleted after reading this article.

James Groves says:
7 January 2021

Just received the naughty email at 18.54 Thursday 7th January 2021from mail@newshowdeck.co.uk “An egift card for your participation”. Deleted

I got a call from the following mobile number
07565 907296
saying I was being investigated by HMRC for fraud. I immediately disconnected the call and blocked the number.

On 16th December I received a Text message from ‘68298’ telling me that there is an update on my parcel.
It said – Item stopped due to unpaid import duty. Follow the instructions here: 19w.me/7VsgO
Obviously I haven’t followed their instructions and have notified my phone provider who has not got back to me.

Keith Winn says:
9 January 2021

I have two emails saying you have won a prize from Asda.
I just did not believe it and deleted the email.

Ian Ford says:
9 January 2021

I have received 2 spam calls from Amazon this morning and cut the calls short as I have never given Amazon my landline number. Blocked the number after reading your e-mail.

Mrs Lynne Roberts says:
9 January 2021

We get those a lot,but I’ve also started getting e-mails from them,saying my account details are out of date (which they are not) & asking me for bank details etc. I delete them without opening their links

Richard Sowersby says:
9 January 2021

What’s the point in getting in touch with your bank immediately when they are closed at the weekend?

They have security people working 24/7

William Howard says:
9 January 2021

I get frequent phone calls with false ‘from’ numbers, usually non-existent numbers but sometimes an innocent subscriber’s number. So there’s no way of blocking such numbers. Cannot BT or my phone company be held responsible for this?

The BT 1572 service will block numbers, but I do not know how effective that is. I got an automated call from “BT”, blocked the number, and the next day got an identical call from a different number. I agree it is difficult to understand, with all the sophisticated technology available, why the phone companies cannot find a way of stopping these calls. Indeed, since fraud is a criminal offence, why they are not closed down by the police or subject to governmental action.

Hi Stephen,

The scammers behind these calls fake the caller display numbers when they can.

So BT offer the option of setting up their call protect service to block or screen unknown numbers, see:-https://www.bt.com/help/landline/calling-features-and-security/bt-call-protect—-how-to—–guide

Because there can be legitimate uses for spoofed numbers, BT cannot just block spoofed numbers.

Currently, they also seem unable or unwilling to trace the scammers back to their overseas bases.

get lots of emails with free gifts ect and money offers from well known supermasrkets but my head tells me too good yoto be true if I haven’t asked for them

RC Whale says:
9 January 2021

Is the advert stated to be from HMCR about maybe due for some money over the Marriage allowance Reg Whale

it would be interesting to know the ISP which allows the setting up of hundreds of email addresses of the form *****@fla*****.com or.us, where the first set of *’s is often “admin” and the second set is usually a name or a town. Frequently Gmail puts them straight into spam (thank you Google!) but they also appear regularly in my “Promotions”. These emails offer prizes such as vouchers from well-known brands (often supermarkets) which could fool the unwary into replying. There must be a way of blocking these emails from ever getting into the public domain.

I received a text from “DVLA” a couple of days ago saying that they owed me money because of an overrpayment. I knew it had to be a scam as I hadn’t changed my car or tried to tax it for a shorter period than the year I’d recently paid for. I haven’t traced the source of the text, but I’m writing about it as the appearance looked convincing.

Hilary says:
9 January 2021

My daughter received an email on Christmas Eve from what appeared to be her boss asking her to go out and buy 4 £200 Amazon gift cards, and email the numbers on them to her. My daughter suggested would it not be safer to send gift vouchers direct to the proposed recipients. No, it had to be physical gift cards and the emailer wanted the numbers off them. My daughter called her boss’s secretary who said it had to be a scam as the boss would never make such a request. It appeared that someone had hacked the company email system. £800 could easily have been lost.

Iain Maclean says:
9 January 2021

I have had scam emails from Asda, Tesco, & Morrison’s Supermarket all offering vouchers or free gifts if I completed the form. All deleted right away on the basis as there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Fiona McOwan says:
9 January 2021

I use BT 1572 to block numbers almost daily. They range from Amazon, HMRC and this morning, ‘your bank’s’ Mastercard and Visa Fraud Department. I get narked as my Dad is 96 and he is one of the few people that legitimately calls me on the landline, and I always think it could be him trying to contact me.

Nowadays I find that all phone calls on my landline are either from my 99 year old mother or someone trying to defraud me!

ALEX says:
10 January 2021

We have always had a landline but are now thinking of abandoning it as our experience is much the same as yours almost 90% scammers and 10% legitimate calls.

As far as I can tell, most nuisance calls are to landline numbers and that has been my experience. If I was still receiving frequent nuisance calls I would have at least turned off the landline phone by now.

I haven’t seen that one but I have had a series of threats to suspend my Outlook account unless I click “this” link now. Don’t worry, I didn’t. (Clue: the sender’s email address has a series of numbers and symbols mixed up with his or her name)

Evelyn O'hara says:
9 January 2021

i got a email from Amazon saying they have received my order . and that i had to log in to my account . i have not ordered anything off Amazon . i did not log in i deleted it .

One thing i do not understand here is why these fake emails and websites cannot be traced, then closed down and whoever is behind it prosecuted and jailed or fined.

That way the scams will lessen

Michael – I am sure if that were technically possible it would be done, but scammers have technology that defeats interception and arrest.

f p bail ey says:
10 January 2021

i keep getting e-mails from bitcoin stating that i have money in my account ( which i don’t have). i have sent these phishing at Santander bank but that is last i hear about them!!!!