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Scam alert: fake ‘Consumers Association’ gift card email


I had an email yesterday purporting to be from BT. I was not convinced of its legitimacy, so I rang BT and asked them about this email, to which they told me it was nothing to do with BT.
It really is time the government got a hold of this whole scamming problem and made it very painful for the perpertrators, that they were detered from doing it. Scammers are cowards.

Same here only it was first supposedly Norton Antivirus saying I had ordered an $900 dollar Antivirus programme, then Paypal, then Amazon.com (the .com gave it away as Amazon UK only uses Amazon.co.uk. Apparently I had ordered $700 dollars worth of firearms from New Jersey, and the next day a Playstation from Florida!.

Connie Evans says:
19 August 2021

Yes I agree, the government need to put more resources into this problem.

Thats what do-with all of them! Just in case! Too soft on the filth, when they catch any!

Received 3 texts telling me that I have an order to collect at Dunelm, I have not ordered anything and today received another text telling me that they are going to deliver it to my home via DHL .
I have not acknowledged any of the texts.
So what do they plan now
I don’t know but I am not going to worry about this as I think it is a scam, and they are phishing

Just ignore it Lynn if you don’t react they cant get to you

I had a text a few days back quoting a way out of date password long since changed saying to send a few thousand dollars in bitcoin else they’re going to tell the world the porn sites I accessed! I blocked the sender and trashed the email. I reviewed my email address list and am safe. This was via Messenger on Facebook. Needless to say Facebook needs you to jump through several hoops even to report your concern while not addressing the issue for you. My days with Zuckerberg may be numbered.

I stopped using f’book way back as it was no help at all with any issues that matter to me, it didn’t “empower” me one bit, and it’s all far too elitist.

I answer the phone only to be given a pre-recorded voice message that amounts between £79.99p and £399.99p will be taken from my bank account, supposedly from Amazon. To speak to Amazon about the debit then press1 to speak to an advisor. I’m getting at least one per week now. I have been reporting them, giving the number shown.

Someone tried that routine with me, saying they’d be charging me similar amounts and something about “my amazon account”, when I don’t have any accounts with amazon and never have as I find their site FAR too complex. So I shouted at them that I know they’re a scam artist and something like “get the h-ll off my back NOW!” and then slam the phone down and they’ve been very quiet since. And if they or anyone else tries hounding me again they will get told in a similar manner. I don’t take kindly to being hounded, it’s just like what happens with teenage yobs out on the street who think they can just casually barge into my life and take over and treat me like some kind of plaything, and they think they can stay safe by always staying out of reach and me not knowing who they are or where they live etc. but they can think again…But with them on the phones far too much works in their favour and they hide behind it and it makes them too untraceable, and you’ve got to be a born expert with all manner of high tech stuff which I’m certainly not, so if they start on me they just get a right load of abuse and they won’t get ANY sensitive details whatsoever from me, NO chance!

Someone use my wallet to his e mail and now I cant sign to my wallet even the authentication code I cant receive to my e mail ..this is the e mail who sign to my wallet luisfreeman056@gmail. com and they have my fund there..what I do even I dont have 12 words phrase

Mrs D. Cork says:
20 August 2021

Having been scammed just a few months before, I was devastated to receive not one but two phone calls purporting to have come from my Bank saying that my Credit card had been compromised. i used someone else’s phone and contacted the Central Bank information number, and told them the story. After doing some checking I was informed my card was perfectly safe to use.
However, about a fortnight after this my Statement came in, and there was indeed an unauthorised transaction on the date mentioned. I got on to the Central Bank again and it was all sorted.
This is a mystery to me……why WARN ME THAT THE CARD WAS COMPROMISED, enabling me to sort it out quickly. I gave them the phone number of the person who contacted me and was definitely assured by the Bank that THEY did not ring about it in the first place.
A good Samaritan – or what????????

Jean Mcewen says:
20 August 2021

I got a txt msg yesterday via wotsapp it said ” Hi my name is Julia, it’s nice to meet you”. When I didn’t reply they sent another TXT saying “If you not busy could you reply please”. I was suspicious so I blocked the number as my hubby had read somewhere recently this was a scam and if you replyed then they could get into your fone details somehow .

I’ve found that telephone scammers are now aliasing nearby STD numbers to call me. I let the answerphone take the call; of course the scammers don’t leave a message

Max Molho says:
21 August 2021

Why can’t Which? have one email address from which it sends emails rather than the current 8 different addresses? I think it would reduce the possibility of scammers using Which?
If there was only one email address it would help me to identify a scam email as I can remember one address but not 8 different addresses.

I have been telephoned by every scammer dealing with products under the sun ranging from Broadband to your account has been debited the sum of £—-.
I have not experienced any e-mail scam as yet but maybe my malware security blocks them out as it is very secure.
In regards to telephone scammers I personally think you must have “Call Display” and “Call Blocker” on your landline phone and a notification of scam alert on your mobile .
Then if you do not recognize a number or it is not on your call diary-name etc-then do not answer it. A answering machine has to be vital.
I used to play a game at times with these scammers pretending
to be a German or Japanese . You get tired of that. The problem is a lot of them are automated.
It is despicable that they are allowed to get away with it in this day and age especially older people.
Sentence should be life. The government should be on top of this but sadly they are not and never will.

Craig says:
22 August 2021

I recently received another email purporting to be from the ‘Post-Office’. inviting me to invest in one of their Funds. I realised it was a scam by the hyphen in the name!

Denise Thurlby says:
23 August 2021

I also received an email purporting to be from BT. It said it had mailed me previously to say they were changing their terms and conditions and I had to agree to these or loose my email address. This was a reminder, giving me one days notice of the closure of my account. We were on holiday at the time, so I admit I initially panicked but luckily didn’t click on anything. I checked my inbox, then realised that the same message hadn’t been received on my second BT email address or on my husband’s. Did ring BT to check and they confirmed it was a scam.

i,ve had several purporting to be from amazon about goods i have not ordered .I ignore them because i don,t have an Amazon account .I have also had them from the bank saying £600 had been taken from my account supposedly from someone that lived in Jamaica .It,s just a shame i don,t have an account at that bank . Then there is bit coin saying they have put thousands in to my account again i don,t have one .It just goes on and on and it,s time the Government did something about it .

Simon says:
1 October 2021

I had been having a clear out of household items and put lots of items for sale on Facebook marketplace. The first time I posted something at £100, I received a message saying they would pay the full amount, would send cash via a transfer and a courier to collect the goods. The English was poor. Having had experience of a similar scam where previously items were on Gumtree they said they worked offshore and would send a courier and pay via PayPal. I reported the Facebook message as a scam, and blocked the person. Scammers seem to target items posted for sale £100 or more.